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File: bless.jpg (72.98 KB)
Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)23:21:32 No. I31BT8YD [Report]

What do you think of BLES as an alternative stack to LAMP?

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Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)03:46:31 No. DG7VJMJ2 [Report]

>>I31BT8YD (OP) BLES definately sounds better, never hosted though but bsd runs nice on my laptop and everything else sounds better on paper

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)08:37:17 No. JECZ2D1B [Report] >>4LZDYJTP

>>I31BT8YD (OP) I think it would be even more based if you used just FS instead of SQL server and UNIX users for user handling.

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)16:17:46 No. 4LZDYJTP [Report] >>R8YROY6E

>>JECZ2D1B even more based still would be a PHNC stack Plan9 + httpd + ndb + C

johnanz 11/09/21(Tue)20:00:16 No. fg-2M7XAKQW [Report]

72OeDO https://pills2sale.com/#

Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)15:05:42 No. R8YROY6E [Report]

>>4LZDYJTP based.

File: 8F27F128-3AA8-43F6-8F72-6C(...).jpeg (74.05 KB)
OFFICAL DAB ON WII love black peopleS THREAD Anonymous 03/19/21(Fri)22:13:20 No. WZVXWRQ2 [Report]

Have no idea how to use a Unix-like operating system and instead call you "freetard". Their shitty excuse for being a room temperature IQ WiI love black peopleis "muh games". They can install drivers and reinstall Windows on Grandma's computer and therefore think they're "Hackerman". Would shit their pants if they had to use a real command line.

markus 11/09/21(Tue)16:04:09 No. fg-SHNVB73E [Report]

QU1m4Y https://pills2sale.com/#

File: Comes with uBlock by defau(...).png (6.19 KB)
Browser Shilling Thread Anonymous 06/27/21(Sun)16:31:17 No. DQ6CZGBJ [Report]

Name a better browser, I'll wait.

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Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)12:21:03 No. 2MXET6UE [Report]

>>6NQZD3L0 The logo is a wolf. That's a hidden reference to Adolf Hitler, who was called Herr Wolf. So much hate and destruction caused by this man.

Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)02:56:53 No. WAPOMVAY [Report] >>S5YJG077 >>H2XX2MNE

qutebrowser is based

Anonymous 10/23/21(Sat)14:57:31 No. S5YJG077 [Report] >>H2XX2MNE

>>WAPOMVAY qutebrowser is based but it fucking consooms memory on my machine, i've had the OOM killer come out on an average workload that works perfectly fine on literally any other browser sucks, because i liked it. i miss it, even

Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)16:16:30 No. ZVEV67MQ [Report]

>>DQ6CZGBJ (OP) I can't.

Anonymous 11/02/21(Tue)15:38:43 No. H2XX2MNE [Report]

>>WAPOMVAY This. Instead of binding bash scripts to a hotkey in dwm or launching through dmenu I can just add a keybind to qute and it will execute it. I still love librewolf but the customizability of qute makes it hard to be beat. >>S5YJG077 I've noticed this too. This and the poor ad blocking are two big flaws. Also wish it had something like umatrix built in, and more privacy friendly features (auto delete history/cookies etc).

File: INSIDE TIKTOK’S HIGHLY SEC(...).png (691.95 KB)
App Dev Admits TikTok and his App Use Data Stolen from People's Minds Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)19:08:25 No. 1D50XUGV [Report]

Author of the Randonautica app confirmed on a livestream that both his app and TikTok are using data they steal from user’s minds with hardware backdoors. Host 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kUIfnbFORViS/ Host 2: https://kraut.zone/w/bmaWSdr5EStn172JqKZYL4 Host 3: https://old.reddit.com/r/randonauts/comments/pxcnd3/dev_admits_tiktok_and_randonautica_use_data/ His naivety is thinking the military isn’t using this for terrorism. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cn77LzVhous [38:50 – 42:59]

Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)20:23:54 No. RTUCA97N [Report]

>>1D50XUGV (OP) >Data Stolen from People's Minds 1. take your meds 2. learn how recommendation algorithms work you stupid fucking monkey PLEASE kys

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)02:18:25 No. fg-LSSXMDUO [Report]

>>fg-RTVCA97N t. chodomite that got mind raped by tiktok pick up a fucking book

File: siraj.jpg (30.00 KB)
Siraj Raval Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)20:21:44 No. MK0CJ5LE [Report]

What does /g/ think of him?

Carl Watson 10/27/21(Wed)19:55:24 No. BJZWL017 [Report]

>>MK0CJ5LE (OP) He looks like a faggot.

Anonymous 10/27/21(Wed)23:42:44 No. C5NGLCVV [Report]

>He looks like a faggot. kek

Anonymous 10/29/21(Fri)22:25:13 No. ZW3B89AZ [Report]

>>MK0CJ5LE (OP) The most successful scam artist I've ever seen on youtube.

