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File: 1625814291874.jpg (78.88 KB)
Sneedacity General - federated sneeding edition Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)23:11:25 No. J1IFZCVI [Report]

Sneedacity https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity >Mirrors https://gitlab.com/sneeds-feed-and-seed/sneedacity https://codeberg.org/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity Check the other mirrors at: https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/issues/95 >Binaries https://nightly.link/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/actions/runs/1012473619/Sneedacity_Ubuntu_18.04_1012473619_793c4fa https://nightly.link/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/actions/runs/1012473619/Sneedacity_Windows_64bit_1012473619_793c4fa https://nightly.link/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/actions/runs/1012473619/Sneedacity_macOS_Intel_1012473619_793c4fa >Packages https://job.tilde.team/sneedacity/ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/sneedacity/master/pkg/arch/sneedacity-git/PKGBUILD >Webpage https://sneedacity.org https://monokumabear.github.io/sneedacityWebpage/ https://github.com/MonokumaBear/sneedacityWebpage >Mental Outlaw's review of Sneedacity https://odysee.com/@AlphaNerd:8/audacity-gets-sneeded:9 [YouTube] Audacity Gets Sneeded (embed) >SIMP (Formerly CHIMP) https://github.com/Sneeds-Feed-and-Seed/SIMP >Development chatrooms https://matrix.to/#/#sneedacity:matrix.org https://web.libera.chat/#sneedacity #sneedacity @ irc.libera.chat:6697 >SNEED Pleroma Instance https://sneed.social/ >Contact developers https://4chan.org/g/sneed >SneedSynth - Music made in Sneedacity and Nyquist https://www.sneedsynth.club/ >QRD 4chan forked Audacity nothing else happened "Seems like these teenagers are committing real code out of pure rage. How long can they keep this up?" -voov1ce, a proud pledditor

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Anonymous 07/14/21(Wed)15:43:31 No. 8HDDO8JQ [Report]

>>fg-VX0X9HO0 removed conan

Anonymous 07/15/21(Thu)18:39:49 No. fg-4CHLBZGD [Report]

This is a test please ignore

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:07:46 No. O638J8A0 [Report]

>>J1IFZCVI (OP) what happened to the generals on F-Bchan?

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)20:13:37 No. QZET9IX0 [Report]

>Sneedacity based retards

Anonymous 01/05/22(Wed)21:28:28 No. 12YRLAWS [Report]

This project isn't dead?

File: leet-black_haxxor.jpg (55.93 KB)
Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)05:10:46 No. LHGRW5CX [Report]

what is best replacement for space in filenames, dashes or underscore?

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Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)09:13:57 No. GVIUEDEE [Report] >>T4VMBNV7 >>1Z9A9ZG0

>>LZVF28UL >>E84QXVC8 >>UKLFYBZS >>KBBR3DAU mixedCase_is-Best_Case

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)13:01:11 No. T4VMBNV7 [Report]

>>GVIUEDEE literally the worst if you use the CLI alot to traverse directories

Anonymous 12/02/21(Thu)23:24:21 No. I6120CZK [Report]


Anonymous 01/03/22(Mon)05:04:50 No. FR8AV71V [Report]

>>LHGRW5CX (OP) none, spaces are neato and good. love\ spaces\ man.jxl

Anonymous 01/04/22(Tue)15:05:13 No. 1Z9A9ZG0 [Report]

>>GVIUEDEE mixed case, more like mixed race amirite?

