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File: main-qimg-ff3675093dc4aad5(...).jpg (71.42 KB)
Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)19:11:51 No. DG7VA4OK [Report]

I feel a deep resentment for rich people that spend their money on absolutely stupid shit like multiple luxury cars, 500$ T-shirts, 1000$ bottles of wine, etc. This is especially true for niggers. Everytime I see some spoiled boomer in a Porsche or a Ferrari, I want to blow his brains out and ride off into the sunset with his wheels. I would like to imagine that if I had such money, I would put to better use than material masturbation. Building infrastructure, helping poor members of my race, influencing politics, I can think of a million better things to do with such fortunes. Anyway, what's your position on such matters?

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Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)21:35:33 No. DHL4HULL [Report] >>5KSMCVS2

>>13CGGKNE kek, I don't want to get out of control like that. I just want something peaceful and small, but still want to help the few people that live near me

Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)23:05:12 No. 5KSMCVS2 [Report]

>>DHL4HULL Want to build a neighborhood in my city-state?

Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)21:25:30 No. fb-CNPSS19N [Report] >>GFPHU4IB

going to spend my surplus 2 million dollars on a rubber replica doll of OP to rail her every night who wants one?

Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)21:49:30 No. GFPHU4IB [Report] >>G892DKYE

>>fb-CNPSS19N You give me 2 mil and I'll let you touch my very real penis.

Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)15:10:42 No. G892DKYE [Report]

>>GFPHU4IB pic or gtfo

File: 2021-09-20-095220_459x590_(...).png (66.87 KB)
Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:53:40 No. UUSU289R [Report]

it's gotten to the point where i think i'm replying to posts i made weeks ago. i've fucking lost it

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Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)13:09:56 No. PDDPYJV5 [Report] >>CNUIYA0L

>>19VZQDD8 no, how the fuck am i supposed to remember all the shitposts i make on here

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)16:20:58 No. CNUIYA0L [Report] >>4P55EP7L >>390CJO3T

>>PDDPYJV5 This place gets like 1 post a day....how can you not?

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)17:25:51 No. 4P55EP7L [Report] >>D3TZ9CBY

>>CNUIYA0L this is what smoking weed does to you don't do that shit

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)21:12:55 No. D3TZ9CBY [Report]

>>4P55EP7L That's why I quit weed. The shit is terrible and kills your testosterone. Maybe you should consider quitting or smoking less?

Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)15:17:54 No. 390CJO3T [Report]

>>CNUIYA0L i don't smoke weed these posts are all just weeks and months old at this point i cannot remember which ones are mine and which ones are the one other person who uses this board

File: 1021px-Moth_September_2008(...).jpg (113.29 KB)
Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)21:50:47 No. RQJR8P8N [Report]

Moths have a frenulum, which is a wing-coupling device. Butterflies do not have frenulums. Frenulums join the forewing to the hind wing, so the wings can work in unison during flight.

File Nephele_comma_se_frenulum,(...).jpg (99.14 KB)
Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)21:51:16 No. N69364FY [Report]

>>RQJR8P8N (OP) Stout, single but composite (i.e. fusion of several bristles) frenulum of a male hawkmoth, Nephele comma, as visible when the fore wing is pulled back. It arises from a sclerotized base at the humeral angle of the hind wing, and fits behind a membraneous hook, called the retinaculum, on the ventral side of the fore wing. In hawk moths, the females have three (rather than one, groups of) bristles, but these are also attached to a sclerotized frenulum base as in males.

Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)23:11:57 No. 1DEUZMWG [Report]

Very cool, I am an avid moth fan. I guess this implies moths take longer flights and need speed more?

File: ayashii_world.png (64.10 KB)
Can you add this @admin Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)16:49:04 No. E5NYXUTZ [Report]

@admin can you add buttons for kaomoji? I would appreciate it. >inb4 use /meta/

Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:49:10 No. 3P86WXVT [Report]

>>E5NYXUTZ (OP) use meta

File: 315135134413431.png (29.69 KB)
Stabilization Anonymous 08/24/21(Tue)18:40:51 No. OKVKHL0N [Report]

26ch is kill.. fedorachan came and went.. KTP is being shutdown.. Fedichan is balancing out

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Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)21:50:58 No. NQ5B1EV8 [Report] >>fb-NJ2NUXJZ

Test. Sorry.

