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File: 2021-10-03_11:22:05_%.png (2.18 KB)
Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)15:22:13 No. fb-WTCV69VL [Report]

Fellas i can't believe fchan is dead

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)15:41:52 No. fb-YRS0N2MZ [Report]

>>fb-WTCV69VL (OP) we probably just lost like 50% of the user base from Fchan going down

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)15:52:49 No. fb-7TH66JWK [Report] >>fb-5RNMM88M

database was compromised had to take it down to find the hole. i hope to have it back up. as ive said in another post it feels weird having fchan down, i dont like it.

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)16:01:01 No. fb-5RNMM88M [Report] >>fb-9TFZWEO1

>>fb-7TH66JWK oh huh, thought you were just ditching tbh

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)16:16:08 No. fb-9TFZWEO1 [Report] >>fb-IM6AOTWJ >>fb-LXV6TA2C

>>fb-5RNMM88M no. as others noticed the instance list disappeared which was a result of the follow and following tables in the DB being deleted. i could have fixed it to where it was back to 'normal' by just adding the instances back to the database, but that would not have solved why that happened. i dont think there was some portion of the code that just happened to drop the following and follower entires. i think someone was able to my an sql injection somewhere or my servers were compromised. so i took them offline just to contain the mess. ill either move to another server or hopefully find some clues on what happend.

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)17:28:50 No. fb-IM6AOTWJ [Report] >>fb-4SWQ7MTN

>>fb-9TFZWEO1 ah, could it do with the RCE the chodomites mentioned on github?

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)19:22:47 No. fb-4SWQ7MTN [Report]

>>fb-IM6AOTWJ yeah it could have very well been. need to add better checks for file uploads to ensure the file uploaded is the type it is said to be. i suspect it is someone that is close to the project development because if they did have access to the DB they could have done more damage, but they choose the least damaging thing to do. kind of a playful notice that its been compromised.

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)13:45:59 No. fb-8YYLP0Y8 [Report] >>fb-GIZFSLZF

>>fb-WTCV69VL (OP) So I read through this thread but I'm not 100% sure whats happening. Is devchan done or did a sql injection force them to take down fchan? I saw a new release was merged (v .015 or whatever) but it did not seem /substantial/

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)13:59:01 No. fb-GIZFSLZF [Report]

>>fb-8YYLP0Y8 from a different thread >if i can find what went wrong i'll have fchan back up, but i can only assume database access was gained. it feels weird having it offline. but it might be good fedi wise in distribution. >i saw a new release was merged that was to fix the instance list i believe? or just to not make it try to ping fchan.xyz

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)15:43:17 No. fb-LXV6TA2C [Report] >>fb-UK7RAUD2

>>fb-9TFZWEO1 A few days ago I tried passing http://nigger.net to fchan.xyz/addtoindex and it created a blank entry in the list. It's probably not related but I thought I'd report it anyway.

File 004845899a7a92e93e2f540a2d(...).png (617.75 KB)
Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)17:41:22 No. fb-UK7RAUD2 [Report]

>>fb-LXV6TA2C Okay, I managed to find a way to replicate what happened with fchan, 99% sure that I was responsible for fucking it up. By leaving the id parameter blank (fchan.xyz/addtoindex?id=) it is possible to insert an entry into the followers table which is missing the follower field. When the inactivity check occurs an entry with the instance field missing is created in the inactive table, then when timestamp is older than 48 hours and the inactivity check occurs it wipes out all entries in the following and follower tables.

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)20:44:07 No. fb-0DK953T1 [Report] >>fb-UIRMNE3K

Well i was impatient for it to happen. Only way to test if the federated principle is valid. It appear it is, since the mirrors works. Next huge step, 4channel.org down.

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)23:34:56 No. fb-UIRMNE3K [Report]

>>fb-0DK953T1 true, we just need the follower list to keep working when fchan is down, and uhhhh replies are fucking broken for some reason?

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)23:59:49 No. fb-Q25VALTX [Report]

Indeed replies are broken on my machine as well.

Anonymous 10/05/21(Tue)10:07:54 No. fb-YP3BPMUI [Report]

>>fb-WTCV69VL (OP) But OTOH it's great because it coincided with FB going down but the whole federated imageboards are still up. It's perfect demonstration why this kind of platforms must be part of the future.

File 1617004320708.jpg (576.66 KB)
Anonymous 10/06/21(Wed)19:41:51 No. fb-RY16EOG1 [Report] >>fb-J0HEEQWE >>fb-54VCFR59 >>fb-Y07KMLZJ

>>fb-WTCV69VL (OP) So this is the federation in action: >Instance list down >Main website linked in most places is down So much for having redundant instances!

Anonymous 10/06/21(Wed)20:33:08 No. fb-J0HEEQWE [Report] >>fb-Y07KMLZJ

>>fb-RY16EOG1 But yet here we are

Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)15:22:46 No. fb-54VCFR59 [Report] >>fb-Y07KMLZJ

>>fb-RY16EOG1 >main instance goes down >everyone instantly shitposts on another instance businessasusual.jpeg

Anonymous 10/08/21(Fri)23:44:49 No. fb-Y07KMLZJ [Report] >>fb-RTL3WCK0

>>fb-RY16EOG1 Retard alert >>fb-J0HEEQWE >>fb-54VCFR59 the system works

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)04:35:56 No. fb-RTL3WCK0 [Report]


Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)06:46:30 No. fb-GB77CLTV [Report]

>>fb-UWEPPM9K → With that new PR the theme cookie no longer gets set on chrome because they block sameSite=none for insecure cookies. You have to also include the Secure; attribute.

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)07:04:41 No. fb-7ZY4VRB8 [Report] >>fb-KJ4Q6FO5


File fate translation.png (672.25 KB)
Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)08:45:27 No. fb-KJ4Q6FO5 [Report]

>>fb-7ZY4VRB8 Sorry, this post was very mean and frankly it was just uncalled for on my part. Your sexuality is your own choice and nobody should be in any position to judge you for it, and I do not think being raped is funny nor should I wish for anybody to be forced into something so horrible. I have done a huge disservice for the FChannel community, and even though I know I don't deserve it, I hope that one day I can earn your forgiveness. ​ Gomenasorry!

Anonymous 10/09/21(Sat)20:19:52 No. fb-UZFJLGF8 [Report]

>>fb-66H0KGHF → this asshole is flooding 0xchan and fchan with requets. guess a rate limiter is the next thing to implement. guess its good theyre thinking of fchannel enough to flood it.

Miko #True Administrator 10/11/21(Mon)09:39:52 No. fab-poster [Report]

>>fb-WTCV69VL (OP) Well, that's what happens with fakers (¬‿¬ )

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)14:33:50 No. ZNI3GVFI [Report]

>>fab-poster Fabulous get!

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:02:47 No. IO50MX84 [Report]

>>fab-poster so freaking awesome and based

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:10:16 No. OLFGLC73 [Report] >>R7Z3XQA1

>>fb-XCIB8BRG → alright so i lied about it being the day after i posted it but it's done now hopefully throwing in some other style changes while i'm there, PR shortly >>fab-poster devchan, i don't think commit 1df965e did anything

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:22:22 No. R7Z3XQA1 [Report]

>>OLFGLC73 it won't because fchannig.ga is an actual instance, i just remove the dns record after the post federates. that's probably the last time i'm gonna do it though cause freenoms nameservers take ages to update.

Anonymous 10/13/21(Wed)17:00:18 No. fb-Y9GPJLZA [Report]

>>fab-poster what the FUCK

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