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Anonymous 10/22/21(Fri)04:42:02 No. HKAAUOE2 [Report]

>the website uses MMDDYY

Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)02:09:12 No. KAY6KUXC [Report] >>PA3OV1C1

>>HKAAUOE2 (OP) utc time is included in `.timestamp` tag rewrite it using a user script. i'll wait

Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)08:55:01 No. PA3OV1C1 [Report]

>>KAY6KUXC while you're at it can you have it display in the local timezone, or maybe even show the time since when hovering thanks op

Anonymous 10/28/21(Thu)03:05:08 No. CHK0ZZ2G [Report] >>2B5K7N8G

you fucking piece of shit this is the ugliest html to try to write a user script for you disgust me

Anonymous 10/28/21(Thu)03:17:51 No. 1R3KAGOE [Report] >>2B5K7N8G

>>HKAAUOE2 (OP) for future reference var timestamps = document.getElementsByClassName('timestamp') // for first in child elems var utc_seconds = Number(timestamps[0]) var date = new Date(0); date.setUTCSeconds(utc_seconds)

Anonymous 10/28/21(Thu)10:33:29 No. 2B5K7N8G [Report]

>>CHK0ZZ2G It was worse... >>1R3KAGOE Use the data-utc attr of the timestamp span

Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)20:32:56 No. fg-IKCV5X3P [Report]

>>HKAAUOE2 (OP) Absolutely haram

Anonymous 11/17/21(Wed)23:27:27 No. 686I5UB4 [Report]

I have been shilling for ISO8601 IRL I use it every time when possible People have corrected me, saying "anon, this is not how we write dates", to which I replied that I use internationally recognised standard and they can go fuck themselves

Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)13:14:47 No. 9G6S72MF [Report] >>fg-0ZHXA8YX

>>HKAAUOE2 (OP) >>HKAAUOE2 (OP) yes eurofag, thats what the civilized world uses do you say "september eleventh two thousand and one" or "eleventh september two thousand and one" like a completer retard"?

Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)14:39:49 No. fg-0ZHXA8YX [Report]

>>9G6S72MF I say "Eleventh of September two thousand and one" while sipping tea that I have dunked a biscuit in, you burger retard.

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