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File: letters_pen_leave_paper_me(...).jpg!d.jpg (121.86 KB)
write a loveletter to pernia Anonymous 06/14/21(Mon)15:52:47 No. P54J9VXO [Report]

since this is a place to write <3 notes, I think that it's only fitting that we have a "write a loveletter to pernia" thread ------ Dear pernia, ever since I've first talked to you on the PublicPedoPub, I couldn't stop thinking about you. You're just so funny, so elegant, so charming. In the short time that we've talked to each other, I think I've fallen for you. The was with which you tried to extract nudes from me, the way you gripped your penis in those masturbation vids you sent me, it was all just so perfect! Not to mention the fact that your flabby physique is just like my dad's and you know that men that look like my dad drive me crazy. Oh by the way, don't be ashamed of your penis size. If it was any larger it probably wouldn't even fit in my cunny lol. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I like you. I really, really like you. I love you pernia, and I want us to be together...forever. - With love, R. PS: You're not getting my mons pubis pics for free, business is business. -----

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Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)20:37:36 No. DWG7G0Z3 [Report]

>>fpen-KXMJYJ5U who is the french pen this one is new

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)21:03:26 No. YOF70PZ4 [Report] >>fpen-4HZ3J9DN

>>P54J9VXO (OP) dear pernia, you were funnier when you were just posting into the void

File (33.25 KB)
Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)21:12:23 No. fpen-4HZ3J9DN [Report]

>>YOF70PZ4 So true sis

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)21:56:32 No. fpen-3N26QKF6 [Report] >>GGNBTEG2

Dear Pernia I wish you never got circumcised.

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)14:59:14 No. GGNBTEG2 [Report]

>>fpen-3N26QKF6 he didn't;;;;;;;;;

File: 8608ba77-d167-42cd-8348-81(...).jpg (231.54 KB)
nigger Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)01:00:48 No. fpen-UNASFXWV [Report]

leave it to the beaver

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)01:01:42 No. fpen-UD2KL05L [Report] >>fpen-O6FUI338


doxxed 07/01/21(Thu)01:03:19 No. fpen-O6FUI338 [Report] >>fpen-P2J3LQV6

>>fpen-UD2KL05L shieeet how do i delete my account

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)01:05:15 No. fpen-P2J3LQV6 [Report]

>>fpen-O6FUI338 you need to call the cleaners

File: 689e60d4-778c-4521-83e7-86(...).jpg (46.01 KB)
Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)00:26:08 No. fpen-06CSO5OO [Report]

a gay made this place

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)02:52:06 No. 905XZOL2 [Report] >>2OS08ESO >>2OS08ESO

>>fpen-06CSO5OO (OP) her name is niggy

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)02:52:06 No. 905XZOL2 [Report] >>2OS08ESO >>2OS08ESO

>>fpen-06CSO5OO (OP) her name is niggy

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)02:58:10 No. 2OS08ESO [Report] >>fpen-AZ6K69XK

>>905XZOL2 are uwu and penchan going to be friends?

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)02:58:10 No. 2OS08ESO [Report] >>fpen-AZ6K69XK

>>905XZOL2 are uwu and penchan going to be friends?

File download.jpeg (21.26 KB)
Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)09:09:16 No. fpen-AZ6K69XK [Report]

>>2OS08ESO maybe

File: waifu.png (74.93 KB)
Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)02:49:44 No. CXEPQR23 [Report]

real sickos in the threads i don't like this

Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)18:45:28 No. CW7N7E2B [Report]


Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)00:02:27 No. fpen-YCDL57SF [Report]

>>fpen-8JVM9YE3 → KFC servers are ok sadly the jannies (the wall constructor) is still assaulting them

File: 2f1ad5db-c9a7-4597-90a8-ce(...).png (353.78 KB)
pudsy aniem 07/01/21(Thu)00:02:13 No. fpen-SXN8I3WB [Report]

fuk uwu

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)00:02:36 No. fpen-FXBVUQVP [Report]

>>fpen-SXN8I3WB (OP) no

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)00:22:13 No. fpen-OYB9Y5XX [Report]

