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Anonymous 11/23/21(Tue)18:56:18 No. NSYECRH6 [Report]

Federation is the best way forward. >Moderation Every instance is small enough that good moderation is feasible. Scales to better moderation across the network. >Controlled by the people Anybody with a little bit of technical knowledge can spin up an instance. >Runs on the clear web You don't need to install some bullshit alt-browser to access fedi sites (unlike most decentralized networks). Most implementations have a client web server. It's normie friendly in that way. >It's future proof Fedi is just server programs and protocols like we've been doing since the beginning of the internet. Except now we have Tor, i2p, etc. for anon servers. And fedi can integrate into whatever other overlay networks come in the future. And the standard is that all fedi implementation projects remain FOSS. >It's for fun Instance-owners do it because it's fun, not because they are going to make bank or get a bunch of attention. Unlike the cryptocunts who need some other incentive. Those fuckers are high on my shit list. Their money brains have no soul. Anything I'm missing?

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)00:52:33 No. fg-BMAC7Y2A [Report] >>fg-T45Z56C1

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) Centralisation is better for anonymity though. The bigger the anonymity set (the set of all people who share your 'identity'), the better. On federated platforms your instance sets you apart somewhat, which makes deanonymisation more likely.

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)00:56:09 No. fg-T45Z56C1 [Report]

>>fg-BMAC7Y2A Jumping instances rapidly may help mitigate that though. But it's hard when there's only one onion.

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)00:59:17 No. fg-2HUFZJJJ [Report]

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) I don't know if installing a new browser is that normie-unfriendly though. My friend installed a Gemini browser to look at a blog I showed him.

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)01:09:33 No. fg-B42B8GBN [Report]

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) I'm not sure whether having built-in monetary incentives for hosting is good: on the one hand, it means that there is a source of revenue other than ads and/or user data (remember the saying: "if the service is free, you are the product"); on the other, it means - as you say - that the sort of people who are likely to get involved are the sort of people who like money, which might make them more likely to put ads in and sell user data.

Anonymous 11/25/21(Thu)16:36:05 No. fg-DZED6EGP [Report]

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) I agree with mostly everything here, but >Every instance is small enough that good moderation is feasible In theory I agree with you, but in practice I've seen in Pleroma and Mastodon's world that sometimes people will begin to adopt "flagship instances" and the user size will balloon out of control. Also >it's for fun As always some people have brain worms that make them take shit way too seriously

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