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File: Screenshot from 2022-06-28(...).png (66.67 KB)
Nostr-style imageboard Anonymous 06/28/22(Tue)16:20:43 No. fg-FROBG07O [Report]

The main censorship-resistance benefits of FChannel come from posts federating to other instances, not from people having choice in what instance to post on like fediverse (since everyone is anonymous and no accounts are required, one instance is just like any other). The problem is that it's not obvious which instances/boards federate with which others. If you accidentally post on a board that no one follows you are just pissing in the wind. One solution would be for everyone to use FCHAM (but that is currently nowhere to be found) or a site that hosts and updates the diagrams it generates. Or better, display a list of boards that your post will federate to in the 'create post' section. Another solution would be to make an imageboard inspired by or based on Nostr (https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nostr). Instead of instances, we would have 'relays'. Posters post to multiple relays and subscribe to multiple relays. Posts would have an ID to prevent duplicate posts from showing up in people's feeds. Like federation, this provides censorship-resistance as posts would be hosted on multiple relays. But doesn't have the problem of it not being clear where posts are going to go. What do you think of this idea?

File: 1610287642945.jpg (127.87 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)22:33:26 No. 1C4E4648 [Report]

Are breasts technology?

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Anonymous 01/31/21(Sun)23:51:29 No. 7FFDA431 [Report]

>>1C4E4648 (OP) only if they're artificially developed over the course of their specific generation. pedants will say that dogs are technology but they're wrong

Anonymous 02/01/21(Mon)13:38:09 No. 916GB8AC [Report]

>>1C4E4648 (OP) It sounds interesting. I think we should investigate deeper.

Anonymous 04/14/22(Thu)16:46:55 No. H58NM046 [Report]


Anonymous 05/17/22(Tue)23:32:30 No. BRUBC0GV [Report]

>>1C4E4648 (OP) yes my nigga

Anonymous 06/28/22(Tue)00:25:02 No. E9MHNU2O [Report]

>>2FF22427 Are women with silicone breasts cyborgs?

File: me.gif (1.12 MB)
Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)04:55:35 No. 984C846B [Report]


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Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)06:51:39 No. PO9985DR [Report]

>>IFJZ7OWP Yes, but we need to create an incentive to battle the spreading big kek

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)13:05:17 No. GP548ZQJ [Report] >>KG7EFRKO

>>984C846B (OP) I love BIG TECH

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)13:07:14 No. 1AIN0OCL [Report]

>>984C846B 畏缩|COPE

Anonymous 06/26/22(Sun)01:16:28 No. UUXS0R1J [Report]

>>984C846B (OP) same

Anonymous 06/27/22(Mon)23:54:12 No. KG7EFRKO [Report]

>>GP548ZQJ I love my BIG PENIS

File: messaging.png (256.46 KB)
Messaging thread Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)12:17:31 No. FBRS5LVG [Report]

So fedifellas what are you using to communicate with your fellow autists and tech illiterates?

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Anonymous 03/15/22(Tue)15:05:44 No. T31R1XD1 [Report]

>>FBRS5LVG >>P60E29JQ XMPP > Matrix > Signal >>FBRS5LVG Element is OK on mobile but the desktop version uses (((Electron)))

Anonymous 06/21/22(Tue)08:17:52 No. RT8RGP81 [Report] >>NJU7XD2N

In an ideal world we would use XMPP. I used to try to reach this ideal world and even got a bunch of "normal" people to try it. But it was too prone to breakage. Matrix seems to work better, at least for now. There are valid concerns regarding it but I'll cope with it as long as we're leaving WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and whatnot behind.

Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)03:49:57 No. YI87MPLC [Report]

XMPP for my fellow autists I only know online FB Messenger (via Caprine) for normies I know IRL >>XRJZCJMG you can at least sandbox it. still not the best though

Anonymous 06/26/22(Sun)01:10:16 No. IHCU2V09 [Report]

How the heck is signal even an option?? It operates on phone numbers! Threema, wire, session, jami do not require phone numbers. XMPP is best.

