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Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)13:00:06 No. 9NTBXOZ0 [Report]

how do I promote Fchan without outing myself as a massive faggot?

Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)15:27:00 No. fb-N2LTQLXX [Report]

>>9NTBXOZ0 (OP) You can only sound like a massive faggot doing it, sadly. >Because they don't care about preserving their right to privacy You can only really convince them with stuff like >It'll cure nigger aids >X Y Z niggerfaggot uses it

Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)16:04:07 No. NMV9HPY3 [Report]

>>9NTBXOZ0 (OP) only place I've been able to promote it is to people that are already within chan culture. Promoting chan culture these days makes you seem like a faggot because of the news and the scary 4chan hacker "anonymous"

Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)13:05:06 No. MND7AYDC [Report] >>2EFM7MBJ >>MT0E6J94

>>9NTBXOZ0 (OP) how do we make this thing grow then? I'm thinking of creating some new accounts on mainstream social platforms and on Mastodon, where I do nothing but repost offensive memes and promote Fchan would that be good way of bringing more anons here?

Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)14:56:29 No. 2EFM7MBJ [Report] >>8FVY8VZM

>>MND7AYDC spamming a place with memes often just leads people to bring hate here, but if you're willing to have that go for it

Anonymous 10/17/21(Sun)14:40:30 No. 8FVY8VZM [Report]

>>2EFM7MBJ I'm open to suggestions for promoting fchan in a better way

File brainlet-crew-colorful.jpg (231.95 KB)
Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)03:35:26 No. MT0E6J94 [Report] >>POE0RPFG

>>MND7AYDC make small instances for niche community. then promote the instance you made within those communities (subreddits, forums, general threads). For example make a instance about openbsd and promote it in the openbsd subreddit or bsd related forums. Also federate with the technology and programming board so it doesn't scare off the newbies.

Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)01:30:19 No. 5DVFM1YV [Report]

>>9NTBXOZ0 (OP) shill it to people that care or that know nothing of the internet. imageboards are already tainted for normies, but if you shill other activitypub software they might start growing used to shitlords

Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)04:10:54 No. POE0RPFG [Report] >>K49JPY2U

>>MT0E6J94 we need to get it off of FChan reliance first. I think there are still some parts of the code that rely on fchan to function. Once that happens, we will finally start seeing smaller independent groups of instances popping up

Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)18:58:08 No. K49JPY2U [Report]

>>POE0RPFG only thing that is dependent on fchan is the instance index on the home page.

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