Anonymous 08/29/21(Sun)17:54:37 No. fb-NJ2NUXJZ [Report]

>>NQ5B1EV8 piss. sorry.

nigger 09/16/21(Thu)00:09:51 No. fb-CE76ELAZ [Report]


Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:51:24 No. M6PXP77K [Report]

>>OKVKHL0N (OP) they'll be back, if not, we still have the few goliaths that stand the test of time and federation (and maybe more in the future)

Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:57:23 No. 9B284NQO [Report]

>>fb-CE76ELAZ thats not your name

File: catdog.jpg (190.14 KB)
Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)10:23:56 No. 45VR955K [Report]

do you sing when you are alone, anon? i don't, that's gay.

Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)12:14:29 No. P0E2RHEZ [Report] >>NLIWC6QR

>>45VR955K (OP) i do because it makes me happy :)

Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)03:16:44 No. QZZPM0I1 [Report]

>>45VR955K (OP) Yeah, may as well. It's probably good for mental health.

Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)05:15:03 No. VPSMM0CW [Report]

>>45VR955K (OP) are you even human if dont sing in one way or another?

Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)13:50:21 No. NLIWC6QR [Report]

>>45VR955K (OP) >>P0E2RHEZ this might have been me but i can't remember a single fucking thing i post on this site anymore yeah, music makes me happy, and singing it out loud is far more expressive and enjoyable compared to singing it in your head

File: 1469800573331.gif (1.98 MB)
what am i doing here newbie 09/16/21(Thu)12:09:15 No. AP4NRW72 [Report]

hey guys what is this chan for? is it merely for programmers etc?

Anonymous 09/16/21(Thu)12:15:10 No. J98A2YV2 [Report] >>FDUGAKJP

>>AP4NRW72 (OP) it's an all purpose chan, we just happen to have a few tech boards on this specific instance

Anonymous 09/16/21(Thu)12:27:17 No. FDUGAKJP [Report]

>>J98A2YV2 okay sounds nice people here also seem nice and all :)

Anonymous 09/18/21(Sat)02:22:36 No. fb-PYYOSU0L [Report]

>>AP4NRW72 (OP) this looked like childporn for a second got scared. damn neonoteonus japs

Anonymous 09/18/21(Sat)08:03:39 No. SL8NZNWP [Report]

>>AP4NRW72 (OP) newbie bewbie sex

File: 1376333087360.jpg (95.58 KB)
@admin Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)09:46:32 No. 2Z07PDXX [Report]

Why is https://26ch.org still on the frontpage? The site has been dead for a week. Also enable creating threads without a file.

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Anonymous !mz/h1usIi0 09/05/21(Sun)21:43:08 No. JXYJM8N2 [Report] >>2BXOZABQ

>>N5DW9NV5 i can do that too

Anonymous 09/05/21(Sun)21:43:19 No. 2BXOZABQ [Report]

>>JXYJM8N2 nvm

Anonymous 09/06/21(Mon)05:37:58 No. C401NCRG [Report]

>>https://fchannig.ga/a/g0DOWNER nice haxs nice attention to detail fago

File Спасибо+спс.jpg (74.93 KB)
Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)08:49:54 No. GK3Y3WDW [Report]

>>N5DW9NV5 Hey admin, thanks for your work. SPASIBO.

Anonymous 09/15/21(Wed)14:21:12 No. 7F80YNFR [Report]

>>https://fchannig.ga/a/g0DOWNER >g0DOWNER what the fuck?????

File: 4chan kills crab.png (908.43 KB)
Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)14:13:31 No. fb-0MYP5LI1 [Report]

kani ;__;

Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)22:41:31 No. fb-0G6GM28C [Report] >>NI7JJNWQ

are dead crabs g00d f0r y0u?

File kani (2).png (278.67 KB)
Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)09:44:28 No. NI7JJNWQ [Report]


File: 8san_logo.png (84.37 KB)
8san Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)14:16:08 No. Q2AVOE03 [Report]

Welcome to 8san. An imageboard centered around free speech. User board creation is enabled! https://8san.org/ Tor: http://a5gomggvi5n75w4llxspnkryrfyiqgcpe6g5kbmlk6dq5t27ujddhoyd.onion/

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sage 08/16/21(Mon)01:27:48 No. M66E84NL [Report]

>>fb-O1WS3T8N very true, i wish shills would stop posting on our comfy boards bro

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)21:44:47 No. P35MT8K8 [Report]

>>Q2AVOE03 (OP) fchan >>>> 8kun > 8san

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)09:46:47 No. 6CQKMUOT [Report] >>fb-XIU63794


File free as a bird.png (763.08 KB)
Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)21:37:10 No. 77ZM5413 [Report]

>>Q2AVOE03 (OP)

sage 09/15/21(Wed)12:58:53 No. fb-XIU63794 [Report]

>>6CQKMUOT die

File: ass.gif (2.07 MB)
Anonymous 09/10/21(Fri)00:12:09 No. fb-DLJH7RNP [Report]

The capital building in WDC with be filled with sarin on 9/11 at 1pm. Have fun removing all the bodies.

