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Fchan eats posts with wrong filetype Anonymous 2021-04-22T18:38:21Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/44DBNWS5 [Report]

>be me >write life story >attach svg image >fatal mistake >post gets eaten by fchan

Anonymous 2021-04-22T18:45:20Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/WQK3A7JO [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/44DBNWS5 press the back button in your browser before refreshing

Anonymous 2021-04-24T19:32:46Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/1PWMGYAK [Report]

svg is based file format fchan really should support it

Anonymous 2021-04-24T19:45:11Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/KZIDQGGI [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/1PWMGYAK The MIME types was referenced from here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Basics_of_HTTP/MIME_types#svg The supported files from the faq at the bottom are "image/gif","image/jpeg","image/png","image/svg+xml","image/webp","image/avif","image/apng","video/mp4","video/ogg","video/webm","audio/mpeg","audio/ogg","audio/wav", "audio/wave", "audio/x-wav" If the mime type differs from this it will not upload. svg formats were not tested to catch alternative mime types, but they can be added.

Anonymous 2021-04-25T16:47:03Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/LI29W2NI [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/KZIDQGGI >webp JUST

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Anonymous 2021-01-22T20:09:19Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/BBC99398 [Report]

Is there a Matrix channel we can follow along dev progress in? I'm quite interested in this project, I think it solves a very important problem.

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Anonymous 2021-02-16T03:00:03Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/UKXXQJIQ [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/SOLBJLWI since i havent been able to commit much lately, here is a matrix room to not clutter this site with dev updates and keeping it to different topics. #fchan:matrix.org

Anonymous 2021-02-18T02:37:31Z No. https://0x00000000.xyz/b/SQKOMMQP [Report]

It would be cool if you could make a blog.

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Anonymous 2021-04-16T17:15:42Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/Q7QSSORL [Report]


Anonymous 2021-04-16T17:37:55Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/506KWKRJ [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/Q7QSSORL strange, seems to be up for me through the element program. if you cant get in post your ID and ill see if an invite works.

Anonymous 2021-04-25T00:16:24Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/7I1URMDY [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/Q7QSSORL it has been up as far as I know, which homeserver are you on?

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Interfacing with Fchan Anonymous 2021-04-19T09:32:07Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/F6926VVH [Report]

I'm making my own chan, because there weren't enough chans already. So how can I make it interface with fchan? How does it work in a nutshell? I send POST requests to fchan, fchan sends POST requests to me? We keep seperate databases? Verification?

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Anonymous 2021-04-22T18:48:02Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/DOJ72ZI8 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/ARWGGSPK do anonymous imageboards fit in with microblog type systems that usually have a login attached to each post? how would a post from or to peertube look without a user login? would it be a post dedicated to that video?

File new.png (13678)
Anonymous 2021-04-24T09:36:44Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/B80MCOQQ [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/DOJ72ZI8 AFAI have been told the boards are the actors, aka "users". PreferredUsername is probably set to "anonymous" or something. So you would "follow" the "user" fchan.xyz/prog/ and then see "anonymous" post on your feed.

Anonymous 2021-04-24T09:45:57Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/VJ1IU688 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/B80MCOQQ That's how fchan works, but how would fchan federate with pleroma, mastodon, peertube etc where the original quote was referencing the mastodon url posted about auth standards.

Anonymous 2021-04-24T10:08:56Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/8C2S6A3I [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/VJ1IU688 as of now, not. fchan needs to abide by their rules and setup if it wants to federate. The http request signature and a simple shared key for all boards seem pretty easy to add though. There's probably an opensll library available for go.

Anonymous 2021-04-25T00:14:31Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/9VIPQZ85 [Report]

Being closer to what other federated services do sounds like a decent idea. I'm also having trouble imagining what crossposting between something like pleroma and fchan would be like but maybe someone will come up with an inventive interface that would make it work?

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Anonymous 2021-01-14T04:06:59Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/8642A89E [Report]

>/prog/ >Not a textboard

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Anonymous 2021-01-23T19:56:15Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/7DA44EEE [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/8642A89E >I've watched this like 100 times now due to low board activity

Anonymous 2021-01-29T09:19:19Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/14100A45 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/7DA44EEE Checked triple E Please make more actiive

Anonymous 2021-04-02T12:08:37Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/QTX5Y0MR [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/14100A45 A DILDO LINKD IT ON POL xpect shillbots...

Anonymous 2021-04-05T01:28:18Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/9QEBU4EC [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/8642A89E 26ch.org/prog/

moot!fa6d37b0 2021-04-12T23:29:03Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/JV3N7Y42 [Report]


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nigger nigger 2021-03-26T17:07:05Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/VL6C5XZV [Report]

nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

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What are you programming? Anonymous 2021-01-30T11:38:03Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/021AG738 [Report]

What are you programming or wanting to program? I often have a hard time on where to start. Do you have this problem?

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Anonymous 2021-02-02T22:47:20Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/UD9BSRAT [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/MS0JZE10 Is there no joy in making your own interpretation of a program?

Anonymous 2021-02-03T23:12:32Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/T62PQHNG [Report]

i want to make a curses TCG which has some form of meme blockchain to keep track of card rarity and ownership of cards. challenging opponents through a network

Anonymous 2021-02-05T03:21:10Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/BAYDDEEY [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/T62PQHNG Sounds rather easy, and also fun. Ignore the curses for now, interfaces can just be built on top of a sane backend. Rather that putting it on top of an existing blockchain product, you could modify one of them to make tokens equal cards, or via a token system. Might even be fun to make the system generic enough that other people can build their own card system on top of it just by modifying a few configuration files.

Anonymous 2021-02-18T02:40:26Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/P225N5E0 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/MS0JZE10 Evernote is proprietary software so I won't use it

File Piict3PJ.webm (3020413)
Anonymous 2021-03-18T08:38:11Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/QDMY3QIA [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/021AG738 3D rendering for my game or something

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long Lain is long. Anonymous 2021-01-26T17:20:29Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/3AE17500 [Report]

long Lain is long.

Anonymous 2021-01-29T15:25:13Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/55FCF1C9 [Report]


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Anonymous 2021-01-16T14:28:10Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/B516579A [Report]

Let''s all love Lain!

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File 1610671638059.jpg (38165)
Anonymous 2021-01-17T17:23:13Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/BDDA8FBD [Report]

Y = λf.(λx.f (x x)) (λx.f (x x))

Anonymous 2021-01-17T20:52:00Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/7E22GGB8 [Report]

>>B516579A based

Anonymous 2021-01-18T12:10:53Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/9DGC3183 [Report]

>>https://fchan.xyz/prog/B516579A Where are the non-weeb instances?

File weebdr.png (321313)
Anonymous 2021-01-18T19:39:57Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/F802EEA9 [Report]


File 1610942534328.png (764002)
Anonymous 2021-01-24T07:22:08Z No. https://fchan.xyz/prog/51CD7827 [Report]



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