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File: darkpaste.png (166.08 KB)
DarkPaste Anonymous 12/21/21(Tue)11:07:28 No. fb-RTY79BLI [Report]

DarkPaste - Share Text and Files Anonymously on the Tor Network. URL: http://darkpastendsixpmwpwhfoqlkab74rhopzk26pnca7aapjwr3b5nzgid.onion/trending Included is a full user system and commenting on pastes. Sticky pastes are possible. Password protection is optional.

File: 132081567124.png (36.54 KB)
Anonymous 06/04/21(Fri)00:11:20 No. VL1VNZ9W [Report]

Have you seen this man before?

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Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)19:40:23 No. C75I0QRM [Report]

>>VL1VNZ9W (OP) that's god

Anonymous 12/11/21(Sat)16:54:15 No. fb-DOEARIHO [Report] >>8V11J7Y3

There is only one true Bob. All other Bob's are false Bob's. Fuck em if they can't take a joke. Give me slack.

File Pamphlet_1.jpg (70.60 KB)
Anonymous 12/16/21(Thu)11:35:43 No. 8V11J7Y3 [Report]


File Propaganda_from_1985.jpg (432.77 KB)
Anonymous 12/16/21(Thu)11:37:38 No. SLUQRQQW [Report]

Anonymous 12/19/21(Sun)00:33:45 No. fb-YSTTWZUX [Report]

>>VL1VNZ9W (OP) he is raped and chained in my base ment

File: image_proxy.jpeg (37.42 KB)
Graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines Anonymous 08/08/21(Sun)16:30:45 No. 6QG74DJA [Report]

There is graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines. This substance is a poison, it makes you sick, and it also is possible to connect it, when inside your body, to the 5G. Here are some links: https://odysee.com/@ExcaliburTraduction:4/Poison-Vax-Covid-Ex-Employ%C3%A9e-Pfizer-Wl-1:f? https://odysee.com/@letablierblanc:4/06-Loxyde-de-graph%C3%A8ne---Dr-Jane-Ruby:8?

Anonymous 08/08/21(Sun)17:17:14 No. 326C72ZC [Report]


Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)05:22:43 No. K9GYTM64 [Report]

>>6QG74DJA (OP) take your meds. I only trust Scientists. Please dont post this on my atheist board. - kind stranger

Anonymous 12/06/21(Mon)18:39:19 No. QYUVADMN [Report] >>CS1HV32S

The Vax: Dr. Franc Zalewski Discovers Hatching Parasite Eggs; The PCR Test: Collecting Your DNA October 25, 2021 https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2021/10/25/the-jab-scientist-discovers-hatching-parasite-eggs-the-pcr-test-collecting-dna https://web.archive.org/web/20211026064725/https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2021/10/25/the-jab-scientist-discovers-hatching-parasite-eggs-the-pcr-test-collecting-dna

Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)11:33:30 No. CS1HV32S [Report]

>>QYUVADMN Recent news, Andreas Noack, a german scientist, denounced the presence of graphene hydroxyde (not graphene oxyde, graphene hydroxyde), inside the vax. He died a few days later in "mysterious" circumstances. Graphene hydroxyde is a substance that cut your blood vessels, and apparently never leaves your body. Andreas Noack literally died for us. And i will remember his name.

File na2.jpg (149.84 KB)
Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)23:21:40 No. 51RKZ2IJ [Report]

Apparently, there is nano-router circuitry in covid vaccines.

File: 578be74b295f0e8adf20edfeb6(...).jpg (133.86 KB)
Christmas event Anonymous 12/16/21(Thu)16:59:01 No. 3W4I2ZDL [Report]

There will be a Christmas event at anon.cafe on the 18th (next Saturday). The organizer has invited several other imageboards to join in, and I think others are welcome to join. If not, we can just crash that party. IBs will have their own thread related to their culture, we could have one on federated software. And apparently the organizer is deathly ill, so we could take the opportunity to flex our federated superiority and how our literal main instance can get fucking nuked and the other instances barely be affected. ...should probably tell them to stay away from /pen/ if they decide to come here, though. The /christmas/ board was created there to host the event. http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/christmas/ https://anon.cafe/christmas

Anonymous 12/17/21(Fri)05:59:53 No. ZLB5Q9EK [Report]

>>3W4I2ZDL (OP) looks cool anon! ill join for sure ... oh wait I have an actual christmas party to attend lol

Anonymous 12/17/21(Fri)06:07:54 No. 9JRF8U5A [Report]

>>3W4I2ZDL >here will be a Christmas event at anon.cafe on the 18th (next Saturday). >>ZLB5Q9EK >I have an actual christmas party to attend lol why are people celebrating xmas one week earlier?

