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Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)02:33:11 No. fb-20FVOTOC [Report]

==I guess Leftypol's a good imageboard for you guys...== https://leftypol.org

sage 10/18/21(Mon)03:31:14 No. fb-MAQ7YMWT [Report]

>>fb-20FVOTOC (OP) how do you figure?

Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)03:31:17 No. VFWKP42N [Report] >>fb-8KRHWVNM

>>fb-20FVOTOC (OP) ummmm no sweety. its not federated. please educate yourself.

Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)11:27:10 No. fb-GE6J55WX [Report]


sage 10/19/21(Tue)01:27:23 No. FQTCTISK [Report] >>fb-WR9IJXZE

>>fb-20FVOTOC (OP) >dead already good riddance federate or die commie faggot

Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)03:42:02 No. ZKU4CSI5 [Report] >>fb-WR9IJXZE

>>fb-20FVOTOC (OP) Imagine being a Commie and not federating. Uh, hello, do you even Sieze the Means?

Anonymous 10/20/21(Wed)01:17:52 No. fb-WR9IJXZE [Report] >>fb-MDRHY8NG >>K38CKQQ1

>>FQTCTISK >>ZKU4CSI5 daily reminder that Marx wanted to centralise the means of production, transportation and *communication* https://www.michaeljournal.org/item/karl-marx-s-ten-steps-for-communising-a-state https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/ch02.htm he was not a friend of freedom

Anonymous 10/20/21(Wed)23:47:55 No. fb-MDRHY8NG [Report] >>fb-ZSN4V9IW

>>fb-WR9IJXZE FUCK centalized faggots fucking STUPID commie RETARDS God bless ancap decentralized shitposting

File 4chanraiders2.png (97.38 KB)
Anonymous 10/21/21(Thu)16:50:09 No. fb-NB5DQQ7L [Report] >>H1ZQC5DH >>3PANYW22

>>fb-20FVOTOC (OP) Imagine using a website with people with such thin skins they can't even read mean things on the internet without wanting to kill themselves. I am however genuinely interested at how the communists cope with the fact of mass automation and that a large amount of the human race will be rendered useless as technology advances. However given the fact lefty pol is centralised shit I doubt you've even considered that apart from muh UBI.

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Anonymous 10/22/21(Fri)06:33:39 No. H1ZQC5DH [Report]


Anonymous 11/01/21(Mon)16:15:38 No. fb-ZSN4V9IW [Report] >>3PU1P9XM >>BO1J9N0U

>>fb-MDRHY8NG I think this place is more ancom than ancap. I mean, there is no monetization whatsoever.

Anonymous 11/01/21(Mon)23:19:49 No. K38CKQQ1 [Report] >>YRDD7UZL >>fb-V5CJUQW4

>>fb-WR9IJXZE Communist manifesto was wrote by young Marx. He was thirty years old. Old Marx said that if he had to rewrite it, it would be different. Observe: "For Marx, the history of the Paris Commune caused him to reassess the significance of some of his own earlier writings. In a later preface to the Communist Manifesto, Marx would write that "no special stress is laid on the revolutionary measures proposed at the end of Section II. That passage would, in many respects, be very differently worded today."[6] It is the earlier passage that sought to show the process of worker seizure of state power." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Civil_War_in_France#Theoretical_consequences If you read Civil war in france (1871) by Marx, you'll notice that Marx was, in fact, a friend of freedom, and self management.

Anonymous 11/01/21(Mon)23:20:57 No. 3PU1P9XM [Report]

>>fb-ZSN4V9IW It is, obviously.

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)14:49:25 No. BO1J9N0U [Report]

>>fb-ZSN4V9IW (you)s are money

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)14:51:04 No. YRDD7UZL [Report] >>KDGKZ98P

>>K38CKQQ1 >marx wasn't a retarded commie faggot tell this to the average suicidal troon on ==centralizedfaggots.org==

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)16:02:17 No. fb-V5CJUQW4 [Report]

>>K38CKQQ1 Ok, I will. Thank you.

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Anonymous 11/05/21(Fri)03:59:04 No. fb-8KRHWVNM [Report] >>G9FUEM0K


centralizedfaggots.org user 11/05/21(Fri)05:05:32 No. KDGKZ98P [Report] >>fb-U646OY2D >>3PANYW22

>>YRDD7UZL >implying troons >"The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation." -Karl Marx, 1862 Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx

Anonymous 11/05/21(Fri)18:18:25 No. G9FUEM0K [Report] >>fb-KQGVBG5X

>>fb-8KRHWVNM Federations can work without States. Take for examples the Hutterites, who are christian communists, and are federated. Each colony is autonomous, but colonies are federated, and interact with each other.

Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)03:41:48 No. fb-3CDN6Z6L [Report]


sage 11/06/21(Sat)16:22:11 No. fb-KQGVBG5X [Report] >>QCBJWGGV >>fb-GD4AU8GA

>>G9FUEM0K stfu faggot nobody asked

Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)19:35:25 No. QCBJWGGV [Report]

>>fb-KQGVBG5X Reste sage.

Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)23:57:02 No. fb-GD4AU8GA [Report] >>3AI6HQ2P

>>fb-KQGVBG5X kys or say mad my man i implicitly asked.

File 1635971678023.png (1.76 MB)
Anonymous 11/07/21(Sun)01:33:10 No. fb-U646OY2D [Report]

>>KDGKZ98P Based

File based.gif (29.76 KB)
Anonymous 11/14/21(Sun)14:44:59 No. fb-2PJUIT02 [Report]


Anonymous 11/15/21(Mon)16:17:54 No. fb-C27NEAN3 [Report] >>fb-3SC1K7O2

>>fb-20FVOTOC (OP) Absolutely not a good imageboard lmao

File and seethe.webm (3.94 MB)
Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)03:56:53 No. fb-3SC1K7O2 [Report]

>>fb-C27NEAN3 Cope harder

Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)15:19:50 No. 3PANYW22 [Report] >>fb-ON5MWGYD

>>KDGKZ98P lmao fair enough based. there's still troons though >>fb-NB5DQQ7L and your website is still an echochamber for faggots

Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)15:20:50 No. 3AI6HQ2P [Report] >>fb-3F3SJ3ZT

>>fb-GD4AU8GA not even remotely true suck my cock

Anonymous 11/17/21(Wed)21:59:45 No. fb-3F3SJ3ZT [Report]

>>3AI6HQ2P present it then nigger

Anonymous 12/01/21(Wed)03:30:32 No. fb-ON5MWGYD [Report]

>>3PANYW22 Still confusing liberals for communists episode #140784368203029

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