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Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)15:12:54 No. fb-EBHFMCVC [Report]

No, you brainwashed cock sucker. If the vaccine was the perfect cure like the mainstream media says it is, then your pie shouldn't have been able to be cut like that in the first place. In fact, the plastic covering for the pie should have represented what the vaccine should be able to do, but doesn't.

Anonymous 11/25/21(Thu)05:25:11 No. fb-RT0UQO30 [Report]

>>fb-EBHFMCVC (OP) >fats die disproportionately from covid >fats need food as an analogy Nothing worth saving here even if the shit did work

Anonymous 11/25/21(Thu)13:01:59 No. Z1FU889S [Report]

>>fb-EBHFMCVC (OP) Reminder, to all of you, that the germ theory is fake. Viruses are exosomes, produced by the body, in order to transmit informations to other cells. Covid disease is most likely produced by electromagnetic fields. EMF poisoning.

Anonymous 11/25/21(Thu)18:55:18 No. CNPMLV65 [Report]

>>fb-EBHFMCVC (OP) imagine still thinking about covid and vaccines

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