Anonymous 12/17/21(Fri)22:16:02 No. VEMORB5S [Report]

I took the liberty to setup our embassy there. http://tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/christmas/res/135.html https://anon.cafe/christmas/res/135.html

File: jewish-racism.jpg (1.88 MB)
The Jewish Problem Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)01:09:33 No. UX1YWZB7 [Report]

How do we get rid of these demons?

Anonymous 12/15/21(Wed)19:52:16 No. A2MKXHIL [Report]

>>UX1YWZB7 (OP) Replacing them by non-jewish demons :s

File: 6000000fps.webm (3.38 MB)
Indians hate thread Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)08:04:25 No. IQT7TCC8 [Report]

Hello, we are an Indian based Jabber MUC at inchy@muc.creep.im.(pass: 18dota2). Please join us and do whatever the fuck you want. That place has about 5 users and we're craving European cocks.

Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)13:23:28 No. UJK5LGP3 [Report]

>>IQT7TCC8 (OP) k lets test you cock hungry pajeets

File double-glenda.jpg (41.03 KB)
Anonymous 12/13/21(Mon)05:23:53 No. NI6K9MIY [Report]

>>IQT7TCC8 (OP) nah im good pajeet ...

File: hat_kid.jpg (81.13 KB)
hat kid hat kid 12/11/21(Sat)13:12:19 No. COXJPCES [Report]

hat kid

File: f1c39249f9e22debfd6a61db76(...).png (11.43 KB)
Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)17:17:53 No. fb-WRUHZF95 [Report]

https://nntpchan.cf http://w4ec63oq6avycmsych32uc2jjdzahlvqaif7ikgve6lwozu2dml72tid.onion/ i made a nntp node :^)

Anonymous 12/10/21(Fri)02:18:05 No. 1DN9ZAAR [Report]

>>fb-WRUHZF95 (OP) Federate or d- >i made a nntp node :^) Oh, nevermind then

File: 639031350.jpg (131.07 KB)
Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)09:57:33 No. fb-2YI7963Y [Report]

why no overboard?

File: 1616775488703.png (621.81 KB)
Anonymous 03/26/21(Fri)20:19:00 No. VZ871TQB [Report]

I just fucking hate black people. S

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Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)16:04:39 No. PWSXOAVY [Report]

>>VZ871TQB (OP) we all love black people :^)

Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)19:57:02 No. HJLMFZLJ [Report] >>ZDX8RS6W

>>VZ871TQB (OP) GOD I FUCKING HATE I love black people

Anonymous 09/04/21(Sat)01:12:14 No. ZDX8RS6W [Report]


Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)08:52:56 No. EZU78KOY [Report]

>>VZ871TQB (OP) That country, USA?

Anonymous 12/08/21(Wed)13:29:03 No. fb-Z3NZLYUN [Report]

>>VZ871TQB (OP) I just fucking hate capitalists.

File: logo.png (810.17 KB)
Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)23:47:02 No. 3EUL52W6 [Report]

sup. wanna join our community? mewch.cf

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Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)11:41:07 No. fvip-QB5SJXZ2 [Report] >>L761WWLK

>>3EUL52W6 (OP) no. federate or gtfo

sage 08/12/21(Thu)22:38:08 No. fb-AC5KQHI1 [Report]

i'll give this one half a day. die faggot nobody likes your dogshit website

Anonymous 09/05/21(Sun)16:27:59 No. IWJFLN9G [Report]

I thought that mewch died long ago.

File Русские+сербы-братья.jpg(...).jpg (198.98 KB)
Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)08:47:10 No. L761WWLK [Report]

>>fvip-QB5SJXZ2 DA.

File leftylogo.png (82.20 KB)
Anonymous 12/08/21(Wed)13:21:56 No. fb-9P7E1GNC [Report]

>>3EUL52W6 (OP) Hey, you know what? Leftypol.org is better

File: cirno-fumo.gif (832.32 KB)
Anonymous 10/16/21(Sat)04:45:50 No. fb-BYS5AWJE [Report]

http://www.boatchan.ml/ < join it

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Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)09:47:59 No. fb-VPCN1DC0 [Report]

>>fb-BYS5AWJE (OP) dead lawl

File visit.png (123.96 KB)
Anonymous 12/03/21(Fri)08:25:27 No. fb-C84SYGXM [Report] >>RWRGWWOP >>fb-8XRUKRQ8

