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File: cute.png (715.65 KB)
CSS / Javascript for Fchan thread! runit !1c8f68ad 06/15/21(Tue)23:41:03 No. 7UXLQHII [Report]

I'm going to be writing some CSS later for this software. I'll post it ITT and make some PR's on github. It's really barebones ATM and it looks like the author is trying to copy the classic 4chan theme. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but having a good looking website is important to users. I appreciate you writing the backend for this BTW. It's hard work writing imageboard software, and we really needed a replacement for NNTPchan.

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Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)04:36:26 No. PUBAVUSC [Report]

>>OJSDVYX4 wanting to remove something that is messy and replace it with something that is messy is not good design. i would say the simplest non bloated way is just to use the title attribute for <a> elements. <a href="post that quoted my post" title="this is the content of the post that quoted my post">FFFFFFFF</a> and that title attribute can be styled in CSS

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)03:00:06 No. YTIEESKW [Report]

>>7UXLQHII (OP) bump

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)01:53:43 No. GYFPS8MX [Report]

>>7UXLQHII (OP) op is kill

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)15:26:06 No. PNG1EL1R [Report]

>>7UXLQHII (OP) come back OP

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)09:31:50 No. FCHYLWJH [Report]

>>E67EB4J9 god bless you anon

File: laura-ockel-RoZWxeFL27k-un(...).jpg (153.29 KB)
All AMD Processors Since Phenom II Have BadBIOS Circuitry That Leaks to the Military Anonymous 04/18/21(Sun)21:49:59 No. 1W3TDN6H [Report]

Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer. Just like AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS (uses radio, not sound) vastly nastier than StuxNet. American military made a grave mistake by giving access to the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)23:15:50 No. 8E38SBAP [Report]

>>1W3TDN6H (OP) So FX series (Bulldozer, Piledriver), aren't safe after all.

File: favicon.png (12.60 KB)
Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)22:26:33 No. fg-DVNGII5Y [Report]

New thread with hopefully correct post order

Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)22:27:53 No. fg-YWIC7C0Q [Report]

>>fb-XMNBC1RI → this is tor

File WKSD306N.png (31.23 KB)
Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)22:29:39 No. fg-K74HH3MV [Report]

>>fb-HLFLRJWU → seems to be

Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)22:30:08 No. fg-SFHENZUG [Report]


Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)22:35:15 No. fg-JXEJHRBE [Report]

couple bugs ill have to sort out, post quotes are not showing the in the quoted post.

File: Apple_logo_black.png (16.87 KB)
Come Home, White Man Anonymous 05/28/21(Fri)18:52:06 No. 58116X2V [Report]

Home sweet home.

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Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)15:05:05 No. 40TI9SAQ [Report] >>5FLQAVOM >>E5BT6X05 >>VU66IPG1

>>PW3AO9HJ yeah that is probably the best idea. What should it be called? But GNU is already trademarked I don't think they would like to be associated with chan culture. Maybe it could be called librechan.tld ?

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)15:37:34 No. 5FLQAVOM [Report] >>E5BT6X05

>>40TI9SAQ I would vote for librechan.

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)19:08:21 No. E5BT6X05 [Report]

>>40TI9SAQ >>5FLQAVOM +1 for librechan

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)20:04:48 No. VU66IPG1 [Report]

>>40TI9SAQ 👍👍👍

Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)12:39:10 No. 3AKZ141G [Report]

>>58116X2V (OP) I can see your nose from here shlomo, go shill/bait on 4chan. The true white man's OS is windows 7, though, linux is a close second.

File: blonbl03s-tripowinc8.jpg (3.15 MB)
/hpg/ - Headphone general. Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)01:29:25 No. LO3Z8495 [Report]

Hey fedifags, just got a new cable and tips for my BLON-BL03's and gotta say, they sound fucking amazing. What headphones / earbuds are you guys rocking?

Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)00:04:44 No. A79WMMJ4 [Report]

>>LO3Z8495 (OP) bump

Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)20:54:38 No. QLAVT7YE [Report]

>>LO3Z8495 (OP) I bought CCA-C12 but they induce a lot of noise in some songs which have a lot of lower frequencies. Then some anon said my DAC is shit so I bought some chink DAC (Tempotec) and the problem persisted. So yeah I have fallen for /g/ meme this time, at least it was fairly cheap and earbuds are still an upgrade.

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)00:49:12 No. WY2TAVJJ [Report]

using a O2+ODAC combo with M1060s at my desktop earbud use has kinda dropped off, but I have some moondrop blessing 2s for that printed and wired my speakers and those are comfy too

File: 1622069422658.jpg (96.51 KB)
Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)14:51:35 No. OQA2AE9X [Report]

I like the spoiler you added devchan, are you going to use it on NON blue boards too?

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)19:56:11 No. JDGD7I4C [Report]

>>OQA2AE9X (OP) there will be a setting users can choose that will show all sensitive content or hide all sensitive content regardless of board restrictions.