Anonymous 06/26/22(Sun)09:18:47 No. NJU7XD2N [Report]

>>RT8RGP81 Its XMPP is better than Matrix but matrix has better clients and servers. Very few would be willing to host an XMPP server even for a closed group.

File: NetworkPicture.png (220.23 KB)
YaCy is the best search engine Anonymous 04/21/22(Thu)09:52:39 No. JP4X9BRI [Report]

SearX and LibreX are nice, but they are meta-search engines. Since DuckDuckWoke now is as bad as Bing. YaCy remains the best options. https://yacy.net/

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Anonymous 06/13/22(Mon)13:54:21 No. 1L3VSXHS [Report] >>973UQRQ2

>>fg-OABGHV85 https://yacy.net/download_installation/#compile-yacy-yourself

Anonymous 06/14/22(Tue)11:13:35 No. 973UQRQ2 [Report]

>>1L3VSXHS If he wants to try it, there is a snap for yacy. Super easy. It's an outdated version, but it works.

Anonymous 06/23/22(Thu)15:16:41 No. 88FJPW4O [Report]

tried yacy and the results are honestly garbage. sad too because it's such a good idea. If you merged Searx and Yacy into one thing, you'd have a juggernaut

Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)04:17:36 No. 4SWENI5Z [Report]

>>6JKRB6QC fake retard decentralisation. everything goes through presearch.org. they can censor and spy on everything

Anonymous 06/26/22(Sun)04:10:49 No. 1XX7B269 [Report]

>>6JKRB6QC unbelievably retarded. do none of you faggots run a webserver and look at access logs? Only google, bing and yandex crawl the web. Anthing else is a meta search engine. How can you be so retarded and fall for this? They even advertise cRyPtO currency. Fucking faggot.

File: 1200px-Tor-logo-2011-flat.(...).svg.png (73.53 KB)
Onion instances Anonymous 02/23/21(Tue)18:02:49 No. MORL0KUT [Report]

I have created two fchan instances that use Tor for access and federation http://cunnyem6udnpdthufbf6cl3jgiesispywidvhceeooga2nahhsb5cdyd.onion http://funion4ylmhcmta2woue7xapvquqt2rnpiccofeturwzd2b6b75si2id.onion

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Anonymous 07/14/21(Wed)11:48:56 No. LJXGBH82 [Report]

>>C3VTFSH8 Cunnychan is working for me (now named FlokiChan). Alterchan is dead.

File 6.jpg (46.43 KB)
Anonymous 02/24/22(Thu)08:54:01 No. UGGIMWB7 [Report]

Do you guys think Taylor Swift is hot?

Anonymous 03/01/22(Tue)07:59:29 No. N57CJICE [Report]

>>4M9HGT8B If you're using tails or whonix definately not. TLS over for is redundent

Anonymous 06/26/22(Sun)01:05:57 No. VRCE0FLX [Report] >>I8ZJYVNV

What is the point of this

Anonymous 06/26/22(Sun)03:36:38 No. I8ZJYVNV [Report]

>>VRCE0FLX point of what? federated image board? whats the point of centralized image boards?

File: autismsuperpower.png (653.61 KB)
niggеr Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)13:17:10 No. YCSZTZDY [Report]

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File pepe-buzz-lightyear.jpg (359.55 KB)
Anonymous 04/30/21(Fri)01:09:39 No. RKNJVYRI [Report]

>>C7I55L8V Live to talk to your frens

File 53e18072a045826deb951c6725(...).jpg (38.65 KB)
Anonymous 05/11/21(Tue)15:23:49 No. MZWAC0P8 [Report] >>fg-M19TKB70 >>XBCYZW0G >>H04D5NPA

>>C7I55L8V >be me >be autistic fuck >highschool >hanging out with friends >one of them walks off for a moment and comes back with a small group of other people >some students from another class >friends tell me they know a girl who is just like me >ohboyherecomes.ogg >they are probably just messing with me >expecting some weird/ugly looking girl >cutetomboy.jpg >her appearance is unkept, but she is pretty charming >she doesn't say anything >she stands very awkwardly in front of me just staring me >i say hi >she says hi >we stare at each other >people laugh >hard >we shy away from each other >her group walks away with her saying "oh well we tried" and laughing >never talked to her again >still saw her occasionally >later i found out she had autism, as in an actual diagnosis i didn't think much of it back then, thought it was just my friends pranking me or something for being autistic af today work was so excruciatingly boring that i found myself thinking about that day i wonder what they meant by "we tried" i wonder if she had an interest in me and that was her shot (view full post...)

