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dreamtime Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)21:15:09 No. ZKW9ZT57 [Report]

I downloaded dreamtime on a spare computer to see if the nudification is worth anything, notice it uses a built-in ipfs/torrent backup to distribute data models. there are obvious upsides to this, but what (if any) are the downsides? Let's avoid "hard disk fragmentation" and focus on actual vulnerabilities.

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)23:30:07 No. LEX086GV [Report]

>>ZKW9ZT57 (OP) what is dreamtime?

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)01:24:29 No. BLZ9IGJM [Report]

>>ZKW9ZT57 (OP) v0.0.1? i wouldnt trust that shit

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