File: 2021-09-26-215104_1920x108(...).png (1.17 MB)
/u/nixport thread Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:04:42 No. HXAX9ZZU [Report]

Post screenshots of you *nix desktop and share its vibes

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Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)08:35:10 No. 8PEX6EUD [Report]

>>fg-C7ECON2Q are you sure they are your friends? they might be trying to spy on you ;)

File grubdesktop.png (1.04 MB)
Anonymous 11/17/21(Wed)22:15:21 No. fg-M0V49H2C [Report] >>fg-F2HA95PJ

my lil boring set up

File 20211205204016.png (107.16 KB)
Anonymous 12/06/21(Mon)02:40:30 No. fg-F2HA95PJ [Report] >>fg-BWTZAHWW

>>fg-M0V49H2C >/home/grumb/rin >1.7T why do you have 1.7 terabytes of the frog you freak. overall p nice though #QUKY

Anonymous 12/10/21(Fri)17:50:17 No. fg-BWTZAHWW [Report]

>>fg-F2HA95PJ I have 1,7 tb available, how much of the 4tb is the frog is open to interpretation

File 69d16663275ac12130a5312e04(...).png (234.17 KB)
Anonymous 01/02/22(Sun)22:54:37 No. fg-QLG93AXE [Report]

>Desktop screenshot threads <Profiling users -Good for self-reporting of applications, system hardware, OS, ... -Possibly leaking unique web access behaviour for establishing identity. Who was listing to Anime Cat music video on youtube.com at 15:20 11-10-2021, with Waterfox web browser? Are you from Reddit?

File: Tor.jpeg (21.99 KB)
What's your experience with tor? Anonymous 07/24/21(Sat)23:21:10 No. ZT96R1AO [Report]

I have my entire computer routed through TOR. And I also use the tor browser(using a bridge) as my daily browser. I have no desire to view onion sites or anything. I just like privacy in the same way I don't like people checking my emails or text messages. It's okay to know my phone number, it's okay to know my email, it's okay for my isp to know I use the internet. But it's not okay for them to track me. I don't even watch porn. I just hate being stalked. Now, how do you like/hate tor?

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Anonymous 11/12/21(Fri)15:18:04 No. 9S3G7L4Y [Report] >>CXO5THWN

>>NI0EK7WE why can't you stand it, is it dangerous to route everything through tor?

Anonymous 11/12/21(Fri)23:49:39 No. CXO5THWN [Report]

>>9S3G7L4Y cloudflare/recaptcha

File ep12b.png (1.48 MB)
Anonymous 11/22/21(Mon)20:55:38 No. PTGEEJSQ [Report]

>>ZT96R1AO (OP)

Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)14:55:35 No. 6R58NUHH [Report]

use it for zlib, feel cool and edgy

Anonymous 01/02/22(Sun)22:12:47 No. fg-8P3Z6H6J [Report]

>>fg-VAOXCJDR Why is that?

File: JPEG_XL.png (25.39 KB)
JPEG XL support Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)03:56:49 No. 3T1IXMQU [Report]

Can JPEG XL be enabled now that even current ungoogled-chrome has support for it built-in ( chrome://flags/#enable-jxl)? Supported browsers: https://www.caniuse.com/jpegxl

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Anonymous 12/28/21(Tue)14:13:35 No. H29PBHUQ [Report] >>HFXEC2D0

>>PRN4Y7FZ WEBP is very open, and AVIF will be more supported. Neither are botnet hardware formats, you are mistaken. Also, wrong, in many ways. JXL will be a botnet format. It is proprietary from MPEG, who authored JPEG, and that simply has more ubiquitous decoding now, which is why you probably see it as good, yet forget who authored it. Your entire paragraph has multiple different logics to it. Stop posting.

Anonymous 12/30/21(Thu)01:33:02 No. ONTMUJ82 [Report] >>7N70N4MA

Are you fucking retarded? I only talked about CPU usage. I don't care if it's "open" (legally) or not. Google is pushing for more complicated code that has more overhead, so it won't run as well on older CPUs (the only ones that aren't full botnet).