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)03:42:40 No. SCG1402A [Report]

>>OQA2AE9X (OP) its very nice, i like it

File: __original_drawn_by_yamamo(...).jpg (623.90 KB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)08:06:48 No. GG77GD4D [Report]

let me upload mp4 fucker

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File Video by moetron2.0-CI5Pu7(...).0-CI5Pu7aAL0Z.mp4 (1.58 MB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)08:19:26 No. 9588BGBE [Report] >>V762YFW7 >>6ZV98UZ2

>>fb-C3DC18FC → what'' the file size limit

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)06:57:41 No. V762YFW7 [Report]

>>BGG8G4E1 >>9588BGBE Do people actually like this shit? I thought only teenagers likes this saccharine garbage

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)03:25:22 No. 6ZV98UZ2 [Report]

>>9588BGBE He's cute, whats his name?

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)14:13:49 No. AQ6IHFUH [Report] >>XXNMU525


Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)03:41:57 No. XXNMU525 [Report]

>>AQ6IHFUH get fucked coomer

File: 9pill.png (34.22 KB)
postan from plan9 Anonymous 05/23/21(Sun)17:15:03 No. Y33AU133 [Report]

take the 9pill /g/, experience peak comf

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Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)01:14:59 No. MALB9DVE [Report] >>AIARLWFK >>JDGX8VRS

>>OFDQSL1G im i uwnixing coworwy? >w< >o< \>_</ All jokes aside cat is for concatenating files so redirection in this case would make more sense.

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)01:16:18 No. AIARLWFK [Report]

>>MALB9DVE all jokes aside, cat is for concatenating files so redirection is more appropriate

Anonymous 05/27/21(Thu)22:57:22 No. JDGX8VRS [Report]

>>MALB9DVE brainlet

Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)00:26:38 No. JHML37XL [Report] >>5NNFBN7D

i tried plan9 on a vm today looks cute, but i have no idea how to use it also why the fuck is ls called lc?

Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)03:12:11 No. 5NNFBN7D [Report]

>>JHML37XL as far as i can tell thier the same command lc has an additional flag also read the fucking docs https://plan9.io/magic/man2html/1/ls

File: 2021-06-16-092830_891x280_(...).png (32.60 KB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)13:34:22 No. CUDJISRO [Report]

Whats your fellas Browser homescreens? My old one used to be F-Bchan's /g/ board, but currently it's picrel

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File nameless.png (60.73 KB)
Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)21:43:14 No. ACVG3QK2 [Report]

>>D2NCPFN5 how did you post a nameless file?

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)02:50:53 No. H0A4X7SU [Report] >>ZMBB4D9O

>>T1GMEGUZ dis. if the default looks ugly there's nothing else to do, but yea i don't think you should put too much effort into it either

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)02:59:49 No. S3XB9NTO [Report]

>>fb-OHICCERU → >>CUDJISRO (OP) you niggas are addicted just type the url in when you want to search it up

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)13:11:44 No. ZMBB4D9O [Report] >>JVYSY7AN

>>H0A4X7SU /pen/ spotted on /g/ back to containment bub

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)21:38:55 No. JVYSY7AN [Report]

>>ZMBB4D9O stop fucking harassing me across boards i literally can't leave without being gangstalked for 1 second

File: 1610316615665.gif (2.00 MB)
Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)16:17:06 No. 13B0B16E [Report]

Why not use cloudflare?

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Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)02:29:20 No. P6FP56BM [Report] >>KCOG9GVT >>FLJMZTLD

>>fb-QVNJU89K → word filters are not welcome. if you want to change the culture, then do that, don't force people not to say wrongthink because they're "low hanging fruit", that's just eroding free speech. Word filters are double plus ungood, if we were to describe it in a way that word filter proponents would understand (this comes from a book that has been long forgotten and rediscovered as a government manual)

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)02:44:03 No. KCOG9GVT [Report]

>>P6FP56BM >double plus ungood -_- If you are really gonna bring up (((that book))), at least reference it correctly. It is written "doubleplusungood" because newspeak modifies words with prefixes; adjectives are non-existant. Oh shit! I just outed myself as a member of the Party, didn't I?

Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)02:42:29 No. 4NGTAW31 [Report]

>>13B0B16E (OP) why would you purposely man in the middle all your traffic to a untrusted (pozzed, every big tech company works with the government) entity which not only fails half the time, but also makes tor a pain in the ass to use? if you want something for ddos protections there are billions of resources for free spam-filtering, plus ddos attacks on miniscule websites are almost nonexistant. there is absolutely no point

Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)02:47:08 No. UE40YXFN [Report]

>>fb-Y4UPJM0N → who is spamming nigger (the n-word)? there isn't even a /pol/ here and calling people nigers has valid uses outside of spam. "low hanging fruit" doesn't seem like a good reason to ban anything tbh. also why the fuck would you cuckflare this site? are you serious?

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)17:30:18 No. FLJMZTLD [Report]

>>P6FP56BM if you can host your own instance then stop bitching about what one retard does with theirs.

