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File: crunk.jpg (5.95 MB)
crunklord420 Anonymous 06/03/21(Thu)20:57:12 No. CYP36A54 [Report]

just what is he?

Anonymous 06/04/21(Fri)00:12:06 No. BEI12S24 [Report]

>>CYP36A54 (OP) I think hes connected to kiwi farms. Moderator mabye?

Anonymous 06/04/21(Fri)02:28:12 No. 0F5NRVFP [Report]

>>CYP36A54 (OP) thanks for this image you fucking /freak/ how do you take the time for this [schizo] insane good read

Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)19:26:36 No. H7SNRC9F [Report] >>27NLGI5Z >>DZE49PPA

he's written a lot of cool code tiny image tho

Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)19:29:50 No. 27NLGI5Z [Report] >>DZE49PPA

>>H7SNRC9F kind of like your cock lololol get fucked chud seethe

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)22:48:09 No. fpen-EJU2LB99 [Report]

crunklord is a good programmer and nice guy

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)11:50:37 No. DZE49PPA [Report]

>>H7SNRC9F you gotta wait for it to load >>27NLGI5Z thats true his cock starts small but then loads into big penis

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)21:04:54 No. fpen-DC09GGXF [Report] >>fpen-JPSS38SG

>>CYP36A54 (OP) he's CIA

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)21:30:16 No. fpen-JPSS38SG [Report]

>>fpen-DC09GGXF CIA gendered?

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:19:06 No. 8QW5ML50 [Report]

>>CYP36A54 (OP) baby don't hurt me

Anonymous 07/12/21(Mon)15:36:29 No. BNXU8T66 [Report]

>>CYP36A54 (OP) Crunk is just moth's alt.

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