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File: blood_hound_gang_the_roof_(...).mp3 (2.30 MB)
Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)04:14:44 No. 444FQ5AF [Report]

was just on the TOR router,, found this disturbing audio of pernia getting fucking raped to death in the buenos aires streets

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)04:18:35 No. 2PYIWM3F [Report]

>>444FQ5AF (OP) Sleeping but make more posts about him(her) so he(she) can go off more tomorrow.

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:17:14 No. 6JP3V4NS [Report]

>>444FQ5AF (OP) this imge file reminds me of getting raped by incans in peru and "accidentally" """slidding" into a gay rapist pedophiles cock

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:17:36 No. 8RBB8YR2 [Report]

>>2PYIWM3F .......................................this is bait isn't it?

File RelevantXKCD.mp3 (1.75 MB)
Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:21:42 No. 5HOZFC15 [Report]

>>8RBB8YR2 Its a banger brother

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:41:05 No. JXO3LAXS [Report]

>>5HOZFC15 (why) is this [jpeg image] shorter than the other one you freak stop adultering my drinks

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:43:29 No. 94KXJLHD [Report]

>>JXO3LAXS reported worm gb2 /pen/ you know the fucking rules bub

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:47:55 No. 44LJX1TA [Report]

>>94KXJLHD >>JXO3LAXS If you guys don't stop fighting I'm gonna drink cough medicine and have a seizure

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:48:12 No. KGP4XVR2 [Report]

>>94KXJLHD this isn't the pen

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:49:36 No. 6VTWK36B [Report]

>>44LJX1TA pen's outside his drawer i'm just doing my [job] this doesn't really concern you hothead do i need to get the fucking hose huh?

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:55:26 No. CNSR3PPY [Report]

>>6VTWK36B no worries pal already uploaded a 10tb gif file of an [irish flag] to his house he's (done) /finished/

File telling.png (196.42 KB)
Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)15:00:44 No. KM9CRHUP [Report]

>>CNSR3PPY Irish Zip Bomb

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)15:14:45 No. E5VJLR38 [Report]


Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)15:19:07 No. AKG8GGHY [Report]

>>E5VJLR38 i made this thread before /pen/ was a twinkle in the admin's eye bub you newfags need to stay in your lane got it hothead or do i need to put my [worm stomping boots] on?

File flowerpower.gif (6.05 KB)
Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)15:24:34 No. N3X3V8IR [Report]

>>AKG8GGHY Stomping worms like grapes on this fine day

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)15:29:28 No. 4F36XBET [Report]

>>N3X3V8IR pal your image is too big i think the site might crash could you compress it a little? thanks

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