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Anonymous 2021-08-20T06:48:37Z No. fb-EB2ZYK6X [Report]


Anonymous 2021-08-20T15:06:21Z No. 8BIURP2Y [Report]

>>fb-EB2ZYK6X (OP) who is that

Anonymous 2021-08-20T15:13:14Z No. LFDRRE0R [Report] >>990EU42L

>>fb-EB2ZYK6X (OP) >they don't know the secret behind this post <( ̄︶ ̄)>

File 2021-08-20-135818_95x43_sc(...).png (1.31 KB)
Anonymous 2021-08-20T17:59:27Z No. 990EU42L [Report] >>TGB8LFCK

>>LFDRRE0R please stop speaking in tongues

Anonymous 2021-08-20T21:41:32Z No. TGB8LFCK [Report] >>Z671HM8U >>Z0J72QT6

>>990EU42L install a real os

Anonymous 2021-08-20T23:50:27Z No. Z671HM8U [Report] >>Z0J72QT6 >>fb-SG8I1RWU >>TGGM17Z1 >>DBUUN8QV

>>TGB8LFCK like what

File 2021-08-20-195625_107x40_s(...).png (1.37 KB)
Anonymous 2021-08-20T23:57:37Z No. Z0J72QT6 [Report]

>>TGB8LFCK >>Z671HM8U nvm fixed it, this is no better

Anonymous 2021-08-23T21:59:42Z No. fb-SG8I1RWU [Report]

>>Z671HM8U pissbabylinux.net

Anonymous 2021-08-24T11:14:02Z No. TGGM17Z1 [Report] >>RPU60XE8

>>Z671HM8U Install Gentoo

Anonymous 2021-08-31T19:47:08Z No. DBUUN8QV [Report] >>RPU60XE8

>>Z671HM8U Install Gentoo

Anonymous 2021-09-08T12:15:19Z No. RPU60XE8 [Report]

>>TGGM17Z1 >>DBUUN8QV this was literally on gentoo btw

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