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Camping, hiking, and related activities.


Mark sensitive

R: 11
I touched grass AMA
R: 9
>https://xkcd.com/426/ do you play geohashing, anon?
R: 2/ A: 1
Here's some OC: I'm outside at the beach.
R: 6/ A: 2
How do I stop being an incel?
I need to start getting pussy. I think hiking will help with my anxiety so I can start getting mad cooch. Who with me to link up for a hiking adventure irl?
R: 2
I've always wanted to go for a long ass walk, like across a whole country, or something. Have you ever felt similar? I think it'd be cool to walk from the southernmost tip of Japan to the north.
R: 1/ A: 1
R: 3
Who here goes outside????

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