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R: 4 what am i doing here hey guys what is this chan for? is it merely for programmers etc?
R: 19/ A: 1 I have a Minecraft server, an anarchy one, but the main twist is that everyone is anonymous on it. I'd love to see anyone join as so far no one has joined yet. Address is mc.anomine.net and the version is 1.16.5 Java. You'll need a paid account as well.
R: 14/ A: 2 @admin Why is https://26ch.org still on the frontpage? The site has been dead for a week. Also enable creating threads without a file.
R: 10 Stabilization 26ch is kill.. fedorachan came and went.. KTP is being shutdown.. Fedichan is balancing out
R: 5 What's your conception of "humanity"? From my perspective, humanity feels wedged between the idea of intellectual ascendance and the rest of the Animal Kingdom. We have higher cognition, but it's predominantly shackled in service to our base instincts. For example, someone can be aware that they're lazy, but be unable to break from this condition. One can admit being reflexively emotional, yet unable to reign it in. The same goes for disputes and conflict; we have instinctive positions on issues due to genetics and external influence, but rarely the ability to break from our own views and examine things from more angles and at a higher level of objectivity. As it stands, "humanity" just feels like an advanced form of the monkey brain, in a philosophical sense to me.
R: 1
R: 2/ A: 1 kani ;__;
R: 5 Hello from miruku.cafe o//
R: 15/ A: 1 8san Welcome to 8san. An imageboard centered around free speech. User board creation is enabled! https://8san.org/ Tor: http://a5gomggvi5n75w4llxspnkryrfyiqgcpe6g5kbmlk6dq5t27ujddhoyd.onion/
R: 2/ A: 1 The capital building in WDC with be filled with sarin on 9/11 at 1pm. Have fun removing all the bodies.
R: 2/ A: 1 video james
R: 2 How do you create a new board? How do you create a new board? How does the federation work -- when I tried to go to /amh -- a board findable here (http://kyogi7dxn3mr6a7eabaqh3jnxbbqbhty46aqstuhmqmokcxgr4vnbpid.onion/amh) -- on this site, I just got a "404 no path" error. Sorrrry for being a newb.
R: 3 Have you seen this man before?
R: 10/ A: 2 ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
R: 6 I just fucking hate black people. S
R: 9 https://kuz.lol/blog/opensource.html >Federation and the ability to create decentralized networks has also been so far a failure. Not only do most of these projects rely too heavily on trust, they simply result in every single user creating their own "node" instead of congregating together and using a central one. This messies things and promotes a more closed-off atmosphere, which can damage the whole of the community. Is he right, fedibros?
R: 5/ A: 1 sup. wanna join our community? mewch.cf
R: 2 baka.best Baka! is online again! https://baka.best/ Come have fun and act retarded.
R: 3 me irl
R: 5 I need to take a piss please help
R: 7/ A: 1 my hate for the internet grows immensely with each passing day. it makes me so fucking frustrated i cannot quit completely, or at least even from normie shit. I'm addicted to youtube, i use discord because of uni and friends, 4chan, fchan. it's all so exhausting
R: 11/ A: 2 hello american board
R: 19 What do you fedi-fags do when you're feeling down? Asking for a friend of course haha i am in perfect mental health
R: 67/ A: 51 Liminal Space Thread "A liminal space is the time between the 'what was' and the 'next.' It is a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing. Liminal space is where all transformation takes place, if we learn to wait and let it form us."
R: 3/ A: 1 stop shilling your alt-chans here, federate or gtfo
R: 3 Bruh i got covid Will I die?
R: 6 This image was also posted on 4chan at /b/
R: 10/ A: 2 did the newfags from cuckchan start necroposting??? look what you fucking did you shill
R: 7/ A: 1 rip 2hu-ch.org :(
R: 4 4Chan Janny department is almost 100% comprised of Trannies, which is to be expected as trannies are nothing more than an evolution to the classic Incel. Which also means that 64% of Jannies will inevitably kill themselves.
R: 15/ A: 2 I just bought a trombone :)
R: 21/ A: 4 Imageboards can be a lot more than just trite shitposting, but the medium is wasted on a largely mediocre group of human beings. Memetic usage is mostly a crutch for those that can't generate spontaneous and organic banter on their own.
R: 6/ A: 2 which one of you faggots sent a glowing scrapper bot to my onion service some 8~9 hours ago?