Anonymous 05/14/22(Sat)22:47:55 No. fg-M19TKB70 [Report]

>>MZWAC0P8 ;_; niggers certainly do not tongue your anus fren

Anonymous 05/15/22(Sun)19:06:44 No. XBCYZW0G [Report]

>>MZWAC0P8 Nice re-post pal. Next time credit the author.

Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)04:14:25 No. H04D5NPA [Report]

>>MZWAC0P8 >i wonder what they meant by "we tried" It means they were trying to get you together. And I thought I was autistic.

File: D8D30C18-4269-4B78-AB1F-F8(...).jpeg (193.47 KB)
Anonymous 02/22/22(Tue)01:35:57 No. PFJ37RVE [Report]

Fuck pedos, they’re the main reason that crypto anarchy sucks and we can’t have free speech/data absolutism.

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Anonymous 03/07/22(Mon)02:05:17 No. fg-ECWFOA6R [Report]

>>fg-I2JLXOY0 nog

Anonymous 03/15/22(Tue)22:40:24 No. ZACD4RDT [Report]

>>KPIWK6M7 For those of you who don't like cuckflare, here's a archive.org link. https://web.archive.org/web/20030210032247/http://bits.are.notabug.com/

Anonymous 03/15/22(Tue)22:44:13 No. E79ZCJQU [Report] >>fg-GF7XINKA

>>PFJ37RVE (OP) For those of you that aren't aware, Aaron is credited for making the tor2web proxy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor2web

Anonymous 03/17/22(Thu)00:28:01 No. fg-GF7XINKA [Report]

>>E79ZCJQU >this nigga made the glowie proxy why are pedophiles always so retarded, they can't help themselves

Anonymous 06/24/22(Fri)03:04:52 No. fg-6ECDP8VG [Report]

>>VZGK0WW6 >In the US, it is illegal to possess or distribute child pornography, apparently because doing so will encourage people to sexually abuse children. that doesn't really make sense if you think about it. do gore pictures encourage people to commit violence? do we ban them for that reason?

File: 1623245256855.png (1.66 MB)
Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)13:25:33 No. 8CX2JLQF [Report]

What do you guys think of Mental Outlaw? Are there any genuinely good tech youtubers out there? Linus is a consoomer shill, Luke Smith is a pretentious ass, every other one is either boring as fuck or super annoying. Mental Outlaw is the only one I've found to be consistently interesting, and funny.

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Anonymous 04/14/22(Thu)21:25:42 No. F0OOVPS6 [Report]

>>8CX2JLQF (OP) Ben Eater

Anonymous 05/17/22(Tue)16:59:00 No. Z3GXRVXS [Report]

I watch Brodie Robertson sometimes

Anonymous 05/23/22(Mon)10:30:27 No. W0SNS81N [Report] >>TJ2URH11

>>8CX2JLQF >>9UCMDDR3 >>LTJZ7127 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ee2RMq6mA at least his content has improved from this

Anonymous 05/23/22(Mon)14:02:40 No. TJ2URH11 [Report]

>>W0SNS81N Holy shit hahahah

Anonymous 05/26/22(Thu)12:06:01 No. NGMRB3WP [Report]

>>8CX2JLQF (OP) ugly ass nigger

File: 1637570658991.jpg (39.85 KB)
Anonymous 01/02/22(Sun)14:07:03 No. M7N3FRLX [Report]

what are some good tech news sites that aren't absolute shit?

