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RTS General Anonymous 08/19/21(Thu)03:31:05 No. fv-ASD724B7 [Report]

Real time strategy games once being one of the best genres now going stagnate. What does the future hold? Is it dead? Will it make a comeback? Which RTS games do you enjoy? I mainly play Age of Empires, Starcraft series, Warcraft 3. Used to play some odd ones here and there. Anyone else enjoy this genre of gayming??

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Anonymous 08/27/21(Fri)18:40:17 No. fv-0YVGKYQ1 [Report]

>>fv-ASD724B7 (OP) RTS have special spot on me because it was among the early genre that I played when I first got a PC. I have played Age of Empires 2 & 3, Age of Mythology, Red Alert 2, Empire Earth, Warcraft 3, and Rise of Nations, mainly for single player against AI or campaign. But even after playing those RTS I always come back to play AoE2 because it was the first RTS I played. I always feel something magical about AoE2 that other RTS don't have. For me it have perfect balance between RTS battle and city building that other RTS always lacking for one or the other. Nowadays I only play AoE2 occasionally tho.

Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)02:38:44 No. fv-OE0UQ1DZ [Report]

I liked the Halo Wars games and thought trying to expand RTS to console was a good idea for the genre. I know most will sneer at that, but I'd rather have more RTS games than less.

Anonymous 10/10/21(Sun)17:05:05 No. BVAQ0SQX [Report] >>Q9KZ7OLF

My comp teacher in highschool used to let us play AOE2 on fridays through LAN with other students. They were good memories something about playing on a LAN added to the game enjoyment. TBH though the new AOE doesnt seem too appealing. Its sad RTS genres is dyning and any new RTS that come out seem to just be missing the mark.

Anonymous 11/26/21(Fri)18:28:49 No. Q9KZ7OLF [Report]

>>BVAQ0SQX AOE4 feels too much like a retread of 2. As much shit as we give 3 at least it tried something new.

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