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Anonymous 2021-08-17T18:24:22Z No. 8WU5LHU8 [Report]

been afk for the past two weeks and havent been able to make any progress since the last update. i am going to work on cleaning up the code base and documenting more so its not the tangled mess it is atm. and other stuff that comes up. resuming progress....

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Anonymous 2021-08-18T16:46:46Z No. 05FWB4F2 [Report] >>2DW2JVWH

>>8WU5LHU8 (OP) devchan, good to hear you're around i've recently picked up interest in this project so i've been picking away at things here and there, right now working on getting some themes going. i might create a PR later today or tomorrow, it's pretty basic but it works. there are some things i don't like about it right now but it's something. also man, cool project and all but style= was not the way to go. i've cut down on some to make it easier to theme but god damn >cleaning up the code would be nice to have a cleaner code base, yes what do you think about using some web libraries such as fiber, or at the very least moving to fasthttp? it could cut down on the size of HandleFunc calls if you use fiber fasthttp, which fiber uses, would also speed the server up slightly. i might help with that if i got the time if it's something you are interested in

Anonymous 2021-08-19T03:16:28Z No. 2DW2JVWH [Report] >>4O5M4TK5

>>05FWB4F2 >style= was not the way to go agreed, this whole project just started on a wim, i did not put too much though in the organization of things since it was mostly proof of concept and just wanted to get it to work. now its getting to a point it has to be improved to allow for easier collaboration and notjust my bowl of pasta. if you made any changes that you think are improvements, push them soon because i will be putting all the styling into style sheets and most likely you already made changes i wouldnt need to do.

Anonymous 2021-08-19T15:22:08Z No. 4O5M4TK5 [Report]

>>2DW2JVWH >started on a whim cool, a lot of things i do are like that but it's a good idea to write it well when you start the project than spend a lot of time fixing it, however this project is small enough that it won't take too much effort to clean it up don't forget to run `go fmt` and `go vet` before committing :^) i need to fix some things from go vet myself. >push changes soon will do. i'm just fixing up a couple things so everything will more or less work and it'll be submitted i'm not done on the theming aspect of this as it is kinda hackish, but it'll work more or less and dark mode people will have a dark theme. either way, give me an hour or two. worse case scenario, 3. there's not much to do.

Anonymous 2021-09-06T09:45:56Z No. 00HO9XUP [Report] >>MMOTV920

if dev is dead, can someone else continue the development of this project?

Anonymous 2021-09-10T21:38:54Z No. MMOTV920 [Report]

>>00HO9XUP who i'll assume was dev was last seen 6 days ago, on >>1DX7MMWT → he's probably alive, devchad can you git push to reassure us? i'd contribute more code here but am currently busy, one thing i'd like to do and dev said that he was doing is cleaning up the codebase like he said in the OP or at the very least, move from net/http to fasthttp or fiber even i considered even doing 4chan API a while ago, nothing came of it yet but it'd be cool to use it in anything that speaks 4chan API idk, time will tell, i'd like to see this project succeed and be around for a while

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