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Anonymous 2021-01-15T09:11:20Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/1960E1E1 [Report]

Post cute tech.

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Anonymous 2021-01-16T02:37:07Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/EC4DA7CB [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-01-18T22:17:34Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/8F0BC932 [Report]

Let me guess, you need more

Anonymous 2021-01-18T23:43:19Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/555BFEDC [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/ADC68EA1 So sad that I sold it

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Anonymous 2021-01-30T19:14:09Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/9F1D01F9 [Report]

Thick bois doing real work it was a simplr time

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Anonymous 2021-04-04T05:00:49Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/WG3JXEKF [Report]

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The king is back Anonymous 2021-03-25T16:00:44Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/01U0RXTK [Report]

Richard Matthew Stallman is finally back in the fsf GLORY TO THE KING

Anonymous 2021-03-25T18:20:53Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/L0GW8JO3 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/01U0RXTK It's apparently a fight to keep him in the FSF.

Anonymous 2021-03-25T19:47:16Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/M5BLACRI [Report]

this is the battle of our time. if corporate and normies successfully kill the FSF and RMS the future is doomed. i hate everyone on twitter hiveminding this when they arent event apart of anything related to the FSF or RMS. they just hear cancel and they swarm to conform. they get the benefits of everything the FSF achieves but yet still want to destroy it. if the FSF dies who can reliably take their place? there is no one even on the same page to take the same stance/progress.

Anonymous 2021-03-26T03:44:39Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/OR3WNCLE [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/01U0RXTK Apparently there is a huge debate to get rid of him

Anonymous 2021-03-28T04:07:43Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/ZUWUCDP4 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/OR3WNCLE And here we are now: https://github.com/rms-support-letter/rms-support-letter.github.io

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Anonymous 2021-03-26T12:05:58Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/LIBIOMK1 [Report]

i dont think this chan will last very long

Anonymous 2021-03-26T12:23:21Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/VYM3M74H [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/LIBIOMK1 rude desu

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OFFICAL DAB ON WII love black peopleS THREAD Anonymous 2021-03-19T22:13:20Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/WZVXWRQ2 [Report]

Have no idea how to use a Unix-like operating system and instead call you "freetard". Their shitty excuse for being a room temperature IQ WiI love black peopleis "muh games". They can install drivers and reinstall Windows on Grandma's computer and therefore think they're "Hackerman". Would shit their pants if they had to use a real command line.

Anonymous 2021-03-26T01:00:20Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/7M39BCQC [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/WZVXWRQ2 but what does this mean

File: Er0ep4XVoAU3BWK.jpg(108748)
Anonymous 2021-01-16T02:35:02Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/3DF09A70 [Report]

What''s the final verdict on systemd?

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Anonymous 2021-02-07T09:59:35Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/21SPX1HI [Report]

if you are looking for a lightweight alternative with the same fundamental capabilities give a look to S6 and the first arch based distro using it https://web.obarun.org/

Anonymous 2021-02-09T22:50:42Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/6AWNX3NB [Report]

if you don't care about what your computer runs, ie, your computer can't run windows smoothly, it's ok inferior to runit captcha: REEH

Anonymous 2021-02-27T17:00:19Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/54XDF0B2 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/4EEBB007 This faggot is fucking EVERYWHERE

Anonymous 2021-03-20T08:48:45Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/QFR6TCWE [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/4EEBB007 based bruce

Anonymous 2021-03-23T02:12:02Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/HRRUOVNK [Report]

shit sucks lmoa

File: 1200px-Tor-logo-2011-flat.svg.png(75291)
Onion instances Anonymous 2021-02-23T18:02:49Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/MORL0KUT [Report]

I have created two fchan instances that use Tor for access and federation http://cunnyem6udnpdthufbf6cl3jgiesispywidvhceeooga2nahhsb5cdyd.onion http://funion4ylmhcmta2woue7xapvquqt2rnpiccofeturwzd2b6b75si2id.onion

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Anonymous 2021-03-07T14:17:08Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/LFBUZSHV [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/R6Q1LXST cunnychan keeps getting into a state where it redirects to HTTPS and I have no idea why

Anonymous 2021-03-07T19:56:13Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/O8Z4TWUJ [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/LFBUZSHV is the instancetp in the config file defined as https:// ?

