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File: 69838987_p0.jpg(364432)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T03:30:31Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/E643BFDE [Report]

Can I post?

Tripcode##tripcode 2021-01-16T03:31:10Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/09773277 [Report]

tripcode test

Anonymous 2021-01-16T03:53:45Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/0532BCFC [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/09773277 will be implemented soon(tm) code is in place, just have to hook it up

File: 1605546765406.jpg(34734)
Anonymous 2021-01-15T08:36:59Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/176C1984 [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-01-16T03:34:58Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/20638470 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/1EFB6F0D purely sexual relations

Anonymous 2021-01-16T16:39:40Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/82DC77DE [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/176C1984 is this real?

mute#faggot 2021-01-17T05:32:55Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/AAAFD8E1 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/1EFB6F0D The best kind of relations

Anonymous 2021-01-17T11:17:51Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/9F9476BC [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/82DC77DE I hope

Anonymous 2021-01-17T11:19:38Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/2A932D22 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/176C1984 check''em

File: cia.gif(2237787)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T01:43:36Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/51B3E078 [Report]


File 772.jpg (119146)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T03:14:22Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/2BDD18AF [Report]


Anonymous 2021-02-02T02:41:55Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/1EE34G23 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/51B3E078 >beans

File: japan.webm(1303761)
Anonymous 2021-01-15T16:40:13Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/57A65B76 [Report]

webm test

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Anonymous 2021-01-15T16:52:01Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/6465F8DF [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/C32B3C8C file size is rounded to MB even, in this case webm is almost 4MB: 3.94MB but it displays 3.00MB which is wrong, either say 3MB or 3.94MB

Anonymous 2021-01-15T17:56:18Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/DEDB8602 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/6465F8DF Thanks for testing that outt I will look into round errors. I can increase file size to 6-8MB too 5MB was just a starting value

File my favourite video games 911.webm (468615)
Anonymous 2021-01-15T18:20:23Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/B1214D76 [Report]

Can we have webms with sound?

Anonymous 2021-01-15T18:22:21Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/87FDED5F [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/B1214D76 Ah forget it I''m just stupid

File 1603748071796.webm (4584949)
Anonymous 2021-01-15T22:20:23Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/D1C7D5C6 [Report]

It works well as is!

File: Wav_868kb.wav(889422)
Wav Test Anonymous 2021-01-16T03:10:24Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/20C5C24A [Report]

Anonymous 2021-01-16T16:28:24Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/145188AA [Report]

> No real organization.... no shit

File 1610562702690.jpg (117827)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T02:20:20Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/A717A35B [Report]

real shit ?

File: desu_reporting.jpg(100365)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:48:01Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/148C63BB [Report]

What are you playing anon? :DDD I''m playing crash 3 but the vehicle levels really drag the game down.

sage 2021-04-12T21:52:22Z No. https://fchan.xyz/b/XFLG8XBB [Report]



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