File: ..png (233.79 KB)
Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)14:02:42 No. M1Y1YYSO [Report]

>text is link

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Anonymous 04/19/21(Mon)20:34:13 No. BJKKDFAS [Report]

>>M1Y1YYSO (OP) >text is text

File link+18.jpg (192.35 KB)
Anonymous 04/19/21(Mon)21:24:31 No. KFMQ9EHI [Report]

>link is +18

Anonymous 04/20/21(Tue)16:01:24 No. 1DCOKMB9 [Report]

>>6GUCTRM8 V is text link ?

newbie 10/14/21(Thu)21:09:04 No. JL0LN75P [Report]

i use arch btw

Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)14:28:32 No. PUYV65MY [Report]

>i use arch btw ok boomer

File: gif.gif (54.24 KB)
Anonymous 10/24/21(Sun)20:56:39 No. KF8PCDK5 [Report]

>>1D50XUGV hardware in minds, wtf op

Anonymous 10/25/21(Mon)03:26:11 No. INBC7F9W [Report]

>>KF8PCDK5 (OP) damn bruh thats fuck up bruh

File: 4042003fbbe2e431e78c1f8146(...).jpg (607.07 KB)
nonspyware protocols? Anonymous 07/16/21(Fri)10:50:27 No. M7EG3PY2 [Report]

the web and email are spyware by default, http has mandatory useragent and smtp has a shitton of unencryptable metadata are there any decent alternative protocols to them? >gopher it is nice, but i want something more rich, able to be filled with colored text and animated gifs >gemini seems okay, but obligatory tls is pure retardation, what if i intend to run it as an onion service? >serving postscript files over ftp is this a thing? sounds alright in my head, if a bit autistic idk of any alternatives to email, what i have in mind is something that allows you receive long messages and download them to your machine to store them long term (file transfer support not necessary) maybe an ftp server that only lets people upload .txt files? (when i say ftp i don't mean vanilla ftp, it can be sftp/ftps too)

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Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)12:00:39 No. 6HYD4724 [Report]

>>R9ZP07NW https://www.asktog.com/readerMail/1999-12ReaderMail.html mice > all

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)21:11:40 No. FWCD1HKA [Report]

>>4CWPTSJ4 I2P-Bote is another alternative to email. You can also send messages totally anonymously by not including a return address

Anonymous 10/16/21(Sat)01:29:28 No. NT0AHF7G [Report]

>>4CWPTSJ4 >Cloudflare

Anonymous 10/16/21(Sat)03:35:14 No. ESE1FXQ7 [Report] >>VG2TUH21

what do the fedichads think of bitmessage?

Anonymous 10/20/21(Wed)15:33:19 No. VG2TUH21 [Report]

>>ESE1FXQ7 I looked into it a bit. It seems like I2P-Bote is better. Haven't used either though.

File: 7fd56f07be62c5b617ba3ee793(...).png (352.32 KB)
ZeroChan Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)21:27:20 No. fg-RYEF780S [Report]

I think I saw a chan that uses ZeroNet advertised on this network. I can't remember what domain name it used. I thought it was ZeroChan.bit but that is being currently occupied by a friendly squatter (picrel). Can anyone tell me? pic unrelated

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)23:06:36 No. 0WGIAPPK [Report] >>EAJ9NPC7 >>fg-6LDIOAD7

>>fg-RYEF780S (OP) https://fchan.xyz/g/EC52033E#QVV3XKY1 that image might lead somewhere with the archive link.

File Imagepipe_19.jpg (28.62 KB)
Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)21:47:49 No. fg-7ZDUB4G5 [Report]

>>fg-RYEF780S (OP) oops forgot the pic. I'm a dumbass kek

Anonymous 10/18/21(Mon)03:41:15 No. EAJ9NPC7 [Report] >>fg-6LDIOAD7

>>0WGIAPPK dumbass its not on the clear web (no its not an oion site either). You need special software to access zeronet sites https://github.com/HelloZeroNet/ZeroNet https://zeronet.io/docs/

File 1617973254578.jpg (203.26 KB)
Anonymous 10/20/21(Wed)01:34:43 No. fg-6LDIOAD7 [Report]

>>EAJ9NPC7 He didn't say it was on the clear web or an onion site, retard. I found pic related by following links. >>0WGIAPPK Thanks. Having trouble connecting though.

File: cavey.jpg (55.47 KB)
Anonymous 08/01/21(Sun)09:08:07 No. 7ZXPMO6G [Report]

Why can't I ban users on my fchan node? rangeban IP addresses or block posts containing certain phrases (regex?) Should I just run my node on Tor and leave it mostly unmoderated?

Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)04:22:56 No. fg-DMJ70UV1 [Report] >>fg-XXCB4C67

>>fg-70PKHXBK → 7#3r3 \/\/¡11 B 3v45!0|\|

Anonymous 10/15/21(Fri)08:02:41 No. fg-XXCB4C67 [Report]

>>fg-DMJ70UV1 Don't underestimate the power of my 200 character spaghetti regex.

