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invidious alternative Anonymous 2021-07-18T12:51:12Z No. fg-AT7JKSP0 [Report]

Just found out about Piped, an alternative to youtube and a replacement for invidious. Thoughts? https://piped.kavin.rocks/ https://github.com/TeamPiped/Piped https://piped-docs.kavin.rocks/docs/why/

Anonymous 2021-07-18T13:58:18Z No. O09EYQA6 [Report]

>>fg-AT7JKSP0 (OP) Looks pretty cool. I might use this as a replacement for Youtube, I appreciate you including the git link in this too

Anonymous 2021-08-05T00:36:46Z No. 41Q0JQH6 [Report]

>>fg-AT7JKSP0 (OP) based pajeet

Anonymous 2021-08-05T00:41:19Z No. 3R1JE143 [Report]

>>fg-AT7JKSP0 (OP) Seems interesting but it requires JavaScript. I'm not really sure I'd recommend this over invidious.

Anonymous 2021-08-18T01:18:08Z No. fg-U45FUVGF [Report] >>fg-LIVF9Z6J

>>fg-AT7JKSP0 (OP) > replacement for invidious What's wrong with invidious?

Anonymous 2021-08-18T19:43:27Z No. fg-LIVF9Z6J [Report] >>AL61Z4BH

>>fg-U45FUVGF main project dev quit ~1 year ago, ever since then volunteers have been maintaining, but it's written in crystal and nobody knows how that shit works

File ncage.jpg (5.12 KB)
Anonymous 2021-08-18T22:13:23Z No. AL61Z4BH [Report]

>>fg-LIVF9Z6J >crystal i expected that by now people would have learned not to make large collaborative projects in obscure languages

Anonymous 2021-08-30T15:03:51Z No. KNCSDCT7 [Report]

I've known about Piped for quite a long time now and I really like that it has the sponsor skipping thing

Anonymous 2021-09-05T05:26:21Z No. A57QDSMT [Report]

>>fg-AT7JKSP0 (OP) >JavaScript is required into the trash it goes

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