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Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 inu will make boomer seething Anonymous 11/27/21(Sat)05:19:53 No. 3FMYSQT4 [Report]


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Anonymous 07/12/21(Mon)16:06:53 No. fcc-YNYYDRCI [Report]

can someone actually tell me what happened with monero without sounding like a retarded counter-shill? what is this embezzlement shit?

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Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)23:00:19 No. fcc-RSKVK7E8 [Report]

>>QXJG9TVH why bring up oxen in a monero thread? is oxen the monero replacement?

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)23:11:37 No. E0BHOKQ7 [Report] >>OVO3Y9MF >>SX6RTJKI

Monero solves: - Mining pool centralization (done a few days ago with p2pool). - Transaction limit problem via dynamic block sizes. - Deflationary currency problem via tail emission. - Privacy problem via ring signatures & stealth addresses. - ASIC problem using an algorithm that makes CPU-mining optimal. The only problem it really needs to solve now will be when the blockchain gets too big (probably solved by sharding). The only problem left to be solved for cryptocurrency is the retaining of information, particularly wallet keys. If the average joe is to use this stuff, he can't be losing his fucking money due to damage to or loss of property, or even brain damage (passphrases). There are a few ways to do this I guess- you could give multiple trusted parties fragments of your key, which could make it hard for weaker adversaries to steal your money (potentially bad idea if enough of them get breached to try bruteforcing, or if govt orders them to seize your money). Could use physical objects, but even if you make it very long-lasting with ECC memory and such, it's still possible to lose them if you only have it in one place. It would have to become common practice for people to backup their wallet keys in multiple places, but if the keys are encrypted, that begs the 'passphrase problem'- some people are retarded and WILL forget their passphrases. A hard problem without relying on trust. So /cc/, how can the coin-loss problem be sufficiently alleviated?

Anonymous 11/11/21(Thu)09:50:27 No. OVO3Y9MF [Report]

>>E0BHOKQ7 Encrypt your private key then post it in a public place or even on the chain the wallet is for. Something like: Argon2d with schizo level parameters + AES512 And any non autistic password will do. That moves the problem to remembering a password which is much easier. Maybe even use a group encryption scheme and distribute the keys to people you trust (so they can recover funds if you die).

Anonymous 11/14/21(Sun)11:10:07 No. SX6RTJKI [Report]

>>E0BHOKQ7 engrave it in metal and put in a safe in a bank. It's okay for non paranoid people. You can also have it insured so that it's normie proof

Anonymous 11/23/21(Tue)18:26:30 No. BQM0WJ1R [Report]

anyone remember when oxen was over $2 lololololololololololololololi

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Monero is Cringe Anonymous 05/28/21(Fri)18:52:23 No. X3F1RZUJ [Report]

- NSA Hipster dude

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Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)18:27:36 No. K81EWOOP [Report]

>>OMW1OOWL >>>>>>>>(((((((arch))))))) >>>>>>>>>use the pedophile linux no

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)21:57:11 No. CE35IPYE [Report]

>>SLH6DARF Well isn't he from those alphabet soup organizations...

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)03:46:54 No. IDXAH4HS [Report]

>>SLH6DARF >what crypto used to be what

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)00:45:10 No. KVSEQDRA [Report]

>>SLH6DARF Do you think every janitor at the pentagon is at comet ping pong just cause they work for the feds?

Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)13:20:00 No. 5D964MTH [Report]

>>X3F1RZUJ (OP) do people really believe this glownigger's words?

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Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)14:57:12 No. M2JUY6ZB [Report]

what's the best exchange to buy monero that also gives me the private keys?

Anonymous 07/15/21(Thu)23:20:18 No. NFM0KFEN [Report]

>>fcc-TERXAZHA → I want to buy it so I can purchase shit privately, I don't fucking care about its market value

Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)21:31:09 No. 83YXO36V [Report]

I haven't used it but you can buy Monero using Bisq. Need Buttcoin though.

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)10:36:58 No. AVSKKF6A [Report]

>>M2JUY6ZB (OP) Atomic wallet is not bad.

Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)16:12:50 No. 9O75GGT1 [Report]

>>M2JUY6ZB (OP) LocalMonero. Make sure you pay via mail/in person with cash and make sure you register account on Tor address.

Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)13:18:24 No. EAB3CAAE [Report]

OP here, ya'll are faggots i found out that bisq is what is actually what im looking for: open source, trusted by many, gives you access to private keys, plus it has no centralized server to send data to the glowniggers ffs i am never asking a question on a retarded imageboard ever again

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Anonymous 09/18/21(Sat)21:10:41 No. K299PTPK [Report]


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Anonymous 11/07/21(Sun)00:27:37 No. CNJNP6CI [Report]

>>K299PTPK (OP) And suddenly, I'm not poor anymore.

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Anonymous 09/24/21(Fri)11:06:32 No. 0CSJ1VZC [Report]

Outside of dchan is there any other use for MATIC?

