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Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)12:18:18 No. V8YGRJ8G [Report]

so this is our /biz/?

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)16:58:39 No. DLHMK6A4 [Report] >>O4B3RE9Z


Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)18:22:06 No. O4B3RE9Z [Report]


Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:15:30 No. R2FCV69W [Report]

>>V8YGRJ8G (OP) That's neat. Would benefit the federated boards quiet a lot. Lot of cryptoactivity incoming this year.

Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)21:43:26 No. SNODHX9R [Report]


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─╣OW Mcap Gems Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)14:23:05 No. CXAJJLCI [Report]

Shitcoin thread alright fags just give me so low Mcap BSC orETH gems

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)14:57:46 No. WVWH0RP8 [Report]

>>CXAJJLCI (OP) fundus are safeu

Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)20:50:25 No. 3D6CUVJ8 [Report]

>>CXAJJLCI (OP) >Low marketcap 0xBTC Truebit Truebit is the last coin that hasn't really pump yet. Yet it probably will, in a few months.

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Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:55:50 No. ZGDKU6HP [Report]

ok how do i get into fake internet money

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)01:07:10 No. JLTVAIUT [Report]

>>ZGDKU6HP (OP) wait until everyone is talking about it. wait until your mom starts going hey anon have you heard of [insert coin] i think i am going to buy some then that is the perfect time to invest all your monies into it

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)12:05:50 No. CAFQC1S9 [Report]

>>ZGDKU6HP (OP) Wait until a new fake internet money is invented and then run the fake-internet-money generating software on your computer until you get a lot of fake internet money.

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Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)09:48:43 No. YVV46KD5 [Report]

why was this board created? >inb4 "to talk about cryptocurrency xD" i mean why as in "motivation for creation" not "purpose of board"

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)12:28:07 No. 633OAJMB [Report]

>>YVV46KD5 (OP) Jews............................

Anonymous 05/25/21(Tue)14:10:06 No. R3GQR73N [Report]

>>YVV46KD5 (OP) create more space for topic focused discussion not much has been discussed specifically on Fchan about /cc/ but its one thats in the zeitgeist

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)00:18:53 No. 0M7EIPLQ [Report]

>>YVV46KD5 (OP) Excellent initiative, imo, for once, in the decentralized internet.

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