Anonymous 12/31/21(Fri)17:38:16 No. 7N70N4MA [Report]

>>ONTMUJ82 You absolutely failed to specify what the CPU connection was to the format, you are retarded, and a failed, unclear communicator. In addition, your concern is absolute bullshit, talking out of your ass bullshit, because you havent even tested a decode, because you also failed to mention the details of that. So, get fuckin real. You want to run old hardware and whine about significant compression progress,which could result in 25-50% image storage savings and consequently page loading speed, instead of devising a solution for your setup. Not my fault youre some poorfag to his desires that cant afford two boxes and doesnt know how to run a batch image converter. Real fucking intelligence. Shut the fuck up and figure it out for yourself, its your fucking problem anyway. And voilà: Retard. - "AVIF Image Support The AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) is a powerful, open source, royalty-free file format. AVIF has the potential to become the “next big thing” for sharing images in web content. It offers state-of-the-art features and performance, without the encumbrance of complicated licensing and patent royalties that have hampered comparable alternatives. It offers much better lossless compression compared to PNG or JPEG formats, with support for higher color depths and transparency. As support is not yet comprehensive, you should include fallbacks to formats with better browser support (i.e. using the <picture> element). Read more about the AVIF image format in the Image file type and format guide on MDN." 2021.10.08 https://hacks.mozilla.org/2021/10/lots-to-see-in-firefox-93/

Anonymous 01/01/22(Sat)06:25:44 No. fg-GAEI5G8Y [Report]

>>fg-7N70N4MA minimum hardware support is an important factor, but it has more to do with the implementation written to handle the format, more than the format itself. If the major downside is speed, that is inconvenient, but not impossible to use. If all implementations require specific CPU features that older hardware do not have, that is a major issue. CPU use is also a concern for embedded platform, since they typically are less powerful and fan-less.

Anonymous 01/02/22(Sun)05:32:06 No. HFXEC2D0 [Report]

>>H29PBHUQ >JXL will be a botnet format. Except it's not. The reference implementation of JXL is 3-clause BSD and the patent owner for all intents and purposes is Google, who grants a irrevocable license to do whatever the fuck you want. The patents are being held purely to prevent patent trolling. It's also being codified as an ISO/IEC standard.

File: apple_m1.jpg (59.16 KB)
Why is it so /comfy/ bros...? Anonymous 05/29/21(Sat)10:39:13 No. B2AKCMUK [Report]

Basedware is here folks.

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Anonymous 06/04/21(Fri)16:18:37 No. SP9A98JP [Report]

>>L0SD3Q4Q remember to sage apple threads if you're gonna reply to them at all

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)16:37:48 No. T3W7N68Z [Report]

yeah no, kill yourself faggot

Anonymous 01/01/22(Sat)01:22:39 No. fg-RG5HK1U1 [Report]

>>B2AKCMUK (OP) Most based ARM chip.

Anonymous 01/01/22(Sat)15:35:10 No. LZP91F9O [Report]

UnZIP https://developer.apple.com/fonts/

sage 01/01/22(Sat)20:16:28 No. fg-C8ATSJAZ [Report]

>>B2AKCMUK (OP) kill yourself faggot

File: 4444.png (97.67 KB)
Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)17:23:40 No. KZL7PF0U [Report]

halfchan/g/ is such a fucking embarrassment holy shit

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Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)20:24:55 No. AOFTFXUY [Report] >>6TAG8M4A

>>O1VP6HRS Centralized-chan is good, because it's exactly what it is.

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)15:24:09 No. 6TAG8M4A [Report]

>>N2Y22TOM Also pigchan, after the cripple left. >>AOFTFXUY It's also verbose and not very insulting. I would go with 'gookchan', which emphasizes the owner, and therefore the fact that it has a single owner.

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)20:30:04 No. PBEWU581 [Report] >>BQMP5609


Anonymous 11/27/21(Sat)15:58:46 No. BQMP5609 [Report]

>>PBEWU581 >bumping with the word "nigger" I'm pretty sure there is a Terry Davis joke in there somewhere

Anonymous 12/31/21(Fri)22:04:43 No. fg-N14PRLDX [Report]

It's known as ''4cucks''

File: 1623245256855.png (1.66 MB)
Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)13:25:33 No. 8CX2JLQF [Report]

What do you guys think of Mental Outlaw? Are there any genuinely good tech youtubers out there? Linus is a consoomer shill, Luke Smith is a pretentious ass, every other one is either boring as fuck or super annoying. Mental Outlaw is the only one I've found to be consistently interesting, and funny.