File: 1621934134491.jpg (81.17 KB)
Anonymous 06/14/21(Mon)18:31:10 No. QF1TPXTL [Report]

What's you favorite custom android ROM? I'm currently using GrapheneOS, but I just bought a new phone (Motorola E5 Play) that I plan on installing LineageOS. Do you fellas use anything else?

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Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)02:24:20 No. 0UVJFDFD [Report]

>>QF1TPXTL (OP) I'm using PixelExperience on my pocophone and it works nicely. only niggling issue is that sometimes when going back to the home screen it lags and you have to use the back gesture a couple times for it to work again. but bluetooth, payments, banking, etc all work.

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)03:04:54 No. 09VYNRID [Report] >>SP440JZZ >>RRDXITND

I havent had a need for rooting or installing a ROM on my phone in almost a decade. It was essential back then now not so much. Because of planned obsolescence i am being forced to upgrade my phone to one that doesnt only have 3G. Ill have to buy a new phone and once i do that ill be using lineageos. Honestly been just thinking of using a flip phone but i am not sure if im to conditioned for smartphone use.

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)12:53:14 No. SP440JZZ [Report]

>>09VYNRID I just bought a Motorola E5 Play, it's the only non feature-cucked phone pretty much left in this fucking market (plus it's only like $100). It's also only from 2017 so it's not that bad for my daily use case. It's the only phone left that I could really recommend because of the headphone jack + removable battery + storage + etc...

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)23:10:39 No. RRDXITND [Report]

>>09VYNRID my smartphone broke several months ago and i had an old flip phone lying around and decided to use that instead felt like being unchained tbh, haven't looked back since if i knew how bad things really were i would have done the change sooner

Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)02:51:10 No. 12Q2MN2B [Report]

>>CJ683CKS ifaggot detected, commit suicide

File: manjaro.png (6.78 KB)
Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)15:29:35 No. 374771FE [Report]

hey anon,what os are you using right now ? me pic related

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File gentoo.jpg (133.86 KB)
Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)21:29:15 No. TODFPB5X [Report]

Install Gentoo :D

Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)23:52:53 No. 6XMAQBL2 [Report]

>>OBCE6233 I've heard its aggressively paralelyzed, so that it feels snappy, it is quite nice

File 2021-06-13-122346_609x292_(...).png (135.07 KB)
Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)16:24:39 No. 020OKK60 [Report] >>C9MMRD0M

i'm on arch, i've considered giving gentoo a try, but at the same time I've put so much config into stuff on my current install that I don't really want to throw it all away

Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)20:07:47 No. C9MMRD0M [Report] >>D464HFW1

>>020OKK60 i was gonna make fun of you for falling for the 16GB meme, but how do you manage to use 8GB of RAM?

Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)22:52:54 No. D464HFW1 [Report]

>>C9MMRD0M I had quite a few things running, I believe I had virtualbox with Whonix open when I took this, so that's probably why.

File: d6baaa4b2a61d27e44a1e6d93b(...).jpg (154.54 KB)
nigger nigger 06/12/21(Sat)12:51:57 No. 38WLITMK [Report]


Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)14:21:02 No. SJENADQS [Report]

>>38WLITMK (OP) interesting idea, could you share more?

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)16:45:22 No. UG2GX0G7 [Report] >>F2MWAW1K

>>38WLITMK (OP) g8 insight shakespeare

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)17:05:51 No. F2MWAW1K [Report] >>J9IE5VWJ

>>UG2GX0G7 your forgot the r

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)17:25:52 No. LH0PT8ZF [Report]


Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)00:15:36 No. J9IE5VWJ [Report]

>>F2MWAW1K which one I think I inclued all the necessary r's, nigerr

File: iu[1] (155.44 KB)
Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)00:57:47 No. 2A4E5F94 [Report]

Alright Anon(s), do I use the WaterFox browser or do the dive into GNU IceCat?

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Anonymous 04/15/21(Thu)15:51:08 No. 4WXZAB9G [Report]

GNU IceCat of course

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)16:22:45 No. Y8ZDBTQA [Report]


Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)16:40:45 No. 19BC1BVJ [Report]

>>2A4E5F94 (OP) Librewolf

Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)17:05:17 No. T65Q92ED [Report]

librewolf https://librewolf-community.gitlab.io/

File clownpov.jpg (23.94 KB)
Anonymous 06/12/21(Sat)22:08:58 No. Y7VABVX7 [Report]

>>2A4E5F94 (OP) imagine unironically using bloatware just use lynx ffs

File: anom.jpg (9.90 KB)
Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)00:24:47 No. SV72E11A [Report]

hey guys, got some anom invite codes. lmk if you want in on this new highly secured communication `app`

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)18:17:09 No. V5WV6BCW [Report]

>>SV72E11A (OP) yea my mom told me about it, said it is the best app out there to talk with friends and family without hackers collecting your personal data please send the code to my email: anon@gmail.com

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)22:11:49 No. 1XZ0IUXP [Report]

>>SV72E11A (OP) greate app, the feds couldn't get my drugtrafficking ring friends with this at all

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