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/p2p/ - P2P, Decentralization & Privacy General Anonymous 2021-03-07T01:38:49Z No. VF0POXSF [Report]

>-Privacy Tools, Addons, Websites, Operating Systems, etc.- PrivacyTools: https://privacytools.io Techxodus: https://wiki.techxodus.org >-Software- Freenet: https://freenetproject.org GNUnet: https://gnunet.org IPFS: https://ipfs.io libp2p: https://libp2p.io ZeroNet: https://zeronet.io >-Anonymity- Tor: https://www.torproject.org I2P: https://geti2p.net Lokinet: https://lokinet.org >-File Sharing- Tribler: https://www.tribler.org >-Video- Peertube: https://joinpeertube.org Odysee: https://odysee.com >-Chat- Jami: https://jami.net Matrix: https://matrix.org XMPP: https://xmpp.org >-Social media- GNUsocial: https://gnusocial.network Pleroma: https://pleroma.social >-Crypto- Monero: https://www.getmonero.org >-Link aggregator- Lemmy: https://join.lemmy.ml >-Marketplace- OpenBazaar: https://openbazaar.org

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Anonymous 2021-03-07T03:11:31Z No. EA1T87VF [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-03-07T13:22:44Z No. T6C0LNYF [Report]

>>VF0POXSF (OP) >Peertube based >Pleroma based >Monero gigabased >Lemmy gigabased

File yunoh.png (77.24 KB)
Anonymous 2021-03-07T13:44:32Z No. U5WS8RIU [Report]

the easiest way to test all that stuff is install YunoHost: http://yunohost.org in a virtual machine like virtualbox. and then with one click choice the 'app' you want to install. https://yunohost.org/en/apps

Anonymous 2021-03-25T19:53:40Z No. X7DB5G5A [Report]

does openbazaar support monero

Anonymous 2021-03-29T16:40:25Z No. Q61GRNHD [Report]

I hope to work on I2P soon :)

Anonymous 2021-04-04T00:35:52Z No. LUX3PP88 [Report]

>>fb-2OTLK1VC → I meant it's bad for the environment. Especially if the difficulty increases as new nodes are added. You want something that makes it better? Loki/Oxen is a privacycoin that runs on Proof of Stake and Proof of Service.

Anonymous 2021-04-04T15:22:19Z No. N65KHYWB [Report]

>>fb-Y24T7X8O → >that includes even such words as "feminazi" Oops, I was thinking of an old version. My bad.

Anonymous 2021-04-08T20:29:59Z No. 6IOS9K6C [Report]

>>fb-Y24T7X8O → >hardcoded >open-source i fail to see the problem problem

File DjNHPi0VsAA688Z.jpg (71.76 KB)
Anonymous 2021-04-13T01:57:18Z No. VLS10SFQ [Report]

>>VF0POXSF (OP) Monero is Cringe - NSA hipster dude.

Anonymous 2021-08-20T10:15:48Z No. fg-11UHSH18 [Report]

>>VF0POXSF (OP) Are there any Lemmy instances without the slur filter other than derpy.email?

Anonymous 2021-09-01T13:07:32Z No. V7H4S23P [Report]

>>VF0POXSF (OP) GNUnet is for file sharing and anonymity and should go in those sections too

Anonymous 2021-09-03T08:55:44Z No. 167LKJ7K [Report]

>>VF0POXSF (OP) where is biglybt ? it's one of the best torrent clients and p2p networks not only torrent client im using it and im never using any site/tracker for my torrent search everything is found in it's swarm search

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