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ZeroChan Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)21:27:20 No. fg-RYEF780S [Report]

I think I saw a chan that uses ZeroNet advertised on this network. I can't remember what domain name it used. I thought it was ZeroChan.bit but that is being currently occupied by a friendly squatter (picrel). Can anyone tell me? pic unrelated

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)23:06:36 No. 0WGIAPPK [Report] >>EAJ9NPC7 >>fg-6LDIOAD7

>>fg-RYEF780S (OP) https://fchan.xyz/g/EC52033E#QVV3XKY1 that image might lead somewhere with the archive link.

File Imagepipe_19.jpg (28.62 KB)
Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)21:47:49 No. fg-7ZDUB4G5 [Report]

>>fg-RYEF780S (OP) oops forgot the pic. I'm a dumbass kek

Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)03:41:15 No. EAJ9NPC7 [Report] >>fg-6LDIOAD7

>>0WGIAPPK dumbass its not on the clear web (no its not an oion site either). You need special software to access zeronet sites https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet https://zeronet.io/docs/

File 1617973254578.jpg (203.26 KB)
Anonymous 10/20/21(Wed)01:34:43 No. fg-6LDIOAD7 [Report]

>>EAJ9NPC7 He didn't say it was on the clear web or an onion site, retard. I found pic related by following links. >>0WGIAPPK Thanks. Having trouble connecting though.

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