R: 2 Are there any actually funny comedians or shows, anymore? Everytime I try one of these new shits, it's just pure cringe or boredom, and I'm tired of watching old shit. Idk if there's anyone funny on the video platforms like YT/Bitchute, either.
R: 16/ A: 1 A study on FChannel's degree of (de)centralization. http://p6nhckzlonbw72mhxqcyfa474ssavlnud6tvpmhjzf37r2zyz2ommtqd.onion/articles/fchentral/ I conducted a highly scientific research on our current state. It is about the proportions of posts from each instance. I think it was already obvious that fchan.xyz has the most traffic, but in this I give quantitative measures. I got the data from the outboxes. pic unrelated unless you think it is
R: 8/ A: 2 Right wing I am belongs to Right Wing. Left wing broke. Nazism is solutions.
R: 1 do you sing when you are alone, anon? i don't, that's gay.
R: 2 Hey. I’m not a cop or anything. I use public WiFi to post every now and then. I have this really good article I want to share. Please give it a read when you have the chance. https://media.defense.gov/2021/Jul/29/2002815141/-1/-1/0/CSI_SECURING_WIRELESS_DEVICES_IN_PUBLIC.PDF
R: 12/ A: 2 Deleting my fchan account... i need to become a better person 😔😪
R: 6 is lain good? I hear so much about it in chans (and lainchan is a thing i guess). Is it actually good? I've never heard anything about it other than people mentioning it a lot
R: 3 Graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines There is graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines. This substance is a poison, it makes you sick, and it also is possible to connect it, when inside your body, to the 5G. Here are some links: https://odysee.com/@ExcaliburTraduction:4/Poison-Vax-Covid-Ex-Employ%C3%A9e-Pfizer-Wl-1:f? https://odysee.com/@letablierblanc:4/06-Loxyde-de-graph%C3%A8ne---Dr-Jane-Ruby:8?
R: 6 There's this theory out now that if you can catch the AIDS virus through having sex with someone who is infected then you can also catch anything, whether it's a virus per se or not – Alzheimer's, muscular dystrophy, hemophilia, leukemia, anorexia, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, for Christ sakes – you can get dyslexia from pussy.
R: 25/ A: 13 COOOOMMMMM First booba thread. Screncap this.
R: 2 I was just made a mod on a community that i'm part of. A mod made me a mod without even asking me first. I'm a janny now-- i've become everything i hate...
R: 1 What do you think about the amount of grifters out there? Has it increased in recent years? It seems like more than ever people are being dishonest with their views to deceive for profit. Are they to be admired because they are winning the game? After getting older you see the grifters more often and it's exhausting. Is this what life is? Swindle as much as you can for profit? It makes me realize the true target demographic are young impressionable people. It's like some type of mind control. I'm amazed the lengths grifters can go. Charisma must be the best stat. But there seems to be a timespan that they have. They cannot grift forever. Their grift only works for a small portion of time, maybe a few decades at most. This thread has not point and is not trying to sell you something.
R: 9 gay dead shit board
R: 6 I don’t like how this book starts. It introduces programming as a means to make money, using corrupt businesses as an example. Programming is a means for advancing society, not to make money from it to do who knows what. If you want to make money, just go to businesses school; making a big corporation shouldn’t be the reason why anyone learns to code.
R: 4 Rope is the name, death is the game Not allowed to go outside, family gives me too much shit but don't follow their own rules. I haven't spoken to anyone meaningful or been outside in a month. I want to crawl out of my skin I feel like shit 24/7 but I have class I can't skip out on. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
R: 4 she’s so hot
R: 9 https://kozin1.space/ Tor: http://kozinmswacmsxglvocknk6mmljk2ompgeqnbvrmybfjceyzwbmkdvzad.onion/
R: 17 New instance (Fedorachan) Hello. I've made a new FChannel instance. I am following the boards from your site that I also have. Please follow my site's boards back, thanks! https://fedorachan.vip/ (Please ignore/delete this thread if it's a repost, not all instances follow each other's board so I have to (re)post this thread on some sites which creates duplicates on others.)
R: 6 Board wishlist What boards would you like to see?
R: 1 who is this and why do i keep seeing edgelords posting this image online?
R: 2 baka.tk New board just dropped! https://baka.tk/ Come have fun and act retarded. Get rare GETs while you can.
R: 8 https://infinitychan.cf/ come visit us!
R: 3 baka.tk New board just dropped! https://baka.tk/ Come have fun and act retarded. Get rare GETs while you can.
R: 2 how soon?
R: 5 i found the video. you don't want it. i want to die now.
