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Outside Anonymous 09/19/21(Sun)17:44:35 No. SAJHI2Q9 [Report]

Here's some OC: I'm outside at the beach.

File IMG_20210918_203416.jpg (1.47 MB)
Anonymous 09/25/21(Sat)16:13:20 No. OQ1VZZIQ [Report] >>VYMIJ2I2

>>SAJHI2Q9 (OP) Very gray beach. Looks miserable, I hate swimming in the cold. Here's a photo from my most recent camping trip.

Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)16:12:52 No. VYMIJ2I2 [Report]

>>OQ1VZZIQ Lol, it wasn't cold at all because it's a rather "famous" beach in a sub-tropical state; it was just a cloudy day. That's a nice fire, I bet you had fun.

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