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File: 1609246521905.png (534.35 KB)
What is this? Anonymous 03/10/21(Wed)19:20:02 No. TKXE0C0J [Report]

Just another chan or does it have some special features?

Anonymous 03/14/21(Sun)04:54:32 No. 9BV1H3PL [Report]

I didn't understand a word of that.

File: aisha-typing.gif (793.78 KB)
Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)02:01:07 No. 08F6462A [Report]

is coding good for you?

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Anonymous 01/30/21(Sat)19:17:42 No. FC9078G4 [Report]

>>08F6462A (OP) no you should do a trade instead like welding or plumbing

Anonymous 02/10/21(Wed)03:07:46 No. TQ66QZNG [Report] >>U3MM0W0V

https://miya-miya.neocities.org/thoughts/1-25-coding.html > most code kiddos don’t actually know how to code. They just know how to write code, but it’s not really coding. All they accomplish are increasingly advanced hello world tutorials, because even if u learn to write code, it won’t teach u how to use a computer in any engaged or intelligent way. And if you’re an idiot and you don’t know to really use a computer, then you’ll never run into a need that isn’t already provided. And if you’re not coding to solve an actual need, you’re not coding. You’re just fucking around to impress your friends on discord or to hope to learn enough to a job, where they can tell you what to make for them so you don’t need to learn how to use a computer.

Anonymous 02/12/21(Fri)05:23:40 No. KZDXMGDE [Report]

coooooding will ruin your eyesight tradies will ruin their joints and spine

Anonymous 02/27/21(Sat)17:08:39 No. U3MM0W0V [Report] >>M75B8VF1

>>TQ66QZNG Coding as a verb is the most soy term I've ever heard. They bastardized programming by removing the architecture and algorithm aspects, moved people to shitty bloated toolchains with virtue signaling in their homepages and contribute to free software by renaming variables due to being offensive or irrelevant shit like that. They make poor code that would make Java pajeets disappointed. Do not use "code" as a verb.

Anonymous 03/06/21(Sat)12:44:10 No. M75B8VF1 [Report]

>>U3MM0W0V this

File: clubhouse.jpg (99.89 KB)
Anonymous 02/03/21(Wed)09:32:56 No. I5T6FMFZ [Report]

What is this garbage? Been hearing about it a lot lately. Do they really believe that the conversation is gone forever? This rhetoric of being exclusive and finite is laughable. I give this "app" 1 year, 2 tops before it dies.

File smallfeeforexclusivity.jpg (206.03 KB)
Anonymous 02/03/21(Wed)09:40:22 No. 2JCTCJN8 [Report]

Anonymous 02/27/21(Sat)17:03:06 No. 6K6ZVICO [Report]

>>I5T6FMFZ (OP) >Some shitty startup Let me guess >American >proprietary >pozzed Like clockwork

File 1610259454277.jpeg (13.42 KB)
Anonymous 03/01/21(Mon)05:55:09 No. YMBX779P [Report]

>>I5T6FMFZ (OP) >We invented Skype except you need to be be invited to the exclusive Skype club! >Investors throw money at it Clownworld was fun for a bit but not anymore

File: EQFn6swU0AEzauL.jpg (85.56 KB)
Why are maids the best? Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)07:13:58 No. 8E0F9F7A [Report]

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Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)04:19:13 No. B7E0FCB9 [Report]

>>58AE86C2 both, I love maids

Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)07:45:52 No. 81E9FD50 [Report]

They are willing to do anything for their master

Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)14:49:42 No. 6C770F4C [Report]

im a catgirl maid uwu

Anonymous 02/16/21(Tue)01:08:57 No. EXOR7JA0 [Report]


Anonymous 02/27/21(Sat)17:05:57 No. WAPPH6YT [Report]

>>8E0F9F7A (OP) Because they love you, something which for modern women is too much to ask.

File: Terry_A._Davis_2017.jpg (156.73 KB)
Terry A. Davis Terry A. Davis 01/19/21(Tue)03:28:25 No. 1E2GBA02 [Report]

Terry A. Davis

Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)03:33:43 No. 61C12389 [Report] >>E1E63046

>>1E2GBA02 (OP) N

Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)03:34:40 No. E1E63046 [Report]

>>61C12389 I

Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)22:35:19 No. 1B01B770 [Report]


Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)23:28:34 No. 87F55D2F [Report]

>>1E2GBA02 (OP) I've been increasingly convinced that he was sane and that it's the world that's insane

Anonymous 02/01/21(Mon)23:02:09 No. 9A3B44G0 [Report]

>>1E2GBA02 (OP) “Hi I love black people.” Terry A. Davis

File: 1610287642945.jpg (127.87 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)22:33:26 No. 1C4E4648 [Report]

Are breasts technology?

