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/cal/ - Calisthenics thread Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)18:00:20 No. ffit-DE95U0F2 [Report]

Post calisthenics equipment that everybody should own and use. I'll start >weight vest

Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)07:57:00 No. ffit-CY816NWT [Report] >>LZ70S9CM

>>ffit-DE95U0F2 (OP) I started doing some bar workouts with the calisthenia app. I want to be able to do muscle up and am following a program on that app. How long do you think will it take to get there? How many days a week can I realistically do this workout?

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)19:41:12 No. LZ70S9CM [Report] >>82XY1Y5D

>>ffit-CY816NWT Five days a week with two rest days where you do long light cardio. You can take a rest day every five to six months if you want, but I find it easier to stay consistent by just doing some kind of exercise every day.

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Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)19:52:31 No. 82XY1Y5D [Report]

>>LZ70S9CM I should clarify that this assumes no injuries. If or when you do get injured, especially with overuse, you should take a few more days off, but not too many. You should be trying to do as much exercise that doesn't increase the injury pain as possible. Slowly work back into the exercise that was causing an increase in pain. But remember: some pain is ok, you just don't want it to increase so much that you're re-injuring yourself. Dopaminergic pathways for pain are almost universal - that means you have to experience pain for your body to respond in kind with dopamine to balance it out.

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