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R: 5/ A: 1 i wanted to give rust a chance, i really did but come the fuck on, not even the GNU Cbloatware Collection is this bloated
R: 8 How do you type out your pointers int* ip or int *p
R: 0 What's a good way to differentiate anonymous posts? Basically see the thread https://anonium.net/thread/1b69c1a5191e0d81e75dea1ae6f56131#6e54c7de1b8b4cc29edff9913e35f47d I've considered: - show plain hex - show base64 - turn it into concatenation of words, like BIP39 - show hex, but only the last x digits Which would you prefer and why? Or do you have another idea?
R: 7 Cross Imageboard Login System Idea I've had this idea for some time, and have shared it on and off. I wanted to share it here though. Basically, I've had the idea of a very minimal/lightweight, free, libre, and open source, self-hostable program that provides users with a login for imageboards. How it would work is, the user would setup a username and password, then on any clients (4chanX, KurobaEx, etc.) the user would input that username and password. Then whenever they post something, it would sync to the server, then sync to their other devices. So basically no matter which device they are on, they can keep track of their watched threads, posts, bookmarks, (You)s (replies), etc. This would be a privacy friendly way for users to sync their activity between devices to keep track of everything, instead of relying on image-board logins (which most don't have anyways). The hardest part would probably be submitting a pull request to add support for the login/sync system into clients such as KurobaEx and 4chanX. At worst it's a separate extension, or someone forks them and adds it...
R: 44/ A: 3 This site is based on the activity pub protocol. It is still a work in progress. You can get the source code here. https://github.com/FChannel0 I hope it provides some interest.
R: 6/ A: 1 testing
R: 11/ A: 2 emacs
R: 5 How is it that in order to be very good programmer, you need to be very logical and mathematical, yet the field is full of trannies? Is this not a contradiction? I don’t get it.
R: 4 Fchan eats posts with wrong filetype >be me >write life story >attach svg image >fatal mistake >post gets eaten by fchan
R: 9/ A: 1 Is there a Matrix channel we can follow along dev progress in? I'm quite interested in this project, I think it solves a very important problem.
R: 14/ A: 1 Interfacing with Fchan I'm making my own chan, because there weren't enough chans already. So how can I make it interface with fchan? How does it work in a nutshell? I send POST requests to fchan, fchan sends POST requests to me? We keep seperate databases? Verification?
R: 12 >/prog/ >Not a textboard
R: 0 nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger
R: 12/ A: 1 What are you programming? What are you programming or wanting to program? I often have a hard time on where to start. Do you have this problem?
R: 1 long Lain is long. long Lain is long.
R: 6/ A: 4 Let''s all love Lain!
R: 3 How do I subscribe to another fchan from this fchan?
R: 1/ A: 1 wat
R: 3/ A: 1 Enjoy the drink
R: 2 Hello workd Inglewooood. I hope you like my IP


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