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Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)06:25:04 No. 052D031E [Report]

>>6E83B63B dicks confirmed for technology

Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)22:03:35 No. 85A29457 [Report]

they are

Anonymous 01/31/21(Sun)08:24:51 No. 2FF22427 [Report]

>>1C4E4648 (OP) yes, biological tech is still tech (but i prefer the silicone ones)

Anonymous 01/31/21(Sun)23:51:29 No. 7FFDA431 [Report]

>>1C4E4648 (OP) only if they're artificially developed over the course of their specific generation. pedants will say that dogs are technology but they're wrong

Anonymous 02/01/21(Mon)13:38:09 No. 916GB8AC [Report]

>>1C4E4648 (OP) It sounds interesting. I think we should investigate deeper.

File: linux_is_an_app.jpg (201.72 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)06:04:31 No. CA2E8FD7 [Report]

So what''s the point of installing Linux again? It''s literally an app.

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Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)07:43:01 No. A075E289 [Report]

Retarded win user

File brainlet.png (53.25 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)08:21:05 No. 8B2072BC [Report]

Imagine booting into windows everyday and then opening WSL

Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)10:15:16 No. 2C1347EE [Report] >>A0B110CB

>>A741AE59 >GNU/Linux is a mindset this

Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)01:43:38 No. A0B110CB [Report]

>>2C1347EE >>A741AE59 That's not a mindset, that's a kernel.

Anonymous 01/20/21(Wed)07:53:35 No. 6D6E9137 [Report]

>>CA2E8FD7 (OP) are windows users scared of linux and hide behind the meme of getting work done?

File: texteditor.png (17.46 KB)
Anonymous 01/23/21(Sat)19:52:46 No. 971G990A [Report]

how is this bug still not fixed?

Anonymous 01/23/21(Sat)21:49:20 No. 28C985CA [Report]

using emacs will fix your bug

Anonymous 01/26/21(Tue)15:09:03 No. G9C9G15E [Report]

>>971G990A (OP) >gaynome3

Anonymous 01/29/21(Fri)10:48:40 No. BC1B8297 [Report]

>>971G990A (OP) >try to read reference document on second screen >unhidable header bar takes up 35% of the screen on 200% scaling

Anonymous 01/29/21(Fri)15:59:53 No. 5EEF61F9 [Report]

>>971G990A (OP) You know GNOME is not responsible for distro theming problems, they can barely make a logo.

Anonymous 01/30/21(Sat)19:16:00 No. CA8806E5 [Report]

gnome makes me throw up in my mouth a little. plain and basic

File: 1609796020946.png (893.76 KB)
Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)01:06:13 No. ADBB7D7D [Report]

owo what's this

File: 1551120027308.png (50.71 KB)
Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)11:43:17 No. A96714A8 [Report]

what le fug :D this is so based, how do i join?

File nuglear bomb.png (100.24 KB)
Anonymous 01/19/21(Tue)00:16:00 No. C438E907 [Report]

>>A96714A8 (OP) Very gomfy yes :DDDDDDD

File: 1608643594033.jpg (84.35 KB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)23:14:11 No. 7EFD0580 [Report]


File: necpc98A.jpg (69.75 KB)
Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)23:28:16 No. 714F85EG [Report]

Is there a 8-bit PC version of talk/ntalk/ytalk?

File: random lain.png (1.27 MB)
Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)08:02:11 No. AB8018C4 [Report]

Admin, do you have a way for people to contribute?

Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)15:08:23 No. 8AB426EF [Report] >>4A08C2C5

>>fb-5004ABB5 → I love black peoplea, why arent you using a project repo, and gitlab? fuck microjew

Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)15:10:26 No. 4A08C2C5 [Report]

>>fb-5004ABB5 → >>8AB426EF fuck your filters faggot

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)01:39:58 No. 2AF055B7 [Report]

>>fb-81A4E006 → >noko in the options will redirect to post you made. i know its tradition but please default this

File: 1153361205326.gif (26.98 KB)
Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)06:07:24 No. 47269ED6 [Report]

#include <niggerstream> int main () { std::cout << "you are all niggers"; }

File yarly.jpeg (61.84 KB)
Anonymous 01/14/21(Thu)06:30:17 No. 088CE6A9 [Report]

ya rly

Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)11:09:56 No. 2813BFBD [Report]

>>47269ED6 (OP) <<< >>> << >> < >

Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)16:59:10 No. 5C4D5596 [Report]

>>47269ED6 (OP) you need and endl fam output might be buffered

File: mintbeaver.png (412.76 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)23:03:57 No. 25FB4DC5 [Report]

when are you going to switch to Linux Mint and get real world work done?

Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)04:30:10 No. 3D1962C0 [Report]

>>25FB4DC5 (OP) I''m using Linux Mint right now and I can confirm that I''m an productive piece of shit, even more than previously. That''s why I''m posting here - so even the government can''t make me be productive.

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