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File yourDilatorSir.jpg (220.94 KB)
Anonymous 04/12/22(Tue)23:00:57 No. RPZRGLUM [Report]


Anonymous 04/14/22(Thu)14:05:22 No. M0JVJ01I [Report]

>>ZLCJ2QSA >>NBAQOVAG >>fg-5BPDBYCI moron idiots just use reddit like any damn person

Anonymous 04/28/22(Thu)16:58:45 No. VJEF45JQ [Report]

>>2H2E9DKJ how tf am i supposed to talk to lobsters?

Anonymous 05/02/22(Mon)01:18:19 No. fg-MSRKGXIB [Report]

>>fg-VJEF45JQ lobste.rs. Invite only though.

Anonymous 05/14/22(Sat)22:50:08 No. fg-G0XPRB70 [Report]

>>fg-HW6TEBJX I hate blacks so much top kek

File: 9pill.png (34.22 KB)
postan from plan9 Anonymous 05/23/21(Sun)17:15:03 No. Y33AU133 [Report]

take the 9pill /g/, experience peak comf

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Anonymous 02/22/22(Tue)23:01:09 No. fg-MLTTZN4X [Report]

>>SCNB69CN >gnu hurd is similar to plan9 how. genuinely interested, hurd just seems like another "free" unix

Anonymous 04/15/22(Fri)04:26:40 No. 6HD9GU15 [Report] >>fg-3OELN56E

>>N3BMA9XE >9front.org's favicon is the globohomo flag >code of conduct is the DS9 rules of acquisition I'm a little lost.

Anonymous 04/16/22(Sat)00:20:52 No. fg-3OELN56E [Report]

>>6HD9GU15 shitposting and overcompensating for having nazi satire on their website. its essentially armor against faggots and repellent against actual nazis.

Anonymous 05/04/22(Wed)19:03:38 No. RQZVJXRT [Report] >>fg-DVADPNH6

>>Y33AU133 (OP) Can you host xmpp on it?

Anonymous 05/10/22(Tue)15:01:19 No. fg-DVADPNH6 [Report]

>>RQZVJXRT no. you could probably port prosody since its written in lua though, there's a port of lua to plan9 on sourcehut/shithub.us i think

File: fdfghh.jpeg (6.13 KB)
I'm being irradiated by the 5G network Anonymous 02/19/22(Sat)22:14:32 No. fg-DBTV5Q2Y [Report]

The government is pushing psyops to attribute the 60GHz wavelength to modifying oxygen absorption as a strawman to be able to disprove claims, but that's not the mechanism that it kills with. It kills through producing endogenous opiates to the point of respiratory depression and people die from ischemia (a lack of oxygen). It comes and goes. There are two noticeable kinds. One causes vascular spasms resulting in a pulsation feeling across the body and I can see it in my veins. It sometimes affects muscles and causes a them to twitch or causes me to spasm while trying to sleep by contracting muscles in my back and abs. After a long time of this my chest hurts, probably from my heart struggling to keep up with the alternating cardiovascular tension. I can block this immediately in a limb by wrapping it in mylar and the spasms stop in that part of the body. The second kind seems to be endogenous opiate production and it it interferes with breathing. The mechanism seems to be through 61.22GHz endogenous opiate induced-respiratory depression and it comes with a dulled sense of pain, but not mechanosensation. The government and/or telecom companies are trying to kill me with radiation, probably because I'm White or a White Nationalist. You can verify endogenous opiate production is caused by 61.22GHz radiation, it's called electromagnetic millimeter wave induced hypoalgesia. THE GOVERNMENT IS KILLING PEOPLE WITH 5G AND THEY HAVE BEEN TARGETING ME WITH IT.

Anonymous 03/29/22(Tue)12:35:48 No. fg-I0GG6OX2 [Report]

>>fg-DBTV5Q2Y (OP) Well move away to a location with no 5G, and low radiofrequencies i guess. You also have paints that blocks EMFs. EMFs are the cause of the modern flu. Viruses do not exist, as viruses are your own cells breaking down. Genetic material from exosomes.

