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Feels thread Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)07:00:05 No. VL9C8IY0 [Report]

My family has put our dog of 15 years down today because she was in too much pain due to her age. Still processing it all. Seeing our beloved pet looking up at us, clueless she'd soon be gone forever had me crying a couple times. It's a strange, scary thing to see a pet lose its life before your eyes. For a second, you don't even realize what's happened. To me, it shows how fine the line is between life and death. I could be gone at any moment. I don't want to waste another day.

Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)15:19:31 No. P2WU037J [Report]

>>VL9C8IY0 (OP) Sorry for your loss. Something similar happend a few months ago. Our dog all of a sudden got really weak to where he could not pick up his head or move and was getting cold. took him to the emergency animal clinic and they found out he had liquid filling up the sack around the heart causing pressure. They drained it, but discovered he has a tumor on his heart and his prognosis would be low. They asked what I wanted to do, so assuming the worst I said it would probably be best to just put him down if there is little chance he will recover. He is only 8 years old. Well, we they brought him in to have a final meeting with us but I couldnt help but notice that he looked to still have life in him. He wasnt the lifeless body I brought into the clinic but seemed alive. I couldnt imagine the thought of putting him down even if he only had a few weeks to live. We ended up bringing him home not knowing if he will make it a day or two or even a week. But it seemed to be worth the extra time so we rolled the dice. Fast forward to 6 months later he is still with us and seems to be back to his normal self. The tumor is still there and most likely spreading since it was on his heard so there will be a day when we have to face it. But for now its nice to spend that extra time with him. Dogs are great because they are oblivious to their health/age and still act as young pups. Or mamyb tthey arent oblvious but not letting their issues get to them show how strong they are. 15 is a good age for a dog Im sure she enjoyed every minute. I hope ours will make it to 10 years.

Anonymous 11/28/21(Sun)18:44:56 No. RPJ858EA [Report] >>CT8216KE

OP here. Just when we thought losing our dog was behind us, one of our cats (only five years) wakes us up at five in the morning wailing over and over, unable to use his hind legs. Turns out he had a blood clot that went unnoticed. The chances of treating him were quite slim, so now we've put him down too. I'm gutted that I can't play with, pet, nor cuddle my buddy after a long day anymore. Not another meow, not another nudge from his paw for attention, not another tuft of hair shed onto our beds. God damn it. >>P2WU037J That's fortunate. I hope he's still doing okay despite the tumor.

Anonymous 11/29/21(Mon)00:09:39 No. CT8216KE [Report]

>>RPJ858EA thats a bruh moment ngl

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