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Anonymous 2021-08-13T15:01:24Z No. 0682Q767 [Report]

Any other bladers or skaters, here? Just got back into inline skating after a long while and it's hot as fuck.

Anonymous 2021-08-31T14:26:31Z No. OX8L7902 [Report] >>VE8AGTQI

>>0682Q767 (OP) this is not the sk8r board essie.....

Anonymous 2021-09-19T18:56:37Z No. VE8AGTQI [Report] >>W3GPMMLK

>>OX8L7902 But skating falls under both athletics and nutrition. Skating is great, especially rollerblading. Anons should try it.

Anonymous 2021-09-19T18:57:16Z No. W3GPMMLK [Report]

>>VE8AGTQI *Falls under both athletics and fitness. I must be hungry.

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