Anonymous 09/10/21(Fri)13:50:54 No. MNGKLZSQ [Report]

>>fb-DLJH7RNP (OP) solid sarin?

File scrot.png (12.71 KB)
Anonymous 09/12/21(Sun)09:40:50 No. KK9CA0AR [Report]

cia takeover? 2hu went down not long after this post hmmmm

File: mpv-shot0119.jpg (184.05 KB)
Anonymous 09/11/21(Sat)00:24:20 No. JDWNZK78 [Report]

video james

Anonymous 09/11/21(Sat)01:02:26 No. MEPBK5U3 [Report] >>ZRJXB1VX

>>JDWNZK78 (OP) is this the guy my son keeps playing with

File 1620122090517.png (1.36 MB)
Anonymous 09/11/21(Sat)11:52:34 No. ZRJXB1VX [Report]

>>MEPBK5U3 ㅤㅤㅤ▲ ㅤㅤ▲ㅤ▲

File: 162906135990.jpg (44.22 KB)
Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)06:48:37 No. fb-EB2ZYK6X [Report]


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Anonymous 08/24/21(Tue)11:14:02 No. TGGM17Z1 [Report] >>RPU60XE8

>>Z671HM8U Install Gentoo

Anonymous 08/24/21(Tue)11:14:02 No. TGGM17Z1 [Report] >>RPU60XE8

>>Z671HM8U Install Gentoo

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)19:47:08 No. DBUUN8QV [Report] >>RPU60XE8

>>Z671HM8U Install Gentoo

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)19:47:08 No. DBUUN8QV [Report] >>RPU60XE8

>>Z671HM8U Install Gentoo

Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)12:15:19 No. RPU60XE8 [Report]

>>TGGM17Z1 >>DBUUN8QV this was literally on gentoo btw

File: diplom.jpg (294.10 KB)
Anonymous 08/30/21(Mon)18:58:08 No. XEPK405P [Report]

https://kuz.lol/blog/opensource.html >Federation and the ability to create decentralized networks has also been so far a failure. Not only do most of these projects rely too heavily on trust, they simply result in every single user creating their own "node" instead of congregating together and using a central one. This messies things and promotes a more closed-off atmosphere, which can damage the whole of the community. Is he right, fedibros?

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Anonymous 09/04/21(Sat)09:04:48 No. N42EHS5M [Report] >>036G7AJZ >>7JHLQ7O1 >>fb-GEL0ZTTG

>>fb-OUWNAUC4 >>shitting on a website that doesnt exist anymore yeah i think he was right and based, and 90% of altchans are worthless garbage.

Anonymous 09/05/21(Sun)09:03:54 No. 036G7AJZ [Report]

>>N42EHS5M >altchans Troglobrain

Anonymous 09/05/21(Sun)21:49:34 No. 7JHLQ7O1 [Report]

>>N42EHS5M 0ch was originally a different fedi network that then switched to fchannel lmao

Anonymous 09/06/21(Mon)01:21:06 No. fb-GEL0ZTTG [Report]

>>N42EHS5M hello newfaggot is 0ch too deep into the lore for you?

Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)08:51:20 No. DOCROAV2 [Report]

>>XEPK405P (OP) ОП, ты на фото?

File: 5y6L1nXdeW.jpg (56.33 KB)
Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)23:34:55 No. fb-YT8CCS6X [Report]

me irl

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)20:58:48 No. NRF2PS9Y [Report] >>TPDGCVEX >>6DSX2W75

>>fb-YT8CCS6X (OP) but you just lost the game

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)20:58:48 No. NRF2PS9Y [Report] >>TPDGCVEX >>6DSX2W75

>>fb-YT8CCS6X (OP) but you just lost the game

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)19:55:00 No. TPDGCVEX [Report]


Anonymous 09/02/21(Thu)02:19:44 No. 6DSX2W75 [Report]

>>NRF2PS9Y die

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