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partying Anonymous 11/13/21(Sat)01:24:48 No. fb-6NHHM522 [Report]

hey guys i'm going to go to a party tomorow i am fucking hyped yehaaw niggas gonna be really drunk haven't seen strangers in like 2 years, i don't even know why not

Anonymous 11/13/21(Sat)13:39:07 No. CH4KPJ9Q [Report]

>>fb-6NHHM522 (OP) who?

Anonymous 11/13/21(Sat)22:28:57 No. 5A33ZJN4 [Report]

>>fb-6NHHM522 (OP) Parties are totally overated. You'll be disappointed.

Anonymous 11/15/21(Mon)17:12:33 No. fb-ZY29XSV0 [Report]

>>5A33ZJN4 i wasnt disappointed though ^^ meeting new people and old friends alike was great could talk to a lot of different people again and could challenge my mind a little

Anonymous 11/15/21(Mon)21:06:40 No. MJC2EAZC [Report]

>>fb-ZY29XSV0 Maybe you aren't such an introvert.

Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)08:31:30 No. AV1Z8YJB [Report]

>>fb-6NHHM522 (OP) party rockers in the house tonight 🎵🎵

Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)15:17:38 No. PJRYYEP8 [Report]

>>fb-ZY29XSV0 nice. the normiepill can feel good, glad you're able to enjoy yourself fren

Anonymous 11/23/21(Tue)01:00:44 No. fb-4SMGEUQ3 [Report]

>>MJC2EAZC i am very antisocial (very shy and i feel a great discomfort in bigger groups) but i was there with my bro and a lot of his friends >>PJRYYEP8 the normiepill is really great from time to time first time i tried a "harder" drug. i could have fun with strangers and without getting a vax or nose swab i can really recommend everyone to go party from time to time to just hang your chin out there. lots of people there have very different opinions than me they were far left to extreme left but i could discuss with them and laugh and drink with them and show them my view and talk friendly to them it was really heartwarming and relieving just to hang out with other human beings

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