R: 1 today i saw a spider hunt down a fly >be me >on my desk >see smol spider hopping >fly lands on the table >spider starts crawling towards it >jumps >fly struggles on its jaw, useless >"nothing to see here citizen, move along" >spider hops away with a fly in the mouth i didn't know there were spiders like these in urban areas, i thought house spiders just sat on their asses waiting for food to come to them spiders are cute, but good thing these bastards are tiny, fucking hell imagine walking down the street and getting jumped by a spider
R: 0 What the hell, can today get any better? I'm for open borders now. "The California teenager blasted to death during a screening of violent crime movie “The Forever Purge” was on a first date with a young TikTok star who may now be brain dead" https://nypost.com/2021/07/30/tiktok-star-was-on-first-date-when-he-and-teen-girl-were-both-shot-at-movies/
R: 19/ A: 3 Let's appreciate the Internet Archive. They're willing to host pretty much anything for free and generally only remove items if they receive a DMCA notice. • CD-ROM collection. Lots of old shareware / shovelware: https://archive.org/details/cd-roms • Software Library. A lot of these can be played right in the browser: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary • DOS games specifically: https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games • Console games. Again, almost all of these run in the browser: https://archive.org/details/consolelivingroom • The Prelinger Archives. Old ephemeral, educational, industrial films: https://archive.org/details/prelinger?tab=collection • Transfers of random old VHS tapes: https://archive.org/details/vhsvault • The Computer Chronicles. A tech show that ran through the 80s and 90s: https://archive.org/details/computerchronicles?tab=collection • Attention K-Mart Shoppers: A collection of K-Mart instore music/announcement tapes from the late 80s-early 90s supplemented by older muzak records and training films: https://archive.org/details/attentionkmartshoppers • Netlabel collection: https://archive.org/details/netlabels • Live Music Archive. Mostly jambands, but there's regular rock like Mission of Burma and Smashing Pumpkins and also even Autechre: https://archive.org/details/etree • Over 300,000 78 and cylinder recordings: https://archive.org/details/78rpm • Magazine scans: https://archive.org/details/magazine_rack Top-Level Divisions: • Books and Texts: https://archive.org/details/texts • Video: https://archive.org/details/movies • Audio: https://archive.org/details/audio • Software: https://archive.org/details/software Dive in and bring something back
R: 5 scream thread rules: start a reply and scream irl while holding down 'a', when you run out of breath release it and post i'll start >inhales aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
R: 92/ A: 15 here is what the current federation map looks like i drew this by downloading the following json of every board of every known instance (poopchan seems to be down). each instance has a color (above it) and each colored line mean the respective instance is pulling. i will look into a less retarded way to draw a graph. if you know one, leave a suggestion
R: 2 FREEDOM IS SLAVERY *censorship intensifies*
R: 1 Hitler wont take us learners remember covid only kills you if you're stupid enough
R: 2 don't forget to take your meds!
R: 8 Hƿæꞇ! Ƿe Ᵹaꞃꝺena in ᵹeaꞃ ꝺaᵹum, þeoꝺ cyninᵹa þꞃym ᵹeꝼꞃunon, huða æþelinᵹaꞅ ellen ꝼꞃemeꝺon. Oꝼꞇ Ꞅcylꝺ Ꞅceꝼinᵹ ꞅceaþena þꞃeaꞇum, moneᵹum mæᵹþum meoꝺo ꞅeꞇla oꝼꞇeah, eᵹꞅoꝺe eoꞃlaꞅ. Ꞅyððan æꞃeꞅꞇ ƿeaꞃð ꝼeaꞅceaꝼꞇ ꝼunꝺen, he þæꞅ ꝼꞃoꝼꞃe ᵹebaꝺ, ƿeox unꝺeꞃ ƿolcnum, ƿeoꞃðmynꝺum þah, oðþæꞇ him æᵹhƿylc þaꞃa ymbꞅiꞇꞇenꝺꞃa oꝼeꞃ hꞃonꞃaꝺe hyꞃan ꞅcolꝺe, ᵹomban ᵹylꝺan. þæꞇ ƿæꞅ ᵹoꝺ cyninᵹ!
R: 4 pouvez-vous parler le francais?????
R: 2/ A: 1 >white paper >distributed as a digital file
R: 23/ A: 6 God, look at the current state of fchan. I remember back then when there were no posts. Those were the good ol days. Fuck all these newfags, they''ll never know what the old fchan used to be like.
