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vaccine Anonymous 11/14/21(Sun)06:27:33 No. fb-ZBTVH7V0 [Report]

are there any doctors who can "vaccinate" me. In other words I need a really legit vaccine card

Anonymous 11/18/21(Thu)00:13:21 No. 071FCVC4 [Report]

>>fb-ZBTVH7V0 (OP) Why? If for work, change your work. If for leisure, there are quite a lot of leisure, even social leisures, that don't require to be vaxxed. I don't know about your country vax laws, but in my country, you can enter any place of worship without vax.

Anonymous 11/20/21(Sat)01:49:21 No. ISYCQT6T [Report]

>>fb-ZBTVH7V0 (OP) If you are in Europe take a trip to the Balkans. If you are in America I think your best bet is to find a druggie or other degenerate to go in and take a jab for you.

Anonymous 11/20/21(Sat)21:24:50 No. KSJK48PU [Report]

>>fb-ZBTVH7V0 (OP) Are you from Austria?

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