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Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)19:42:18 No. fb-FI4QOMFM [Report]

is sex immoral? i don't want to fuck any girl i want a wife/gf to make love with.

Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)22:04:14 No. SWKPNVYA [Report]

>>fb-FI4QOMFM (OP) sex isnt immoral but it isnt tax free. if people are just having senseless sex i believe it takes a piece of you and creates a hole that cannot be filled. usually vanity reasons. if you can find someone where its and equal give and take its sex is great. doesnt mean having sex with someone that isnt your wife or gf is bad but it does take something from you after a while.

Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)23:47:00 No. fb-B5TBNUEG [Report] >>fb-BZC90R12

>>SWKPNVYA whenever i am out at parties i hear these dudes talking that they just want a "hole" to fuck that night and it doesn't matter to them at all. i always found that very disgusting and unpleasing to hear and told them that i wouldn't want to have sex with just a random girl it needs to be a special woman. to which they often would've called me a fag or something but my take is that they are just low-quality guys and the girls they'll or get are also low-quality. i was always unsure if my standards in this regard are set too high but since you have a similar point of view i think i will just try to find a good girl

Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)10:10:58 No. fb-BZC90R12 [Report]

>>fb-B5TBNUEG You have the right idea. I'd sooner starve than eat shit.

Anonymous 12/05/21(Sun)05:39:05 No. fb-MWHOIHVK [Report]

consentual or not?

Anonymous 12/06/21(Mon)18:54:55 No. P0LA7GA7 [Report]

>>fb-B5TBNUEG Yeah. Find a good girl. Thats the purpose of your goddamn life, genius.

Anonymous 12/07/21(Tue)07:38:45 No. fb-6RVZJULT [Report]

>>P0LA7GA7 bro why are you so aggressive about? i never mentioned that i am not looking for it, just that i am really confused with all the people talking crazy shit

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