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Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)08:39:17 No. 293H15TH [Report] >>fg-2H4CM82M

>>DSGHTSAB luke is like the guy at the office who can program excel macros. he's not interested in programming but uses it because its convenient (hence why he only writes shell scripts)

Anonymous 12/14/21(Tue)15:03:10 No. fg-2H4CM82M [Report]

>>UWNEI0L8 >>UN41ONPH >>DSGHTSAB >>293H15TH did you know he watches and sells childporn on vim?

Anonymous 12/25/21(Sat)16:17:05 No. UP89RDLE [Report] >>R3976EWG

>>UWNEI0L8 Luke said that he's done doing linux videos and tutorials.

Anonymous 12/28/21(Tue)02:21:58 No. R3976EWG [Report]

>>UP89RDLE bruh, didn't know that. my bad

Anonymous 12/29/21(Wed)20:11:52 No. fg-N7WNGXSY [Report]

He's pretty good, but luke smith is better, because he is white.

File: emacs.png (189.42 KB)
Text Editors Anonymous 07/22/21(Thu)03:34:31 No. KCDX9CO4 [Report]

What text editors do my fedifellas use? I like vscode purely for the linters and autocomplete that are easy to setup. I like emacs a lot because its fast and fairly minimal, is there a way to setup the linters/autocomplete on emacs to get it similar to vscode? is there a better alternative than the two? (ideally something that doesn't use electron)

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Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)12:56:30 No. ZVOGFNO1 [Report]

Vim is really nice, after you learn some keys it is very rewarding.

Anonymous 12/15/21(Wed)20:26:57 No. 0AEVZBJ5 [Report]

I use Spacemacs and LunarVim.

Anonymous 12/18/21(Sat)14:06:35 No. Y0CFS83X [Report]

BusyBox vi is good enough for me 99% of the time.

Anonymous 12/22/21(Wed)03:17:21 No. URD5CKXN [Report]

I've used busybox vi for a while but since switching to openbsd I've just been using default vim because BSD vi has no backspace

Anonymous 12/22/21(Wed)09:07:09 No. 6NGARK5N [Report]

You can probably add BackSpace yourself via the .exrc, by mapping the key to a sequence like ESC x i

File: external-content.duckduckg(...).duckduckgo.com.jpg (13.06 KB)
i2p chat in biglybt Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)06:47:10 No. 8KLD9D9L [Report]

biglybt chat:anon:?lain wiki https://wiki.biglybt.com/w/Decentralized_Chat it takes a while to load the first time , no servers , no mods , everything is allowed have fun niggers

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Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)19:05:40 No. QX7DTQCC [Report]

>>VG3Q1UHS fuck you also bump

Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)09:28:29 No. fg-QKUPVQLC [Report] >>fg-D6ZK87V8

>>WBXDI0MB it's trash it used up one whole core for me while not even downloading anything there is a play button on finished torrents that, when pressed, doesn't simply try to open the file in the OS-registered media player. oh no. it installs a *plugin* to open it with that, when you try to close it, hangs the program so that you have to force close it

Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)09:59:00 No. fg-D6ZK87V8 [Report]

>>fg-QKUPVQLC it calmed down a bit but still uses much more CPU than Deluge

Anonymous 11/13/21(Sat)15:42:07 No. fg-Z9PP6OPB [Report]

what the fuck is this is it some glowie shit or is it legit ?

