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Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)15:53:24 No. ZFUD8KD6 [Report]

How's your week going?

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)17:34:27 No. CFPIH298 [Report]

I'm eating and sleeping a lot.

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)17:54:33 No. 3TEJ1A3E [Report]

>>ZFUD8KD6 (OP) i used to know how to draw a rat only using characters (not ascii art, it was just a single short line), but now i can't remember it was something like: <*_)~ but now i forgot the details, it has something else to it

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)19:07:58 No. fb-KFZIR7SP [Report]

>>ZFUD8KD6 (OP) Rainy as fuck I keep sleeping

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)22:11:36 No. fb-V91MOYTE [Report]

>>ZFUD8KD6 (OP) I haven't done a thing

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