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Schopenhauer did nothing wrong. Anonymous 2021-07-01T03:21:53Z No. fphi-M4CFCNF9 [Report]

Drop what you're doing right now and start reading The World as Will and Idea volume 1. This book will turn your life around and tell you the TRUTH about what our world is and who you are. This volume 1 is 200 pages split across 4 chapters. > I The World as Idea The Idea Subordinated To The Principle Of Sufficient Reason: The Object Of Experience And Science. > II The World as Will The Objectification Of The Will. > III The World as Idea The Idea Independent Of The Principle Of Sufficient Reason: The Platonic Idea: The Object Of Art. > IV The World as Will The Assertion And Denial Of The Will To Live, When Self-Consciousness Has Been Attained.

Anonymous 2021-07-01T04:26:42Z No. fphi-44M05D4W [Report] >>fphi-1KTBX85C

>>fphi-M4CFCNF9 (OP) the faggot can not even read maine de biran lol

Anonymous 2021-07-01T05:01:57Z No. fphi-1KTBX85C [Report]

>>fphi-44M05D4W big if true

Anonymous 2021-07-01T06:09:22Z No. fphi-J74340PX [Report] >>fphi-OFI6C67E

What if we had a Schopenhauer reading group? Each week, we could read one book from Volume 1 of "World as Will and Idea" together and share our thoughts.

Anonymous 2021-07-02T02:18:47Z No. fphi-OFI6C67E [Report]

>>fphi-J74340PX I could do a chapter a week. I read slow.

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