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FSF future governance Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)19:43:34 No. B8C6D9B1 [Report]

Good news fellow freetards. The FSF hasn't fallen to the woke corporationist but is doubling down on hardline freetardism. https://www.fsf.org/news/fsf-takes-next-step-in-commitment-to-improving-board-governance

Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)19:45:46 No. CUZME0AA [Report] >>DI9SFPFU

>>B8C6D9B1 (OP) I was afraid that they would stray away from their goal towards some globohomo preaching. I am happy that my monthly associate membership fees will not be wasted on some useless faggotry.

Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)23:51:42 No. DI9SFPFU [Report] >>CBW890F8

>>CUZME0AA is the membership worth it? what benefits does it give? >>fb-IWOQUCMI → stallman is back?? i didn't even know that kek

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)21:13:26 No. CBW890F8 [Report] >>1RAH8O9C

>>DI9SFPFU You get access to members forum which is pretty active and free xmpp account and email alises. But most inportantly you are supporting fight for freedoms and are making SJW's seethe

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)21:22:32 No. 1RAH8O9C [Report]

>>CBW890F8 good to know, i'll check it out

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)13:10:14 No. TUMK5NM3 [Report]

>>B8C6D9B1 (OP) based

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)03:25:17 No. 8PBDIMZP [Report] >>ZXHFRO7E

>>B8C6D9B1 (OP) I was pushing the schizo conspiracy theory that FSF takeover was about "or any future version" clauses. Libreboot Leah seemed to pick up on it and is friends with Stallman. Stallman is alerted to the potential loophole and his autism lights up like a BLM looter brain in a Nike outlet. TIL my schizo ranting is personally responsible for Stallman's return, which caused countless assblasts all over HN. I am a /g/od.

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)07:04:47 No. ZXHFRO7E [Report]

>>8PBDIMZP Anonymous is responsible. He it cute.

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