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File: 2021-06-16-092830_891x280_(...).png (32.60 KB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)13:34:22 No. CUDJISRO [Report]

Whats your fellas Browser homescreens? My old one used to be F-Bchan's /g/ board, but currently it's picrel

File WindScreenshot-2021-06-16_(...).png (262.25 KB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)13:49:36 No. UFZ28X62 [Report] >>FM14SZQO


Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)15:18:21 No. FM14SZQO [Report]

>>UFZ28X62 Huh, how do you setup your page to display that? Is it an extension?

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)03:21:07 No. KUP2LAC0 [Report] >>ACB4R4LK

What is the point of a browser homescreen? I saw this trend in the past few years it seems easier to just type the name of where you are trying to go. Is it just a glorified bookmark page?

File (25.24 KB)
Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)03:24:35 No. D2NCPFN5 [Report] >>ACVG3QK2

My start page is nothing special, trying keeping it simple. Just a static page on my personal site

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)05:41:04 No. ACB4R4LK [Report] >>XNBURRWS

>>KUP2LAC0 its like ricing your desktop but for your browser most people use thier browser alot so its only nature to want to customize it

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)06:02:07 No. XNBURRWS [Report] >>T1GMEGUZ >>T5MC8IBR

>>ACB4R4LK >its like ricing your desktop but for your browser >its like ricing >like ricing >ricing Ok so a waste of time, I get it now.

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)12:13:46 No. T1GMEGUZ [Report] >>H0A4X7SU

>>XNBURRWS I don't think ricing is a waste of time if you do it once and leave it. Unless you're one of those faggots who changes their rice every week

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)15:35:13 No. T5MC8IBR [Report]

>>XNBURRWS Hardly a waste of time. Modifying your environment to be pleasant to look at will make a difference in your experience using it

File nameless.png (60.73 KB)
Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)21:43:14 No. ACVG3QK2 [Report]

>>D2NCPFN5 how did you post a nameless file?

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)02:50:53 No. H0A4X7SU [Report] >>ZMBB4D9O

>>T1GMEGUZ dis. if the default looks ugly there's nothing else to do, but yea i don't think you should put too much effort into it either

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)02:59:49 No. S3XB9NTO [Report]

>>fb-OHICCERU → >>CUDJISRO (OP) you niggas are addicted just type the url in when you want to search it up

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)13:11:44 No. ZMBB4D9O [Report] >>JVYSY7AN

>>H0A4X7SU /pen/ spotted on /g/ back to containment bub

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)21:38:55 No. JVYSY7AN [Report]

>>ZMBB4D9O stop fucking harassing me across boards i literally can't leave without being gangstalked for 1 second

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