>>fpen-SXN8I3WB (OP) cunnu

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)00:22:26 No. fpen-90U9M47E [Report]

>>fpen-SXN8I3WB (OP)

Anonymous 07/01/21(Thu)00:22:55 No. fpen-I7IGBK4A [Report]

i agree

File: (238.75 KB)
IS C0FE G00D R0DENTIA 06/30/21(Wed)06:40:54 No. fpen-GJUXZ3I7 [Report]


Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)06:52:03 No. fpen-UUE7Z5Y8 [Report]

we're all alone here :flushed:

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)07:10:06 No. fpen-I1NG3MFL [Report]


Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)13:37:53 No. fpen-ZNU7OJWI [Report]

>>fpen-GJUXZ3I7 (OP) gunter

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)23:47:05 No. fpen-3NS05JQ0 [Report]

>>fpen-GJUXZ3I7 (OP) ok

File: assbandaid.jpg (111.34 KB)
Anonymous 06/27/21(Sun)16:31:41 No. SM9J7ND4 [Report]

can a nigga show mons pubis?

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Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)03:13:02 No. M6RCL4W3 [Report] >>0M9E02GJ

>>SM9J7ND4 (OP) Whet :imp:

File 30d3de8c567e2d0a97a9430273(...).jpg (347.17 KB)
Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)12:30:42 No. A0WC05DG [Report]

>>SM9J7ND4 (OP) Anon this is a christian website, please keep it holy

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)08:58:19 No. C5AMQ58R [Report] >>F1DF9C4P

>>HRK82OFW Hard as fuck

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)15:54:18 No. F1DF9C4P [Report]

>>C5AMQ58R nah look at her ass she's ready for it. its mid if anything

Anonymous 06/29/21(Tue)15:54:38 No. 0M9E02GJ [Report]

>>M6RCL4W3 arite explain this one go ahead

File: (204.76 KB)
Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)13:40:53 No. fpen-P5G2ABDK [Report]

poastan' this from penchan lole

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Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)14:47:47 No. 1Y29V3EC [Report] >>fpen-0XZYNJXF >>fpen-ENHZ1IAK

this is NOTHING leave freaks

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)15:13:24 No. fpen-0XZYNJXF [Report]

>>1Y29V3EC proof?

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)16:26:14 No. fpen-ENHZ1IAK [Report]

>>1Y29V3EC literally go fuck yourself imposter

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)17:20:31 No. JCHPX217 [Report]

>>fpen-P5G2ABDK (OP) this wasn't supposed to happen what the fuck are you doing take this shit down now

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)23:24:07 No. fpen-UQ8IAYTM [Report]

i want pen to ben

File: bogdan.jpg (660.45 KB)
Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)13:46:58 No. KZQ3VHOU [Report]

Dear /pen/, haven't been browsing in a long time. How are you all doing? Are thingy ily? Are things fine? I see you've been posting niggy lately, don't you think she's cute? So do I. Anyways bought a pack of razors today, can't wait to use them. To shave ofc, I don't cut myself and abuse them. I wish those faggots on fedi would, they fucked with my boy sterry, there's no excuse for that. It made me seethe when I saw they made him sad. Good to talk to you all, hope you're days are good and never bad.

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Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)19:03:03 No. fpen-MIXJQDVG [Report] >>B1BQRR79

>>O019AX3C wtfthefrick (the fuck)

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)20:31:31 No. B1BQRR79 [Report] >>0WM1A968

>>fpen-MIXJQDVG second this never mentioned transvestitism who does this freak faggot this he is

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)21:15:54 No. 0WM1A968 [Report] >>UWW93Y5E

>>B1BQRR79 only trannies hate sterry

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)21:25:04 No. UWW93Y5E [Report] >>fpen-DSR6UJ5L

>>0WM1A968 since when is literally [everyone] a trannnie [ want to fuck sterry tbh ]

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)21:45:26 No. fpen-DSR6UJ5L [Report]

>>UWW93Y5E I already did (ask me how I know his balls look like minecraft bricks ;) )

File: flushed_squished.png (10.28 KB)
Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)06:43:45 No. H4DBXWUO [Report]

How is everyone doing tonight

Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)06:50:03 No. YDUZB5EL [Report]

>>H4DBXWUO (OP) niggy

File: Ds1e7f_VsAAtxSH.jpg (98.81 KB)
Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)09:28:06 No. A1KASHTG [Report]

Her name is Niggy. She is perfect.