Anonymous 12/09/21(Thu)10:22:16 No. fg-G0F524DX [Report]

It doesn't glow because you can use the i2p plugin with it. >inb4 i2p glows

File: 1631036111814.jpg (153.97 KB)
Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)20:31:46 No. 6HSDIU6M [Report]


Anonymous 11/28/21(Sun)07:17:15 No. fg-P9HN7JH2 [Report]

>>6HSDIU6M (OP) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣well meme'd good xir🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous 11/29/21(Mon)01:35:00 No. UJOBIHBK [Report]


Anonymous 12/03/21(Fri)08:23:14 No. fb-EKR6HBIO [Report]

>>6HSDIU6M (OP) Uyghur*

File: retroshare-symbol.png (18.14 KB)
Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)16:24:47 No. VK3N8G3Q [Report]

Retroshare thread. Post your certificates, I'll start. For those who don't know, Retroshare is an encrypted and private peer to peer network for chat, mail, forums, channels, boards, file sharing and more. You can set up Retroshare with I2P or Tor too, so you can hide your IP from glowniggers and their lackeys. You can also set up a friend only network with your real life friends where you all connect and share stuff with each other directly. Maybe fchan owner can bridge boards into Retroshare, that would be cool. ActivityPub support is being worked on for Retroshare afaik. Here's my certificate, I allow incoming connections from I2P and have set up outgoing connections to Tor and I2P nodes. ABAmchg80CCBtxnrp6aOLvxfAxRVqjSuLTmBrHtFyS1IXEVqyo/m6wEDZG16kEIAAAAE5s5jZTJjaXB2NmVxbWptZWhxYnVuZHB5 Mml3aXhxdTJxN2JneHk0YWRneGxnNXI3d2ZmeDdhLmIzMi5pMnCTBgEAAH/mzAQD1Xh0

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)10:38:11 No. P2QC6UF4 [Report]

>>VK3N8G3Q (OP) ABC7UIY/xuEvIfkkjMQEEf0pAxQ7QGVLL/xooYllccbbYS+1upC0LgEFYWthbmWTBgIBqMDuPJIGzV20yu48BAMFHQs=

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)14:13:19 No. 1A25E2L4 [Report]

>>VK3N8G3Q (OP) how does ZeroNet compare to this?

Anonymous 11/27/21(Sat)04:15:34 No. fg-XACXWJD3 [Report]

>>1A25E2L4 The application itself is good, but it's hard to find the forums you might be interested, because you need to exchange keys with someone that is subscribed to the forum you want. And that is harder now that the public chat room does not have the key exchange forum anymore. The forums themselves have near zero activity probably because of that. Overall i'd say that ZeroTalk is better just because it's easier to find and have more activity.

File: proxy-image (41).jpeg (398.43 KB)
Federation Casey Rollins 10/25/21(Mon)08:06:06 No. fg-YU23GZ8C [Report]

How does federation work on here? Does content federate to other umu instances, or pleroma or mastodon?

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Anonymous 11/01/21(Mon)03:53:45 No. 9ML2HR9I [Report] >>fg-C1NJ49HL

>>3YZWFK9C >Yeah but what is the content that is being shared? Are user accounts also shared, can a user from another instance, potentially not even an fchan one, be a remote moderator on another instance's board? boards are user accounts. everyone shares the board anonymously. >I noticed that penpal's /g/ is different from fchan's /g/. So boards don't seem to federate. FChannel instances have to follow each other to federate. https://penchan.xyz/g/following shows who they are federating with. https://fchan.xyz/g/following shows who they are federating with >Will users from other (non-blacklisted) fedi instances , let's say pleroma, be able to post? This way part of the moderation could be outsourced making targeted attacks against the instance hosting the actual board more difficult. since its all based on activitypub they can communicate its not implemented atm

Anonymous 11/01/21(Mon)16:48:12 No. fg-C1NJ49HL [Report]

>>9ML2HR9I >https://penchan.xyz/g/following shows who they are federating with. https://fchan.xyz/g/following shows who they are federating with Also, someone made a script that creates a visual map of which boards are federating with which other boards: https://chan.clubcyberia.co/b/fb-HDAMDSZB (initial idea) https://chan.clubcyberia.co/prog/fprog-OFF4C8HU (main thread)

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)01:46:02 No. K5BAQHWL [Report]

>>3YZWFK9C Very nice, it looks like this project has some excellent potential.

