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Feminine Ideals Anonymous 2021-09-07T01:03:07Z No. ffit-3D04V1U5 [Report]

What should women aspire to look like?

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Anonymous 2021-09-07T01:03:35Z No. ffit-NH5U3ZBX [Report]

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Anonymous 2021-09-07T01:05:35Z No. ffit-8QLN5DOH [Report]

Carriejune Bowlby

File leanbeefpatty.some-jojo-po(...).some-jojo-poses.mp4 (764.62 KB)
Anonymous 2021-09-07T01:07:42Z No. ffit-OG65H7OQ [Report]


Anonymous 2021-09-09T19:37:36Z No. 2CKSIU5L [Report] >>ffit-S7EGJIGJ

This thread seems like a flimsy excuse for you to post pictures of fit girls rather than actually discuss anything. My body goals are pretty much beefpatty but I don't work out nearly hard enough to achieve anything close.

Anonymous 2021-09-14T14:06:16Z No. ffit-S7EGJIGJ [Report] >>ffit-3IUZP6WB

>>2CKSIU5L having 2 visible abs, strong legs and fit butt is more achievable and still very nice i'd say, you don't need to be a marble sculpture necessarily

Anonymous 2021-09-15T12:00:28Z No. ffit-3IUZP6WB [Report]

>>ffit-S7EGJIGJ Yeah that's my more realistic goal. I have good thighs and butt but I can kill myself doing ab workouts for months and still struggle to make any progress on my stomach. I know this obviously means I'm not eating right but dieting is so much harder than working out. I will eat right and properly go for it probably after the new year, right now I'm pleased with my progress so far.

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