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Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:30:47 No. D043KKBQ [Report] >>56I9F8BT

>>AK1Q7A7I Yeah but she doesn't love you she loved me (i don't care)

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:43:01 No. 56I9F8BT [Report] >>0TLMJA3Y

>>D043KKBQ i look exactly like you (not the guy you replied to btw new guy) so yea idgaf i would appreciate her and she would love me out of habit

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:43:20 No. VZCEVE0B [Report]

>>JXPGJZB5 would snipe her from a balcony and kill her

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:59:35 No. 0TLMJA3Y [Report]

>>56I9F8BT okay i'll stab her with an icepick through the eye into the brain buzz off

Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)16:12:16 No. V3IOIDBJ [Report]

>>A1KASHTG (OP) bump

File: kimchen.jpg (19.50 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)05:19:39 No. BV7I6CF3 [Report]

Who are you taking to prom anon 🙂

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File DollarTree_500.jpg (93.21 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)13:26:11 No. K5F3PKDB [Report] >>XLFS7P3E

spoil ballot 🙂 (I have no one) 🙂

File ohgah9832.jpg (47.09 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)15:59:49 No. XLFS7P3E [Report]

>>K5F3PKDB haha 🙂

Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)06:10:32 No. E55ZSHRW [Report]

>>BV7I6CF3 (OP) A bag of oranges

Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)09:58:57 No. 3JRZBFOS [Report] >>UN6YNIMY

>>BV7I6CF3 (OP) I haven't even interacted with anyone on pleroma yet

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:39:14 No. UN6YNIMY [Report]

>>3JRZBFOS sick fucking insane cleptomaniac liar

File: nicecockbro-spike.webm (468.36 KB)
Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)02:37:48 No. JWKJDAR4 [Report]

hello is this the /pen/is rating board?

Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)02:50:19 No. 3HN2E30V [Report]

>>JWKJDAR4 (OP) yea 🥺

File: brain.jpg (159.67 KB)
IS BUILDING BR0WN BRICKS G00D BR@!N 06/24/21(Thu)02:11:50 No. EV1U6QNI [Report]

Is building br0wn bricks g00d f0r y0u?

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Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)02:42:59 No. LOPYGVVA [Report]

>>7XVBLKFS bro I love copyright licenses too. when there is that perfect amount of technical jargon where you only have to re-read twice is the right amount to understand your rights to that succulent copyright license. even ones that barely dribble preamble out I enjoy reading. they are a religious experience to be had. the closest I have gotten to feeling like I am one with god is when I am reading a copyright license.

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:48:02 No. OHDWKALK [Report] >>0N92FJ1F

genuinely lost on this what the fuck is this actual schizophrenia, get fucking lost

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:59:50 No. 0N92FJ1F [Report] >>7800LQDV

>>OHDWKALK bro I love schizophrenics too. when there is that perfect amount of incoherent rambling where you only have to scratch your head a couple times to understand the succulent schizo nonsense. even ones that barely make any sense I enjoy observing. there is a religious experience to be had. the closest I have gotten to feeling like I am one with god is when I am observing a schizophrenic.

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)04:22:45 No. 7800LQDV [Report] >>WT1I3G4J


File BrownBricksJerryTPm.jpeg (3.89 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)04:27:16 No. WT1I3G4J [Report]

>>7800LQDV Make me

File: yeabitch.jpg (50.80 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:51:48 No. P2VHPKA7 [Report]

get out of my FUCKING BOARD WHO ARE YOU???????????????????????

File 2021-06-23_21h51m42s_dell.png (45.23 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:52:21 No. RN5WL27E [Report]


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