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Add a .css Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)18:59:21 No. 5CWCHNQP [Report]

Add a .css file, how are people going to understand that a board is dedicated to black people pretending to be female, if the background is not black and the text is not pink? Smh

Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)19:01:03 No. QQQ1WLF2 [Report] >>6FX8JGC8 >>90IBWFZG

>>5CWCHNQP (OP) Besides, add numeric post numbers, because some of us are actually aliens originating from the big bang and use numbers to produce things. Like repeating numbers.

Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)15:12:42 No. 6FX8JGC8 [Report]

>>QQQ1WLF2 >add numeric post numbers trips wasted on a moron

File Screenshot from 2021-08-17(...).png (286.18 KB)
Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)21:22:45 No. 3540IJUP [Report]

>>5CWCHNQP (OP) ???

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:08:31 No. 90IBWFZG [Report]

>>QQQ1WLF2 fuck you shitty trip get

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