>>fb-BYS5AWJE (OP) It's dead lmao. You comrades must better go to leftypol.org/leftypol Unironically it's heaven on the internet. LONG LIVE LEFTYPOL Kiçine koyondu emes,

File Animeliberty.jpg (57.50 KB)
Anonymous 12/03/21(Fri)21:18:20 No. RWRGWWOP [Report] >>fb-RZEUMIWA

>>fb-C84SYGXM >unfederated board gets advertised >gets mocked >two months later necros by posting another fucking unfederated board Dear 0anon, do you lack any self-awareness? :)

File 20211204191614.png (76.60 KB)
Anonymous 12/05/21(Sun)01:16:31 No. fb-8XRUKRQ8 [Report] >>fb-RZEUMIWA

>>fb-C84SYGXM please kill yourself faggot. federate or die BRAH

Anonymous 12/08/21(Wed)13:19:55 No. fb-RZEUMIWA [Report]

>>RWRGWWOP >>fb-8XRUKRQ8 Seethe >gets mocked Like I care? Cope and seethe

File: open.jpg (24.69 KB)
Anonymous 11/27/21(Sat)23:30:32 No. C8GFW4RH [Report]

Neonchan. Open 24/7. https://neonchan.vip/

File fod.jpg (826.44 KB)
Anonymous 11/28/21(Sun)03:35:17 No. 8FIZGDRA [Report] >>fb-2T1H33FY


Anonymous 11/29/21(Mon)22:48:29 No. fb-UQ1O076V [Report]

>>C8GFW4RH (OP) god I hate unfederated boards

Anonymous 12/06/21(Mon)16:34:55 No. fb-O99YOSPQ [Report] >>fb-2T1H33FY


sage 12/07/21(Tue)13:58:00 No. fb-2T1H33FY [Report]

>>8FIZGDRA >>fb-O99YOSPQ sage goes in all fields you retards use it

Anonymous 12/08/21(Wed)13:17:40 No. fb-6EYLBBNG [Report]

>>C8GFW4RH (OP) Visit Leftypol instead.

File: zoe_3.jpeg (50.70 KB)
Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)19:42:18 No. fb-FI4QOMFM [Report]

is sex immoral? i don't want to fuck any girl i want a wife/gf to make love with.

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Anonymous 10/19/21(Tue)23:47:00 No. fb-B5TBNUEG [Report] >>fb-BZC90R12

>>SWKPNVYA whenever i am out at parties i hear these dudes talking that they just want a "hole" to fuck that night and it doesn't matter to them at all. i always found that very disgusting and unpleasing to hear and told them that i wouldn't want to have sex with just a random girl it needs to be a special woman. to which they often would've called me a fag or something but my take is that they are just low-quality guys and the girls they'll or get are also low-quality. i was always unsure if my standards in this regard are set too high but since you have a similar point of view i think i will just try to find a good girl

Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)10:10:58 No. fb-BZC90R12 [Report]

>>fb-B5TBNUEG You have the right idea. I'd sooner starve than eat shit.

Anonymous 12/05/21(Sun)05:39:05 No. fb-MWHOIHVK [Report]

consentual or not?

Anonymous 12/06/21(Mon)18:54:55 No. P0LA7GA7 [Report]

>>fb-B5TBNUEG Yeah. Find a good girl. Thats the purpose of your goddamn life, genius.

Anonymous 12/07/21(Tue)07:38:45 No. fb-6RVZJULT [Report]

>>P0LA7GA7 bro why are you so aggressive about? i never mentioned that i am not looking for it, just that i am really confused with all the people talking crazy shit

File: wow.jpg (432.02 KB)
Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)03:27:56 No. ZB84NUWX [Report]

What the fuck happened to Fchan why does it look different now? You fuckers made it NSFW now!

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Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)15:38:22 No. fb-3UJSVY5X [Report]

>>ZB84NUWX (OP) i need this in my life fam

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)15:42:55 No. fb-RK6W0F7N [Report]

>>TWJTW89O >>fb-QKKC4IGX → absolute fucking retards itt

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)19:50:12 No. O6F2YFFK [Report]

>>2IDTTXAN blue boards are sfw idiot he just put the NSFW there for the idiots who cant read rules

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)20:07:47 No. U0OUS0T6 [Report]

>>TWJTW89O It's still at the top of the page where it was before, jesus.

Anonymous 12/06/21(Mon)18:52:37 No. 98YWXXYP [Report]

https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan/ https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan

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