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/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & More General Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)12:03:43 No. 224HRMU5 [Report]

>Links Wiki: https://coom.tech/ https://rentry.co/coom >Endchan Board (because the jannies here hate us) https://endchan.net/cumg/ >What is /cumg/ In this thread we discuss technology and software for cooming, data-hoarding, scripts, and more. >Hydrus Network https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/ You are using Hydrus, aren't you anon? You do contribute tags to Hydrus PTR right anon? >LoliSnatcher Droid https://github.com/NO-ob/LoliSnatcher_Droid

Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)19:25:21 No. ZNU67OYT [Report] >>E0M3TIKN

what is some coomer tech for people who prefer actual women over anime waifus?

Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)10:32:23 No. 8BGIVJ3T [Report] >>E0M3TIKN

>>224HRMU5 (OP) i can't i have never paid attention to /cumg/ threads before, hydrus is EXACTLY what i was needing to organize my humongous stash i had even tried to create a tag based file organizer myself, but i suck at creating interfaces, so while it worked it was a pain to use. hydrus is on a whole other level compared to my shitty prototype thanks for the tip anon, im off to organize my reaction images folder

Anonymous 04/26/21(Mon)19:09:29 No. 9418YG47 [Report]

> Testing Code Blocks [code] #!/bin/sh echo "Hello, World!" [/code] ``` #!/bin/sh echo "Hello World!" ```

File 630bd7e5e57c251f89bd2e5ad3(...).gif (263.42 KB)
Anonymous 04/27/21(Tue)18:22:10 No. ZJT2Y5F6 [Report]


File 1568293310736.jpg (61.02 KB)
Anonymous 04/28/21(Wed)17:19:36 No. E0M3TIKN [Report] >>D3URV7M9

>>ZNU67OYT None of the tools in the wiki, nor listed in the op are specific to anime even if they're named otherwise. So not sure what you're on about. But Hydrus is nice. >>8BGIVJ3T Yes, it's amazing. Enjoy Hydrus desu!

Anonymous 04/30/21(Fri)01:07:46 No. XERIJCUU [Report] >>0D1IXF6L

>>224HRMU5 (OP) I use nhentai to download eromanga If have this in my bashrc for easy access: hdown () { nhentai --id=$1 --output=/home/anon/.plzNo/.iSaidNo/.nooooo/manga/ --download }

Anonymous 05/01/21(Sat)15:03:17 No. 0D1IXF6L [Report]

>>XERIJCUU I use this [code] #!/bin/sh index=$(wget -qO- "https://nhentai.net/g/$1";) dirname=$(echo $index | grep -o '<h1 class="title"><span class="before">.*</h1>' | awk -F "[<>]" '{printf "%s%s%s",$5,$9,$13}') dirname=$(echo "$1 - $dirname") mkdir -p "$dirname" cd "$dirname" cover=$(echo "$index" | grep -o https://t.nhentai.net/galleries/....../cover\.... | uniq) wget -nv "$cover" n_pages=$(echo $index | grep -o 'Pages:.*<span class="name">.*</span>' | awk -F "[<>]" '{printf "%d",$7}') for i in $(seq 1 $n_pages); do img=$(wget -qO- "https://nhentai.net/g/$1/$i"; | grep -o '<img src="https://i.nhentai.net/galleries/.*/>;' | awk -F '"' '{printf "%s",$2}') wget -nv "$img" done [/code]

File 1598113541391.jpg (51.86 KB)
Anonymous 05/01/21(Sat)15:12:17 No. AA3DD18S [Report] >>FLQT1Q5B

Is there a way to get the JAV script working again? https://coom.tech/index.php?title=Tricks#JAV Maybe use different source? Or find a way to parse it?

File skinnerapproves.jpeg (21.50 KB)
Anonymous 05/01/21(Sat)23:45:43 No. D3URV7M9 [Report]

>>E0M3TIKN i have been giving hydrus a go since my last post, its great! though i have barely began to transfer my stash there - currently at 500ish/>10,000 files (and that's just the hentai folder lol) - but i am taking it slow not to get overwhelmed i also explored coom.tech, followed some links, and now i have fallen into a rabbit hole of how to secure my data and to make the glowies have to work much harder to earn their paycheck, thanks again for this thread!

Anonymous 05/17/21(Mon)11:58:25 No. FLQT1Q5B [Report] >>RNET9GOI

>>AA3DD18S who is the semen demon

Anonymous 05/18/21(Tue)04:11:24 No. RNET9GOI [Report] >>6K0SBSBI

>>FLQT1Q5B Asian women have so many filters on its impossible to tell how cute they are in real life.

