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Just finished reading 1984 Anonymous 2021-08-04T17:10:05Z No. PFHK1ASH [Report]

Good book, if a tad too lengthy. From the references of it I normally see people making, I thought it would be more focused on "SURVEILLANCE BAD" and "STOP GROUP THINKING", but from what I saw it is more focused on the everyday living in a totalitarian regime, and how people cope with the restrictions and adapt. Part 1 was alright, took me a few days to read. Part 2 was so boring I almost gave up reading the book, I even took a break of several months from it, but then I took a large spoiler that O'Brien was a thought cop and that picked my interest again. Part 3 was by far the best, I started and finished it in 2 days (due to time constraints, I almost finished in 1), I found the whole process of his "reform" very interesting. I like how the book has a bad end (although I guess from his perspective it was a happy end?), I wish I knew more literature like that with a non-heroic protagonist, I am tired of the same old "...and then the good guy beats evil and gets the girl and lives happy ever after the end".

Anonymous 2021-08-05T03:07:26Z No. A7JH34UJ [Report]

>>fb-QAJ7LBA9 → Closer than I initially assumed. Even in 1984 (((The Party))) only has a tight grip over the inner and outer party members, the proles, although manipulable when need be, are left for themselves, they are too ignorant to pose a thread. The main differences I see from %current_year% world is that open political dissidence is still tolerated and our overlords still have a sense, however distorted, of doing good for the majority. I don't have my hopes up for escaping dystopia, though. At some point some maniac will seize power not as a mean to an end, but as the end itself.

Anonymous 2021-08-08T20:36:10Z No. W43NTPHW [Report] >>FG9JMYUW >>8MVP0M7K

Muh covid passports! Muh cancel culture! Literally 1984!

Anonymous 2021-08-09T11:05:24Z No. FG9JMYUW [Report]

>>W43NTPHW >things never mentioned on this thread y-yea these guys a delusional

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Anonymous 2021-08-22T19:30:54Z No. 8MVP0M7K [Report]


Anonymous 2021-09-12T21:20:44Z No. R2NPB7YU [Report] >>5KL7O8IB

>>PFHK1ASH (OP) Have you heard about "Us" by Zamyatin? It was written earlier than '84, and being both totalitarian dystopias, "Us" goes in a bit different direction.

Anonymous 2021-09-18T19:32:32Z No. 5KL7O8IB [Report]

>>R2NPB7YU i have heard of it, it's russian right? i think i have already downloaded it, but i have some other books i wanna finish first

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