Anonymous 05/02/22(Mon)04:12:53 No. VPS4GA49 [Report]

>>fg-DBTV5Q2Y (OP) you're just retard, relax

File 9070148[1].jpg (21.76 KB)
Anonymous 05/04/22(Wed)19:45:19 No. CQ4E8PDG [Report]

>>fg-DBTV5Q2Y (OP) Dude in picrel put his head inside of an particle accelerator and he is still alive, you will be fine. However 5g is actually shitty for other reasons, it allows for an even bigger spying and it will also look shit because you need more 5g towers

File: 2021-08-29-183708_306x150_(...).png (11.86 KB)
Anonymous 08/29/21(Sun)22:38:56 No. 17LVMM0B [Report]

i've finally taken the gentoopill. has anyone else taken said pill????

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Anonymous 03/20/22(Sun)03:38:15 No. 77ZW5IRU [Report]

>>17LVMM0B (OP) >be me >decide to take the gentoo pill >attempt to install it with data at rest encryption >stuck on boot used a just werks distro after being filtered at least its comfy

File Guix.png (944.65 KB)
Anonymous 03/20/22(Sun)08:39:58 No. fg-B4N12BTQ [Report] >>006SN5IP


File beardola.jpeg (75.35 KB)
Anonymous 03/20/22(Sun)22:17:05 No. 006SN5IP [Report]

>>fg-B4N12BTQ Guix is cool, but I remember some of the maintainers were very vocally against Stallman's continued involvement in the FSF. I also enjoy more pragmatism in my distros than being a member of the GNU project can afford. Sometimes I just want to use something with proprietary drivers.

Anonymous 03/27/22(Sun)00:37:35 No. X438922N [Report] >>ODI3AI8S

>>16XYNTHY I like using nix packages alongside a more mainstream distro.

File 1628459339008.png (527.72 KB)
Anonymous 03/27/22(Sun)21:20:08 No. ODI3AI8S [Report]

>>X438922N You disgust me.

File: ..png (233.79 KB)
Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)14:02:42 No. M1Y1YYSO [Report]

>text is link

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File link+18.jpg (192.35 KB)
Anonymous 04/19/21(Mon)21:24:31 No. KFMQ9EHI [Report]

>link is +18

Anonymous 04/20/21(Tue)16:01:24 No. 1DCOKMB9 [Report]

>>6GUCTRM8 V is text link ?

newbie 10/14/21(Thu)21:09:04 No. JL0LN75P [Report]

i use arch btw

Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)14:28:32 No. PUYV65MY [Report]

>i use arch btw ok boomer

File y.png (639.37 KB)
Anonymous 03/27/22(Sun)00:24:12 No. C78HUO64 [Report]

>>M1Y1YYSO (OP) https://chen2.org/realtime_paper.html

File: screenshot-b36968c.png (114.04 KB)
FireFox sucks, use SerenityOS Web Anonymous 03/16/22(Wed)16:39:42 No. DXR7P4EO [Report]

To install SerenityOS Web you need to build SerenityOS and run it through QEMU. Installation:> https://github.com/SerenityOS/serenity/blob/master/Documentation/BuildInstructions.md

Anonymous 03/17/22(Thu)00:04:47 No. fg-3HMNRNP0 [Report] >>Z43MV1LJ

>>DXR7P4EO (OP) is serenityOS Web portable? serenityOS is based but its choice of language was a mistake imo

Anonymous 03/23/22(Wed)12:30:11 No. X83QE2NG [Report]

>>DXR7P4EO (OP) That OS is for autists

OP 03/24/22(Thu)14:18:36 No. Z43MV1LJ [Report] >>fg-WAHFUDPJ

>>fg-3HMNRNP0 No it isn't. That's because it's integrated to the OS. Meaning that you would have to rewrite a lot of the code for it work on other OSes.

Anonymous 03/25/22(Fri)14:21:47 No. fg-WAHFUDPJ [Report]

>>Z43MV1LJ >unportable i hate this OS

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