File image45.jpg (213.51 KB)
Anonymous 05/20/21(Thu)13:39:09 No. 6K0SBSBI [Report]

>>RNET9GOI This one is flesh and faith, and is the deluded.

File 1622495280085.jpg (69.74 KB)
Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)05:11:48 No. V5WHFWYJ [Report] >>ZE53F9SV

hello frens. Anyone have a favorite coom utility they host on a server? I just bought a VPS and I wanna try hosting coom utilities

File daa52d98d43cc1155c3f634701(...).jpg (84.67 KB)
Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)09:46:32 No. ZE53F9SV [Report]

>>V5WHFWYJ this is a christian board, sinning is not allowed

Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)22:40:21 No. NK8ZGBIN [Report]


File irokebijin-90cm-s-abby2.jpg (236.51 KB)
Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)00:01:46 No. NM35WK5S [Report] >>FW2J9VYX

I'm very tempted to buy a sex doll. I'd dress her up neatly in elegant goth fashion and store her inside of a coffin. I would then pretend that she's an ancient vampire princess that I get to fuck as often as I want because she's hybernating.

Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)12:17:15 No. FW2J9VYX [Report] >>ZWBRM98I

>>NM35WK5S >storing your cum dumpster inside a closed container imagine the smell actually that'd just make it more realistic, you'd open the coffin and be hit by the smell of death

File sexdoll-piper-akira-6.jpg (265.81 KB)
Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)13:53:00 No. ZWBRM98I [Report]

>>FW2J9VYX Obviously I'd clean it and dry it before putting it back in.

Anonymous 01/14/22(Fri)08:52:02 No. IHN7IHHF [Report] >>FJ3PYCQX >>K9OJKNUT

/cumg/ is now forbidden on 4cuck /g/. A newly created thread was just deleted: https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/85214544 I'll just copy and paste my question here: Hosting files on catbox and using meta-data to encode the URLs are being considered embedding by the mods? Well, if that's the case, sound threads are embedding too. Since file names are meta-data. Am I missing something? Older versions of PEE did embed files but that was changed due to 4chan's system figuring out the embedding. In what grounds the mod made the decision of closing the last thread? People were using other methods and actually hiding files inside other files?

Anonymous 01/14/22(Fri)11:26:28 No. FJ3PYCQX [Report]

>>IHN7IHHF cry more nigger what did you think was going to happen https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/85214673

File no fun (2).jpg (46.58 KB)
Anonymous 01/14/22(Fri)19:24:01 No. OZ3FKGVK [Report] >>ZKXBQ28B

reposting from the thread of Endchan [14:14:28] Common channels for yournamehere [yournamehe@your.hostname.here]: @#4chan [14:15:03] <literally who> so why was this thread deleted? [14:15:03] <literally who> https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/g/thread/85216346 [14:15:32] <yournamehere> https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/g/thread/85205005/#85210246 [14:16:43] <literally who> but why not just ban individual users [14:17:27] <literally who> that general existed long before third-eye [14:18:33] <yournamehere> the general really doesn't have much to do with /g/ to begin with [14:19:39] <literally who> that's great [14:19:52] <literally who> which board does it belong to then [14:21:11] <literally who> i'll make sure to pass this on [14:23:02] <literally who> 10 generals created and deleted since the post you linked [14:23:04] <literally who> kek that's it also don't try to create new threads or you will get a 3 day ban

File 164161732847.jpg (59.25 KB)
ddt 01/15/22(Sat)10:21:39 No. fg-V2DM9K8P [Report]

Anonymous 01/15/22(Sat)20:13:51 No. ZKXBQ28B [Report]

>>OZ3FKGVK We got fucked hard

Anonymous 01/15/22(Sat)20:17:04 No. K9OJKNUT [Report]

>>IHN7IHHF kek, 4chan coomers btfo

File gr17.png (28.33 KB)
Anonymous 01/15/22(Sat)21:32:09 No. ZSDPG063 [Report]

For posterity, I want to remember the /cumg/ thread where the moderator posted and locked the thread. https://desuarchive.org/g/thread/85205005/ There's a lot of discussion in the archives too if you scroll to the bottom.

Anonymous 01/16/22(Sun)14:50:35 No. 3915BJ9N [Report]

help. im downloading from sadpanda with gallery-dl but is soooo slow, with ehviewer is all gucci. im downloading non-original in both.. what am i doing wrong?? can i multidownload with gallery-dl?? maybe is that o.o

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