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Anonymous 10/17/21(Sun)04:00:25 No. D0EN02RG [Report]

who controls the rats ?

Anonymous 10/17/21(Sun)21:38:25 No. fpen-JTD59GQE [Report]

>>D0EN02RG (OP) "whoever controls the cheese controls the rats" --goerge "edwin" orwell

Anonymous 11/22/21(Mon)04:16:18 No. 7ROO8L8T [Report] >>UH5KTWJF

>>D0EN02RG (OP) the giant rat that makes all of the rules

Anonymous 11/22/21(Mon)08:21:04 No. UH5KTWJF [Report]

>>7ROO8L8T let's see what kinda trouble we can get ourselves into

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