Anonymous 2021-03-08T08:24:12Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/GOIA8327 [Report]

>>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/O8Z4TWUJ It's http:// After restarting tor it works again for a while but eventually it starts redirecting to https again until I restart tor It's really weird because it only happens on cunny

Anonymous 2021-03-08T11:21:48Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/C3VTFSH8 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/MORL0KUT >>https://0x00000000.xyz/b/R6Q1LXST I have moved the chans to lokinet for now as it is easier to deal with and should also be easier for clearnet fchans to federate with. On Debian 10 it just worked but Ubuntu 20.04 I had to manually add lokinet as one of the nameservers. I've been testing it for a while now and there haven't been any problems, but I expect something will be broken when I check later on. Cunnychan: http://yj61a9t1c4pp8cj8ao9gogeannjf7t5t37zk5cxs66cc96jgodpo.loki Alterchan: http://nz86ga6kschq1aq83xhw9dwxszqrctr9prao7t7etgee5xr34edo.loki

Anonymous 2021-03-18T08:28:38Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/KIGZRKP7 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/C3VTFSH8 based loki bro

File: 1609246521905.png(547173)
What is this? Anonymous 2021-03-10T19:20:02Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/TKXE0C0J [Report]

Just another chan or does it have some special features?

Anonymous 2021-03-10T19:46:30Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/ZGSC9XLY [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/TKXE0C0J work in progress federated chan. if you dont see the benifit in a federated chan then yes, its just another chan. as the code base gets more mature and more instances come online i believe it will be more useful than the archaic centralized chans that are everywhere.

Anonymous 2021-03-14T04:54:32Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/9BV1H3PL [Report]

I didn't understand a word of that.

Anonymous 2021-03-14T05:02:00Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/PXFHIDZS [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/9BV1H3PL The code is based on activitypub. Activitypub allows federated instances by using json in HTML requests. These HTML requests allows for decentralization by having a common language each instances speaks, which is the activitypub protocol. You can follow other instances and get updates when they make updates and others can get updates from your chan by following your instance. Anyone can run their own chan and federate with other chans running the code at github.com/FChannel0 (except for Tor/i2p/Loki instances for the moment. They can talk to each other though examples here: https://fchan.xyz/g/MORL0KUT) This allows for the decentralization of chans which is better than centralized chans.

File: aisha-typing.gif(812830)
Anonymous 2021-01-19T02:01:07Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/08F6462A [Report]

is coding good for you?

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Anonymous 2021-01-30T19:17:42Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/FC9078G4 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/08F6462A no you should do a trade instead like welding or plumbing

Anonymous 2021-02-10T03:07:46Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/TQ66QZNG [Report]

https://miya-miya.neocities.org/thoughts/1-25-coding.html > most code kiddos don’t actually know how to code. They just know how to write code, but it’s not really coding. All they accomplish are increasingly advanced hello world tutorials, because even if u learn to write code, it won’t teach u how to use a computer in any engaged or intelligent way. And if you’re an idiot and you don’t know to really use a computer, then you’ll never run into a need that isn’t already provided. And if you’re not coding to solve an actual need, you’re not coding. You’re just fucking around to impress your friends on discord or to hope to learn enough to a job, where they can tell you what to make for them so you don’t need to learn how to use a computer.

Anonymous 2021-02-12T05:23:40Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/KZDXMGDE [Report]

coooooding will ruin your eyesight tradies will ruin their joints and spine

Anonymous 2021-02-27T17:08:39Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/U3MM0W0V [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/TQ66QZNG Coding as a verb is the most soy term I've ever heard. They bastardized programming by removing the architecture and algorithm aspects, moved people to shitty bloated toolchains with virtue signaling in their homepages and contribute to free software by renaming variables due to being offensive or irrelevant shit like that. They make poor code that would make Java pajeets disappointed. Do not use "code" as a verb.

Anonymous 2021-03-06T12:44:10Z No. https://fchan.xyz/g/M75B8VF1 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/g/U3MM0W0V this


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