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Anonymous 2021-07-30T08:54:19Z No. U4A0Q1M9 [Report]

Reminder that he is too good for this world and we do not deserve him.

Anonymous 2021-07-30T19:02:47Z No. KL4AQ56Q [Report] >>4OHJVF89

I am big fan of his music

Anonymous 2021-07-31T03:34:10Z No. 4OHJVF89 [Report] >>OZC77A3O

>>KL4AQ56Q join us now now and share the software 🎶🎶

Anonymous 2021-07-31T06:00:22Z No. OZC77A3O [Report] >>fg-N1PKLTCA

>>4OHJVF89 You'll be free, hackers, you'll be free. 🎶🎶

File 1200px-Richard_Stallman_-_(...).jpg (504.20 KB)
Anonymous 2021-07-31T14:24:47Z No. T3K353O8 [Report]

>>U4A0Q1M9 (OP) Music, dance, oration, creating a world changing movement through software; is there anything that he can't do?

Anonymous 2021-07-31T21:17:22Z No. fg-N1PKLTCA [Report] >>GMMYWHDA

>>OZC77A3O Hoarders can get piles of money 🎶🎶

Anonymous 2021-08-01T06:43:47Z No. GMMYWHDA [Report]

>>fg-N1PKLTCA That is true, hackers, that is true. But they cannot help their neighbors; That's not good, hackers, that's not good.🎶🎶🎶🎶

Anonymous 2021-08-01T09:46:44Z No. Z8IFADLP [Report] >>PLM2EO0J


Anonymous 2021-08-04T20:15:09Z No. PLM2EO0J [Report]

>>Z8IFADLP basado

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