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)17:26:59 No. 5LMR0I9S [Report]

>>CQSPIVHI heh first time I hear this anti-cloud argument it should be used more often

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)19:27:23 No. VV46C08Q [Report]


File: fod.jpg (826.44 KB)
Anonymous 11/23/21(Tue)18:56:18 No. NSYECRH6 [Report]

Federation is the best way forward. >Moderation Every instance is small enough that good moderation is feasible. Scales to better moderation across the network. >Controlled by the people Anybody with a little bit of technical knowledge can spin up an instance. >Runs on the clear web You don't need to install some bullshit alt-browser to access fedi sites (unlike most decentralized networks). Most implementations have a client web server. It's normie friendly in that way. >It's future proof Fedi is just server programs and protocols like we've been doing since the beginning of the internet. Except now we have Tor, i2p, etc. for anon servers. And fedi can integrate into whatever other overlay networks come in the future. And the standard is that all fedi implementation projects remain FOSS. >It's for fun Instance-owners do it because it's fun, not because they are going to make bank or get a bunch of attention. Unlike the cryptocunts who need some other incentive. Those fuckers are high on my shit list. Their money brains have no soul. Anything I'm missing?

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)00:52:33 No. fg-BMAC7Y2A [Report] >>fg-T45Z56C1

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) Centralisation is better for anonymity though. The bigger the anonymity set (the set of all people who share your 'identity'), the better. On federated platforms your instance sets you apart somewhat, which makes deanonymisation more likely.

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)00:56:09 No. fg-T45Z56C1 [Report]

>>fg-BMAC7Y2A Jumping instances rapidly may help mitigate that though. But it's hard when there's only one onion.

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)00:59:17 No. fg-2HUFZJJJ [Report]

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) I don't know if installing a new browser is that normie-unfriendly though. My friend installed a Gemini browser to look at a blog I showed him.

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)01:09:33 No. fg-B42B8GBN [Report]

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) I'm not sure whether having built-in monetary incentives for hosting is good: on the one hand, it means that there is a source of revenue other than ads and/or user data (remember the saying: "if the service is free, you are the product"); on the other, it means - as you say - that the sort of people who are likely to get involved are the sort of people who like money, which might make them more likely to put ads in and sell user data.

Anonymous 11/25/21(Thu)16:36:05 No. fg-DZED6EGP [Report]

>>NSYECRH6 (OP) I agree with mostly everything here, but >Every instance is small enough that good moderation is feasible In theory I agree with you, but in practice I've seen in Pleroma and Mastodon's world that sometimes people will begin to adopt "flagship instances" and the user size will balloon out of control. Also >it's for fun As always some people have brain worms that make them take shit way too seriously

File: yuru-camp-nade-grr.png (195.73 KB)
Anonymous 10/22/21(Fri)04:42:02 No. HKAAUOE2 [Report]

>the website uses MMDDYY

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Anonymous 10/28/21(Thu)10:33:29 No. 2B5K7N8G [Report]

>>CHK0ZZ2G It was worse... >>1R3KAGOE Use the data-utc attr of the timestamp span

Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)20:32:56 No. fg-IKCV5X3P [Report]

>>HKAAUOE2 (OP) Absolutely haram

Anonymous 11/17/21(Wed)23:27:27 No. 686I5UB4 [Report]

I have been shilling for ISO8601 IRL I use it every time when possible People have corrected me, saying "anon, this is not how we write dates", to which I replied that I use internationally recognised standard and they can go fuck themselves

Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)13:14:47 No. 9G6S72MF [Report] >>fg-0ZHXA8YX

>>HKAAUOE2 (OP) >>HKAAUOE2 (OP) yes eurofag, thats what the civilized world uses do you say "september eleventh two thousand and one" or "eleventh september two thousand and one" like a completer retard"?

Anonymous 11/21/21(Sun)14:39:49 No. fg-0ZHXA8YX [Report]

>>9G6S72MF I say "Eleventh of September two thousand and one" while sipping tea that I have dunked a biscuit in, you burger retard.

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