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Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)16:24:47 No. VK3N8G3Q [Report]

Retroshare thread. Post your certificates, I'll start. For those who don't know, Retroshare is an encrypted and private peer to peer network for chat, mail, forums, channels, boards, file sharing and more. You can set up Retroshare with I2P or Tor too, so you can hide your IP from glowniggers and their lackeys. You can also set up a friend only network with your real life friends where you all connect and share stuff with each other directly. Maybe fchan owner can bridge boards into Retroshare, that would be cool. ActivityPub support is being worked on for Retroshare afaik. Here's my certificate, I allow incoming connections from I2P and have set up outgoing connections to Tor and I2P nodes. ABAmchg80CCBtxnrp6aOLvxfAxRVqjSuLTmBrHtFyS1IXEVqyo/m6wEDZG16kEIAAAAE5s5jZTJjaXB2NmVxbWptZWhxYnVuZHB5 Mml3aXhxdTJxN2JneHk0YWRneGxnNXI3d2ZmeDdhLmIzMi5pMnCTBgEAAH/mzAQD1Xh0

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)10:38:11 No. P2QC6UF4 [Report]

>>VK3N8G3Q (OP) ABC7UIY/xuEvIfkkjMQEEf0pAxQ7QGVLL/xooYllccbbYS+1upC0LgEFYWthbmWTBgIBqMDuPJIGzV20yu48BAMFHQs=

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)14:13:19 No. 1A25E2L4 [Report]

>>VK3N8G3Q (OP) how does ZeroNet compare to this?

Anonymous 11/27/21(Sat)04:15:34 No. fg-XACXWJD3 [Report]

>>1A25E2L4 The application itself is good, but it's hard to find the forums you might be interested, because you need to exchange keys with someone that is subscribed to the forum you want. And that is harder now that the public chat room does not have the key exchange forum anymore. The forums themselves have near zero activity probably because of that. Overall i'd say that ZeroTalk is better just because it's easier to find and have more activity.

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