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Anonymous 09/20/21(Mon)16:34:05 No. 50RZUQ3R [Report]

i have a fetish for an impending market crash. my nipples get hard anytime i get a wiff things will go sideways and crash. do you think our current climate of the crypto/stock market is healthy or is it at maximum inflation and will pop soon? you see it everywhere people are making money like its nothing. never before could people generate wealth by pure speculation and investing with no actual business plan. everyone has turned into an investor and not a business creator. are we week, months, years from the biggest market crash of our time or is there still inflating to be had? I hope its months but i have a feeling it will be years before anything dramatic happens.

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Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)20:24:46 No. WED3JUKD [Report]

Is this /biz/ without bots?

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/smg/ - Stock Market General #1 Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)13:52:00 No. 3NG2LGPW [Report]

(embed) edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/f8Pa7nGg (embed) >Basic Boomer ETF investing: https://pastebin.com/HcSq25Ns (embed) https://www.bogleheads.org/wiki/Getting_started >Options 101 https://pastebin.com/gqGwNT6C (embed) >Stock market words: https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed) >Live Streams: http://www.livenewson.com/american/bloomberg-television-business.html https://watchnewslive.tv/watch-cnbc-live-stream-free-24-7/ >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain >Free charts: https://www.tradingview.com https://www.finscreener.com/ https://www.koyfin.com/ >Screeners: https://finviz.com/ https://e-hentai.org/ https://www.tradingview.com/screener https://etfdb.com/ >Pre-Market Data and Live data: https://www.investing.com/indices/indices-futures https://www.tradingview.com >Back testing your portfolio: https://www.portfoliovisualizer.com/backtest-portfolio >Misc: https://squeezemetrics.com/monitor https://market24hclock.com/ https://tradingeconomics.com https://wallmine.com/ https://biopharmcatalyst.com

Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)20:20:11 No. PKE3W37M [Report]

>>3NG2LGPW (OP) >https://e-hentai.org/ what the fuck?

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Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)19:26:52 No. 6PM6TQ9C [Report]

just sold my SPCE bags for a nice profit

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)14:28:11 No. WI7B3CF0 [Report]

any good picks for next week?

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Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)09:09:41 No. U3WK49UF [Report]


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Satoshi Has No Clothes: Failures in On-Chain Privacy by Ian Miers (Devcon4) Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)15:04:47 No. fcc-TRWX7EPO [Report]


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BTC HATE THREAD Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)18:46:55 No. QP30CUQ8 [Report]

I hate BTC so fucking much I hope it crashes to 0

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Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:23:24 No. K43L0TGU [Report] >>2T4RSWKA

>>QP30CUQ8 (OP) Only thing that would do this is if it's hacked.

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)01:04:30 No. 2T4RSWKA [Report] >>5T4MZK7G

>>K43L0TGU What happens when Adam Back cashes out his genesis coins? If he (Sataoshi aka Adam) moves any of the original BTC the entire thing will come crumbling down.

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)00:26:25 No. RMT3NNVL [Report]

>>QP30CUQ8 (OP) John McAfee did not kill himself

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Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)03:41:45 No. 25GM56ZD [Report]

>I hate BTC so fucking much I hope it crashes to 0

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)19:05:01 No. 5T4MZK7G [Report]

>>2T4RSWKA Who's to say (s)he's cashing out? (S)he's probably waiting on Bitcoin becoming an accepted currency. That or (hopefully) another crypto, in which case (s)he will cash out to that crypto.

File: NSA1_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqkZd(...).jpg (542.01 KB)
Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:27:48 No. 37S9BI8W [Report]

Nakamoto SAtoshi Nicolas van SAberhagen N SA

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Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)03:40:00 No. QC2BB089 [Report]

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Monero accusations and damage control Anonymous 07/08/21(Thu)16:52:16 No. YI9YANB5 [Report]

Why is the crypto world seemingly so full of scams? What causes this? https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/o2lqch/as_monero_reels_from_another_embezzlement_scandal/ Anyone know a better uncontrollable private digital currency project?

Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)17:06:24 No. K95L1DVO [Report]

>>YI9YANB5 (OP) It's an easy way to scam tech illiterate people with promises of anonymous currency

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NiggA Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)13:53:56 No. D4TMJRQK [Report]


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Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)05:42:19 No. YF5J66DM [Report]


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Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)03:52:46 No. IFFPJYNW [Report]

why is monero so hot bros

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Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)18:21:34 No. 6POSUAWO [Report] >>Q1WFZC4P >>KABFAI4U >>FEKL6V8E

>>IFFPJYNW (OP) why is it always fucking coomers promoting this coin? You could talk about it's security, about it's relatively stable price but NO, you faggots always default to salivating over a 2D depiction of a cryptocurrency as an anime girl. Neck yourselves, all of you captcha related, the only thing you niggers can think about

Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)18:42:27 No. Q1WFZC4P [Report]

>>6POSUAWO >doesnt want to fuck monerochan ngmi

Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)20:10:56 No. KABFAI4U [Report]

>>6POSUAWO >literally gets a fap captcha and complains about other anons Negro, why do you live a lie?

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:22:00 No. FEKL6V8E [Report]

>>6POSUAWO That's not about Monero only, Loli's. It's a neckbear basement dweller culture. The female mascot looks fine and friendly.

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)18:09:14 No. S85CX735 [Report]

>>IFFPJYNW (OP) sitting comfy with my unknown amount of xmr

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