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Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)23:21:32 No. I31BT8YD [Report]

What do you think of BLES as an alternative stack to LAMP?

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Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)01:06:07 No. JC2PPN90 [Report] >>OJHGXA85

>>I31BT8YD (OP) What does BLES stand for?

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)02:22:25 No. OJHGXA85 [Report]

>>JC2PPN90 BSD+Lua+(E)Nginx+SQLite

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)19:56:50 No. DEK8BGPU [Report]

>>I31BT8YD (OP) tldr - I think this is a good alternative minus lua just because I've never used BSD is good if you need full disk encryption for whatever you're hosting Nginx I also think is great for speed and simplicity of configs (imo tbh tbh tbh) SQLite is good when writing smaller stuff but idk what this is in theory for. I like it for markov bots, todo lists, small blogs, and things like that. Tbh no opinion on Lua never used it lel

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)03:46:31 No. DG7VJMJ2 [Report]

>>I31BT8YD (OP) BLES definately sounds better, never hosted though but bsd runs nice on my laptop and everything else sounds better on paper

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)08:37:17 No. JECZ2D1B [Report] >>4LZDYJTP

>>I31BT8YD (OP) I think it would be even more based if you used just FS instead of SQL server and UNIX users for user handling.

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)16:17:46 No. 4LZDYJTP [Report] >>R8YROY6E

>>JECZ2D1B even more based still would be a PHNC stack Plan9 + httpd + ndb + C

johnanz 11/09/21(Tue)20:00:16 No. fg-2M7XAKQW [Report]

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Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)15:05:42 No. R8YROY6E [Report]

>>4LZDYJTP based.

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