R: 3/ A: 1 My dog just came into my room, farted, and immediately left
R: 2 I hate penfags.
R: 3/ A: 1 Yeah I just jerked off-- what are you going to do about it?
R: 6/ A: 3 Figured this would be the best place to ask so that people won’t doxx themselves. What bank / credit union do you use?
R: 4/ A: 4 show me your federated face
R: 0 https://horriblevideos.com/video/beheading-of-isis-soldier-431.html https://horriblevideos.com/video/beheading-of-isis-soldier-431.htmlfuck%20you%20dickheads%20https://tinyurl.com/2kbn6j2b%20https://tinyurl.com/623raum3%20whore:https://tinyurl.com/be3wk2mw
R: 2 i hate peple of coler
R: 12/ A: 1 Im going to shill fchan on cuckchan and you cant stop meee!!!!
R: 5 test >>https://fchan.xyz/prog/AF085BFA#6DGBCC91 does this work?
R: 7/ A: 3 soy >here is what the current federation map looks like >i drew this by downloading the following json of every board of every known instance (poopchan seems to be down). >each instance has a color (above it) and each colored line mean the respective instance is pulling. >i will look into a less retarded way to draw a graph. if you know one, leave a suggestion
R: 4/ A: 1 >succ it fam what do?
R: 1/ A: 1 lol xd
R: 2 retarderation boards imagine running a "federated" chan that nobody on the internet gives a fuck about, and needing to shamelessly promote it on cuckchan? amazing levels of faggotry. when will you all be livestreaming your suicides? post links in this thread.
R: 0 Is it $CURRENT_YEAR yet?
R: 9/ A: 1
R: 6/ A: 3 god made man so that man may die
R: 4 News just ain’t what it used to be anymore
R: 4 How's your week going?
R: 4 is he right?
R: 3 About the US. law rule What happens if my instance of this is out of US jurisdiction, that obviously would not apply to it, right?
R: 10/ A: 4 i kekd
R: 3 >//cheese.pizza/ >doesn't link to cheese pizza missed opportunity tbh (it's a joke pls FBI don't van me)
R: 9/ A: 3 umu
R: 3 faggot
R: 51/ A: 2 why do we have more instances than users of fchan?
R: 4 tfw /meta/ is more active than /fit/ /lit/ and /out/
R: 23/ A: 8 guadcwbtwnwhqq
R: 80/ A: 23 The only way to grow a new Chan is for the new Chan to find its own culture. Whats the culture of the federated Chanverse.
R: 2/ A: 1 wholesome thread start wholeposting
R: 22 Question regarding installing FChannel I'm completely new to Go so bear with me. I've installed all the necessary stuff and set a config file too, but when I try to run 'go run' I get the error: "$GOPATH/go.mod exists but should not" I've set my $GOPATH to the folder where I git cloned FChannel, which indeed contains a go.mod file. Wat do?
R: 83/ A: 26 The Weekly Chans Get your latest news !HERE!
R: 16/ A: 2 Do any of you have any niche hobbies? I can play guitar, and a couple of brass instruments (i know music isnt niche but i digress), and I can solve the rubiks cube in 12 seconds
R: 30 How many of you came from (4)chan? Be honest fedifellas....
R: 19/ A: 2 Me at the beach preparing to make another gay fujobait thread about my frens (not real)
R: 9/ A: 5 I plan to watch Lain. What can I expect?
R: 11/ A: 2 Hey dev-chan can we get a /fit/ board so I can post about my sick gains and call everyone else a nerd?
R: 20/ A: 1 text only thread no images allowed
R: 2 >fediverse
R: 14/ A: 3 28chan.org https://28chan.org/ come home white boy
R: 1 man if i had keyboard pants i would touch myself everyday
R: 2 Greetings.
R: 2/ A: 1 iker bere yo kick abss and cbewmebbb bubble gim and jsm allnotueif bubblegem
R: 34/ A: 5 Woah! "Decentralized" board software ran by just 2 people, harvest data and promote censorship Multich Project (0chan.vip and others) are mass-censoring threads supporting an ex-member after he was SLANDERED and lied about to the entire project https://kuz.fka.cx/blog/harmful-rumors/ https://www.kolyma.org/statements/On%20the%20Multich%20Project https://live.kolyma.org/news4vep/koko.php?res=52 Multich is pro-censorship, pro-cp, and supports the harming of innocent people. look at this faggot: https://2ch.cx/src/1270.png
R: 15 Just got my second covid shot. Are my fedi-fellas also vaccinated??