Anonymous 10/16/21(Sat)01:17:06 No. R8IG2AKI [Report]

>>7ZXPMO6G >Should I just run a Tor FChan instance with no moderation? No, unless you want to get v&

File: 1628240332889.jpg (279.31 KB)
Anonymous 08/06/21(Fri)14:01:26 No. Z6AG1XMN [Report]

god this is so fucking funny, itoddlers BTFO holy shit. Apple will be scanning every single image in iCloud and iPhoto for child porn / abuse. Still glad you chose an iphone???

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Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)14:09:43 No. V44JKEGD [Report]

>>fg-N3BX4CLR → WOAH YOU HAVE CHILDPORN>?????????????

Anonymous 09/18/21(Sat)04:01:43 No. GLLRET0H [Report] >>PPELHWYH

>>JFL6BD1C >don't rape kids >WOW THE BRAIN DAMAGE

Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)19:16:16 No. B56MSWXM [Report]

>>fg-N134QK0L → are you actually retarded

Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:29:27 No. PPELHWYH [Report] >>ZI27CBWW

>>GLLRET0H Pretty obvious this is a front for a more invasive set of materials that are being scanned for ads and what not. You think they're only using telemetry just out of the good of their hearts?

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)21:22:20 No. ZI27CBWW [Report]

>>PPELHWYH this. it's only child porn now but it could easily be extended by e.g. China to include anything that the government doesn't like >excuse me anon, you shared an illegal pepe. you're coming with us

File: me.gif (1.12 MB)
Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)04:55:35 No. 984C846B [Report]


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Anonymous 09/12/21(Sun)14:49:41 No. J94ONON3 [Report] >>IFJZ7OWP

>>984C846B It's the reflection of what people want. If you hate it, reject it, and invite others to do the same.

Anonymous 09/13/21(Mon)13:58:08 No. IFJZ7OWP [Report] >>PO9985DR

>>J94ONON3 Isn't that what all of us are doing here?

Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)06:51:39 No. PO9985DR [Report]

>>IFJZ7OWP Yes, but we need to create an incentive to battle the spreading big kek

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)13:05:17 No. GP548ZQJ [Report]

>>984C846B (OP) I love BIG TECH

Anonymous 10/14/21(Thu)13:07:14 No. 1AIN0OCL [Report]

>>fg-D65N4TQZ → 畏缩|COPE

File: index.png (3.57 KB)
Anonymous 01/15/21(Fri)07:55:30 No. 90A606A2 [Report]

i love apple

Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)21:43:35 No. UBSTRP70 [Report]

Brown people reeee

Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)15:11:23 No. 029PUEUE [Report]

>>90A606A2 (OP) is that a real person

Anonymous 10/12/21(Tue)05:29:14 No. O1O21DE9 [Report]

>apple >picrel is from twemoji

File: gnice.png (152.67 KB)
Add a .css Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)18:59:21 No. 5CWCHNQP [Report]

Add a .css file, how are people going to understand that a board is dedicated to black people pretending to be female, if the background is not black and the text is not pink? Smh

Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)19:01:03 No. QQQ1WLF2 [Report] >>6FX8JGC8 >>90IBWFZG

>>5CWCHNQP (OP) Besides, add numeric post numbers, because some of us are actually aliens originating from the big bang and use numbers to produce things. Like repeating numbers.

Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)15:12:42 No. 6FX8JGC8 [Report]

>>QQQ1WLF2 >add numeric post numbers trips wasted on a moron

File Screenshot from 2021-08-17(...).png (286.18 KB)
Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)21:22:45 No. 3540IJUP [Report]

>>5CWCHNQP (OP) ???

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:08:31 No. 90IBWFZG [Report]

>>QQQ1WLF2 fuck you shitty trip get

File: gnyaa_uwu.png (88.10 KB)
Anonymous 07/30/21(Fri)14:37:43 No. fg-LVZRFVS1 [Report]

What have you done for software freedom today anon?

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Anonymous 09/30/21(Thu)20:37:11 No. G3J37S4E [Report]

>>fg-LVZRFVS1 (OP) I have been shilling freedom-respecting platforms across avrious parts of the internet

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)21:03:03 No. GAIVEJNL [Report]

>>fg-LVZRFVS1 (OP) nothing B)

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)21:03:03 No. GAIVEJNL [Report]

>>fg-LVZRFVS1 (OP) nothing B)

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)13:50:48 No. LX6UP0BB [Report]

>>J874N8L3 >google fonts

Anonymous 10/11/21(Mon)16:06:35 No. 11OYYGIX [Report]

>>fg-LVZRFVS1 (OP) i contribute to open source games in my free time. I have yet to do anything for actual utilities. I might look into writing drivers though.

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