R: 10/ A: 1 What the fuck happened to Fchan why does it look different now? You fuckers made it NSFW now!
R: 8/ A: 1 [sfs] - Sh*t Fedi Says
R: 0 Discochan!
R: 7 How was your weekend /b/? As a leaf I just had a wonderful long weekend
R: 2 I must go, my people need me!
R: 8 trees did you know that breakfast is available all the time. all you need to do is go to a large old tree (approx 200 years old or more) and drill a hole near the base of the trunk. then you put your mouth to it and suck the sap out. there are plentiful calories awaiting you in every single tree, as well as the untarnished spiritual energy you can be in receipt of if the tree is in the middle of nature away from the urban environment
R: 9/ A: 2 You rocking with the new chainsaw man anime?!
R: 8/ A: 1 Black person speaking, ama.
R: 7 Replaying to a post with based is essentially the same as an upvote on R*ddit. If you use based your litterally a redditfag
R: 9/ A: 3 free here
R: 9 Brb reclaiming my foreskin from the doctors who stole it
R: 5 >Multich Project (0chan.vip and others) are mass-censoring threads supporting an ex-member after he was SLANDERED and lied about to the entire project
R: 8 Guess what Secure tripcodes are implemented!
R: 0 i need this file audited what is this?
R: 1/ A: 1 >it's still 2020 and no one noticed
R: 0 >mfw gays are actually homosexual
R: 6/ A: 4 glad that there are so many new instances appearing, fchan will soon take over the fediverse pic related
R: 0 shart
R: 2/ A: 2 Discochan!
R: 3 Shinobu first post
R: 1 nigger
R: 3/ A: 1 Another instance... fchan grows stronger by the second
R: 0 boob
R: 1 frauculator
R: 10/ A: 3 remonder that v-tubers are absolute fucking trash and anyone who watches them is even bigger trash. fuck them, virtual skanks are still skanks
R: 1/ A: 1 How is everyone doing today?
R: 6/ A: 3 >tfw so dumb can't even set up my fchannel instance
R: 5/ A: 2 The Jewish Problem How do we get rid of these demons?
R: 8/ A: 5 gifcaption gifcaption thread
R: 8 how long until we have corrupt jannies like halfchan
R: 6/ A: 6 let's have one of those threads where each poster adds a thing to the image. Those are fun
R: 0 today I have compiled pic related so that you too can make your own edits
R: 23 We need a new word for normie. Too many literal normies have overtaken it. If you're a redditor, anyone who doesn't get your shitty memes or reddit culture, is a normie. If you're a twitch viewer, anyone who doesn't get your stupid fucking twitch emotes, or doesn't know what attention whore you watch, is a normie. Anyone who doesn't get 4chan culture, is a normie. It's so mainstream that using the term normie is just normie. So what the fuck do we replace it with fedi-fellas?
R: 7 When will this 'everything is fine' movement end? If I were in control I would destroy the human race
R: 6/ A: 1 reminder that the A-10 is the best aircraft ever developed >extremely durable >easy to maintain >twin engines allow for greater maneuverability at low speeds >huge cannon for annihilating any ground target >doesn't need a lot of space to take off and land, can land in forward bases >it's presence alone is a massive morale boost to troops on the ground >also best air-to-air plane (just strap a metric fuckton of missiles on it, it can handle the load) >easy to fly and very controllable, anyone can fly it the only downside is that the ammo is expensive, that's it
R: 3/ A: 2 You can only reply to this thread once If you dont reply or reply more then once your mother will die in her sleep
R: 53/ A: 12 now I want to live under the ocean
R: 10 FChan is already infinitely better than F-Bchan since /b/ actually has some culture instead of a bunch of underage kids posting porn 24/7 Also what do you fellas think of F-Bchan to refer to normalfag central?
R: 10/ A: 1 Making dinner (boiled cheese)
R: 8 The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact. You would never lie to me right /b/ros?
R: 21/ A: 1 I confess I'm not Khan or gay you all have been massively trolled into thinking Khan is the bad guy but it was really me you fucking idiots. I'm not gay but you all thought I was and got fucking trolled out of your gourds you idiots
R: 0 /v/ydia thread Since there's no /v/ (or any other board, besides /b/ and two /tech/s) I've decided to make a videogame thread. >inb4 I don't play videogaymes This is an imageboard, we're all manchildren and/or NEETS with nothing better to do.


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